Easy peasy all in one Homeschool

Easy peasy all in one Homeschool – A Full Review5 min read

The Easy Peasy all in one Homeschool is a free homeschool curriculum designed to help families handle the issues and activities involved in handling homeschool. They provide tips on getting ready for easy peasy all in one homeschool and how they make life easier for the parent. (Easy peasy all in one homeschool reviews)

The Goals of Easy peasy all in one homeschool:

  • To help families homeschool, no matter how hard life is for them.
  • Providing homeschool tips for time and Finance management.
  • To provide every child with a special and unique way of learning since every child is different and has a different way of understanding.
Easy peasy all in one Homeschool

Subjects to be covered:

Here are the 15 Subjects to be covered:

  • Reading – A Child starts by learning to pronounce words and letters.
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Math
  • History – An Ancient History and Geography
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Bible
  • Computer
  • Music
  • Art
  • PE – Physical Education and Sports
  • Logical thinking

All these are done using free materials found on the internet.

Materials needed for Easy Peasy all in one Homeschool:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Online materials
  • Alphabet Song for getting ready for preschool Curriculum.
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The good thing about this homeschool Curriculum is that its free because of the zeal to make every family willing to educate her child.

Here, the parents choose the subjects they want their child to learn, then the child clicks on the link of the subjects to learn whenever he/she wants and you can track the progress of the child.

The homeschool lasts for 180 days and you can use downloaded workbooks to access the progress and know how well the child is doing.

The EP uses Traditional (School at home) and Charlotte Mason methods such as using narrations and reading from living books.

The good the about this EP is that celebrities like kishele shipley and Jessica ditzel uses it and it gets additional information from superior educational websites like Khan Academy to help keep up with updated information.

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What grades does the EP handle?

The EP handles all levels from the Preschool to 8th though there is a sister website for highschool homeschool.

Is there a forum for All homeschoolers?

In getting ready for Easy peasy all in one Homeschool, sure you will be filled with lots of questions to ask and that’s why a Facebook group of about 68k members was created to help parents ask questions and get solutions to issues accompanied with this type of homeschool.

The group is a very active one that is under the moderation of an admin to help provide technical support and other EP specific questions.

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How do you Track the Progress of your child:

Its always good if you know how well your child is doing as he/she is learning;

Thus in getting ready for Easy peasy all in one homeschool, you will be informed that the younger studies don’t really take tests or exams, but the older ones get involved in Exams, texts, and quizzes to help analyze and know how well a child is doing and also to see where to improve if need arises.

Easy peasy all in one homeschool reviews:

From a review of good sources online and from moms, here are the things I found out and the EP:

Pros of the Easy peasy all in one Homeschool:

  • Its a free online curriculum- This is the number one Pro about this EP, it is made to help the child learn exclusively well and that is the unique selling point. In enjoying all these good benefits from them, all you have to do to support is to DONATE to help encourage them to continue to progress. (Easy peasy all in one homeschool reviews)
  • Their Facebook Group provides assistance with any question that you want to be cleared on concerning the EP.
  • Mothers really love it because its fun and it uses a Christian world view which is a big go for Christians.
  • They give Quality education.

Cons of the Easy peasy all in one Homeschool:

  • Some students can find it difficult following their way of teaching since everyone has a different way of understanding. (Easy peasy all in one homeschool reviews
  • Some People click on the link without study which is not good.
  • Since the EP encourages students to be independent, some students might find it very difficult.
  • It is online; some moms are very disjointed about their kids being online with their devices.
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Is the Ep Accredited:

No, it isn’t but your reviews and words about it matter a lot to them. (Easy peasy all in one homeschool reviews)

Getting Ready 1:

In getting ready for easy peasy all in one homeschool, a child starts at the age of 4. If a child is having issues with understanding, give him/her a period of 6 to 12 months to develop more.

But in all things, the assistance of the parents is highly needed because in Getting ready 1, the child is prepared to read.

Getting Ready 2:

As the child moves into Getting ready 2, he/she learns more about phonics( A method of teaching kids how to read based on sounds of letters) and the child starts by pronouncing the letters of the alphabet from A – Z.


In getting ready for the Easy peasy all in one Homeschool, you need to check and analyze how you will go about the lessons with your child, whether to Check a job among the at-home jobs for women in this list or to quit your job entirely, thus everything is dependent on your planning and the way you work.

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