The Ultimate Guide to Worldschooling

Ever thought about traveling the world with your kids, but you’re bothered about their education and schooling, and you can’t seem to find a solution. Well, there’s a new education trend that offers that luxury, and it is called Worldschooling.

What is Worldschooling?

Worldschooling, simply put, is the combination of schooling and traveling. It is a system that recognizes the role of traveling; as the kids get to experience the cultural diversity of the world first hand in their education.

Worldschooling can’t concisely fit in a definition as there are many models or techniques to the system, and every worldschooling family finds and chooses the model that best suits them.

While the method of worldschooling is unique to the family, there are some values that are common amongst them and they include:

  • The desire to travel
  • A wish to introduce their children to the diversity of the world
  • Have a passion for experiential learning
  • A belief that regular tests, degrees, and grades do not necessarily indicate a successful future.
  • A belief that each child is different and that the traditional school system doesn’t have the flexibility to allow this.
  • Preference for the holistic approach to learning


Pros of worldschooling

Academic motivation

Traveling around and interacting with different cultures, gives children the zeal to learn more and also allows them to see places where historical events took place, giving them the real-life experience of those places.

It also makes them see learning as a fun activity and not a chore.

Intercultural appreciation

Meeting new people, talking with them gives the children the avenue to see that despite our differences in cultures and opinions, we are all part of a large family, the human family.

It also gives them the chance to savor new, different cuisines and flavors that each culture has to offer. On the other hand, it shows them that there is beauty in diversity, and that makes the world a beautiful place.

Real life skills

Being a worldschooler gives kids the opportunity to travel around the world and this enables them to learn a lot of things about life that they can’t learn in a traditional school.

Quality time with family

Worldschooling gives families the chance to spend time together; thus, allowing parents not to miss out on the childhood of their children. It also provides the opportunity to learn together, face challenges, and have a lot of fun.

Flexible and communal living

Traveling around the world and interacting with new people enables the kids to make connections and friends in different corners of the world hence, making them realize that the world is a big community.

Also, it allows them to have a flexible life as they can belong in different communities and not feel left out.

Cons of Worldschooling:

Though worldschooling provides a lot of benefits it also has its downsides.

Overwhelm and boredom

Families that travel a lot sometimes tend to feel overwhelmed and bored by the whole journey and movement. They can also feel overwhelmed by the differences in culture, lifestyle, and living standards of the places they go to.

 Minimalist living

Putting all your stuff in a small space may be a problem for the children as well as adults. The kids would miss all their toys, books, the house and all the familiar environment.



Starting worldschooling is a huge decision for families to make and requires a lot of preparation and consideration. Things to consider include:

  • Get inspired: do it because you want to
  • Decide if you want to be a full-time or part-time worldschooler.
  • Save towards your dream 
  • Research about homeschool, the laws you’ll abide by, and what methods to use
  • Register to homeschool legally
  • Choose the best homeschool curriculum that suits you
  • Go for it and have fun


A worldschooling curriculum primarily includes the variety of places visited, the cultures explored, the history encountered, and the various cuisines discovered while traveling.

The formal educational system can also be incorporated, as a choice by the family, into the curriculum. When choosing a homeschool learning system, be sure to put into consideration the following:

  • The storage space it will occupy; as you don’t want too much luggage.
  • The weight
  • The need for internet connection
  • The flexibility of the curriculum

Make sure to choose a curriculum that best suits your travel schedule and one that would be able to blend with the experiential learning.


There are lots of ways to fund worldschooling, but it is mostly dependent on your planning.

Just as you save up for a whole lot of things, worldschooling should be a goal to save up for. Cutting down on expenses, especially unnecessary ones, will also go a long way in saving up for your goal.

Sometimes, families sell off their entire possessions to be able to fund their worldschool dream. However, not all families would like to do this as it may seem radical to them.

Hence, one or both parents should take up a job that won’t be disrupted by their travels and also, if possible, minimize possessions by selling those properties that aren’t so necessary to use the money generated to help pay for your trips.

Acquiring and utilizing skills in places you visit can also help too.


Worldschooling sounds impressive and dreamy, but might not be so achievable for all families. Each family that decides to worldschool just has to find a balance and know what works for their children.

You might not fully agree with the whole idea of worldschooling, but still, some lessons and concepts can be adopted in the education of your children.

Lessons like engaging them in a variety of activities that improves their intellect outside school, allowing them to be themselves, pursue their interests and passions, and also take your family on vacations, would enable them to have hands-on experience.

Worldschooling is still a new system of education but is slowly growing and with the improvement of technology, it is likely to be normal in the nearest future.

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