Top 10 Boarding schools in Oklahoma in 2022

Boarding schools in Oklahoma

Boarding schools in Oklahoma are institutions that provide lodging facilities for secondary school students.

The school children don’t go home after school but live within the school premises with their teachers, boarding instructors, and several non-academic staff.

Children that attend boarding schools are known as “boarders”.

Oklahoma’s boarding schools have top-quality facilities and experienced teachers that combine to provide the best learning experiences to your wards.

Moreover, these schools will equip your wards with the needed skills to accomplish their career goals, and prepare them effectively for college education.

Thus, sending your wards to Oklahoma Boarding schools will enhance their academic progress. 

This article will provide details about boarding schools in Oklahoma, top boarding schools in Oklahoma, and some tips for boarding school students.

Tips to note about Boarding schools in Oklahoma

Most of the time is allocated to studies: 

A large part of the time in boarding schools is allocated to learning. Students spend a minimum of 9 hours learning daily, which is far greater than the time day-students spend to learn daily.

Teachers love to teach:

Oklahoma boarding schools are blessed with teachers that are dedicated to their tasks and duties. Most of them are well-experienced and possess good qualifications.

Regular extracurricular activities:

In boarding schools, whether it is a sports or social activity, a minimum of 2 hours is spent daily on extracurricular activities

Saturday schools:

Most boarding schools organize Saturday classes for their students to cover up the week’s lessons that could not be completed during the week-day.

Outstanding sports facilities:

Since boarding schools have a larger landmass than their day counterparts, most have enough space to fit in countless sports facilities.

Teachers live on campus:

In boarding schools, teachers live on the same premises as students. Also, each dormitory has a supervisor allocated by the school.

There are several regulations:

Most boarding schools have a rulebook that contains their regulations. From waking up to light-out, boarding school activities are controlled.

Outstanding arts studios:

If you have kids that love arts and crafts, then boarding schools in Oklahoma are the ideal place for them.

These schools have well-furnished arts, music, and crafts studios that enhance the talents of your kids.

Several buildings:

Boarding schools understandably have more facilities than day schools.

Unlike day schools with just administrative offices, classrooms, laboratories, and maybe arts studios, boarding schools have all these facilities plus dining halls, churches, mosques, staff quarters, hostels, and several others.

Different breeds of students:

Unlike day schools, where a majority of the students are citizens of the host town, boarding schools have students from different cultural backgrounds.

Boarding school graduates are more ready for college:

Boarding school graduates possess better skills to survive the rigorous nature of the college.

Most students that attend boarding schools in Oklahoma have higher ACT or SAT scores and do well in other exams because they are more determined to go to college and invest most of their time to learn.

They are more affordable:

Many parents think that since boarding school feeds their students after school, the school fees will be high.

However, almost all the boarding schools in Oklahoma have financial aid program that supports parents in lack.

Security is good:

All boarding schools have sound security systems in place to take good care of their wards.

Hence, you don’t necessarily need to worry about their safety while they are away.

Well-stocked libraries:

Most boarding schools in Oklahoma have well-stocked libraries that provide countless books on different knowledge and ideas, in addition to some specialized materials.


Boarding schools in Oklahoma help develop the culture of self-reliance in your wards as they learn to be accountable for their deeds, which lays a robust base for adulthood. 

Average fees of boarding schools in Oklahoma:

The average fee of boarding schools in Oklahoma is approximately $6,000.

However, some schools collect fees as low as approximately $1,800, while about $22,000 can sponsor your ward in the most expensive boarding school in Oklahoma. 

Top 10 Boarding Schools in Oklahoma in 2022

Oklahoma is a state that is blessed with some of the best boarding schools across the states.

Most of the boarding schools offer top-class facilities that aid the academic and social development of students.

Hence, here is a list of the top boarding schools in the state of Oklahoma:

1. Brush Creek Academy:

The Brush Creek Academy is a school for adolescent boys. This school is a Christian therapeutic school that mentors students using the word of God.

The Brush Creek Academy helps Christian boys achieve their full potentials by guiding them using the principles of Christianity.

2. New Lifehouse Academy:

The New Life Academy is an only girl’s private boarding school that offers an A-list boarding facility. It aims to change the flawed characters of ill-disciplined girls.

The New Lifehouse Academy runs a well-organized program that helps these girls live satisfying lives by exposing them to daily routines that boosts their academics, relationship with others, and spirituality.

It is one of the best boarding schools for girl children in the state of Oklahoma.

3. Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics:

The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is a world-class boarding school in Oklahoma. It provides some of the best boarding facilities in the state of Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics provides a college-level curriculum that pushes students to excel beyond their potentials.

It is a top-rated boarding school in the state of Oklahoma. 

4. Oklahoma Academy:

Oklahoma Academy is a top-class boarding school in the state of Oklahoma. This school provides students with programs that aim to develop their academic and leadership abilities.

Oklahoma Academy has excellent research facilities and online library facilities that aid the educations of students.

Moreover, this school wishes to develop collaborative abilities in students.

5. Corn Bible Academy:

The Corn Bible Academy is a private Christian boarding school that helps students develop academically, connect with others and improve their connection with God.

This school accepts children from grades 7-12. The Corn Bible Academy is one of the oldest schools in Oklahoma, and it aims to provide Christian-centred education to school children.

The core values of this institution are built on Biblical principles, Christian service, and educational excellence. It remains one of the best boarding schools in Oklahoma.

6. Cookson Hills Christian School:

Cookson Hills Christian School is a particular school in Oklahoma that aims to develop students’ academic, spiritual, and social abilities at risk of losing their futures.

This school boasts of a standard and amazing staff base that builds students struggling to read or just lacking the passion for school.

Cookson School equips students with outstanding work skills through its numerous training programs.

Since each class has few students, teachers can easily spot the weaker ones to instruct them personally.

Cookson Hills Christian School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities and accepts students from all works of life. 

7. Metro Christian Academy:

Metro Christian Academy is a Christian school that strives to instill the culture of excellence and principles of Christianity in students.

This school provides an education that centres on Christian values and a curriculum that prepares students perfectly for college academic success.

Thus, in a nutshell, it’s a school that aims to pursue excellence through Christ. 

8. Episcopal School of Baton Rouge:

The Episcopal School of Baton Rouge is a private school that prepares student academically for college and improve their divine and intelligent abilities.

It exposes students to a wide variety of co-curricular programs that are rich and imparting.

The Episcopal School of Baton Rouge offers an extensive academic curriculum and hands-on experiences that make it an outstanding boarding school in Oklahoma.

9. Casady School:

The Casady School is a multi-diversity institution that provides more profound boarding school learning experiences to kids.

These schools offer top-graded education, extracurricular activities, and outstanding initiatives that aid the development of students.

Also, it offers a scholarship program that supports the education of parents in need.

10. Creek National Eufaula Boarding School: 

The Creek National Eufaula Boarding School is one of the best boarding schools in Oklahoma.

It offers rich learning programs and extracurricular activities that improve the academic and social abilities of its students. It is one of the oldest yet best schools in Oklahoma in 2022.


Boarding schools in Oklahoma in 2022 offer some of the best boarding school facilities in the United States.

From a well-seasoned curriculum to routines that improve students’ spirituality, these schools don’t only aim to boost students’ academic abilities but also their spiritual relationship with God.

Nevertheless, when sending your kids to boarding schools in Oklahoma, help them enjoy the best boarding school experience by giving them enough clothes, teaching them the importance of good hygiene, and sponsoring off-campus activities like trips or excursions.

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