Cartoon Network Internship (Requirements, Opportunites, tips) in 2022

Cartoon Network Internship is a learning opportunity that provides valuable practical experiences to undergraduates pursuing a career in pre-production, production, and post-production of animation.

Becoming a Cartoon Network Intern will expose you to invaluable knowledge to boost your resume for job openings.

Also, you will receive research experience and exposure to the latest technologies used in the development of animations.

Cartoon Network Internship offers other amazing incentives.

Thus, this article will discuss every detail about the Cartoon Network Internship, including its eligibility, benefits of this internship, and tips for landing an internship in the United States.

About Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is an American Cable Television channel owned by The Cartoon Network Inc, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

It is hosted in the United States, and it is broadcast in almost all the world’s nations.

The official language of Cartoon Network is English, with a Spanish version currently available on some channels.

Cartoon Network broadcasts animated television action and comedy series for children. It is the most popular animation channel in the world.

About the Cartoon Network Internship

The Cartoon Network Internship is a program that trains and nurtures undergraduates seeking to obtain a degree in animation or animation-related programs.

This program provides a field experience that tremendously boasts the knowledge and expertise of interns.

Cartoon Network Internship exposes students to the rudiments of animations and boasts their abilities to use some of the cartoon development technologies.

Therefore, it is a top internship in the United States. 

Requirements for the Cartoon Network Internship

To be selected for this internship, aspirants must satisfy the following requirements;

  • Aspirants must be an undergraduate that has passed their second year.
  • They must enrol in a 4-year course in animation or animated-related programs.
  • They must possess a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Possess proficiency in the use of Photoshop, After Effects, ToonBoom, and other related softwares.
  • Aspirants must be willing to work for more than 15 hours a week.
  • Should possess the qualities of teamwork and self-motivation.
  • Have great multitasking capabilities.
  • Be able to work at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, CA.

How to apply for the Cartoon Network Internship

If you satisfy the requirements above, you can apply for this internship in the following steps;

  • Complete your online application at Summer Production Internship Pregame
  • Document all your visa paperwork if you are accepted as an international student
  • Apply here

Cartoon Network Internship Opportunities:

Cartoon Network has several internship opportunities for aspiring interns. Hence, you can enrol in any of the following programs;

Cartoon Network Games Production Internship:

If you are passionate about the development of Cartoon games, this is the perfect window for you.

Cartoon Network Games Production interns are charged with the responsibility of collecting and organizing production data.

This program runs for only three months and will expose you to more than 20 hours a week of the practical learning experience. 

Network Booking Internship Program:

The Network Booking Internship Program is highly recommended for students that can script ideas for the company.

Cartoon Network Creative Group Internship:

This program is highly recommended for animation degree students striving to obtain knowledge of cartoon production. You will also distribute assets and manage finances.

Cartoon Network Public Relations Internship:

The Cartoon Network Public Relations Internship provides field experience to students majoring in animation marketing. This internship lasts for 12 weeks.

Original Series Development Internship:

The Original Series Development Internship is open to students with high creative abilities in animatics and other related fields.

Cartoon Digital Network Internship:

The Cartoon Digital Network Internship is open to students passionate about content creation and manual test implementation. 

Cartoon Network and Adult Swim PR Internship:

The Cartoon Network and Adult Swim PR Internship offer interns an opportunity to learn the media aspect of Cartoon Network and make meaningful contributions to the company.

Cartoon Network Design Internship:

Students who are proficient in software like Photoshop After Effects, ToonBoom can apply for this program as it exposes them to the knowledge of various design theories. 

Cartoon Social Network Design Internship:

The Cartoon Social Network Design internship nurtures students in vital areas that build up their future project development potentials.

Cartoon Network Digital Design:

Students who know After Effects can enrol in a Cartoon Network Digital Design to provide creative ideas to boost the company.

Benefits of the Cartoon Network Internship

Cartoon Network Internship is a highly-beneficial internship program because it provides the following incentives;

Professional experience:

Enroling in a Cartoon Network Internship will expose you to practical skills and technology that boosts your expertise and sets you apart for any job you are applying for.


Having an expert that guides and advises you establishes you professionally and sets you on the right career pathway.

Cartoon Network Internship provides an opportunity for you to network with seasoned professionals and build quality relationships for professional mentorship.

Boosts resume:

Adding Cartoon Network Internship to the work experience section of your Curriculum Vitae will boost your CV incredibly.

Listing out some top projects of Carton Network you contributed to makes your CV more attractive and captivating.

Research opportunities:

Cartoon Network Internships grants interns access to some of the state-of-the-art equipment used in the cartoon field.

You can use these machines to complete a research study, especially if you strive to proffer a solution to a certain production problem or provide better techniques for achieving targets.

Guide for career goals:

No matter your prior career goals and targets, enroling in a Cartoon Network Internship will introduce you to different cartoon production and development areas.

From then, you can set career targets based on the areas that suit your skills.

Receive outstanding recommendations:

At the end of the internship, a letter of recommendation is given to all Cartoon Network Interns.

Presenting this letter for scholarships or job applications will automatically improve your chances.

Gain administrative experience:

From completing little tasks daily to managing petty projects, enroling in a Cartoon Network Internship empowers you with administrative abilities vital for building any career.

Develop professional network:

During the internship, you can link up and connect with professionals in your field.

These people can recommend useful professional journals, newsletters, and other publications that will boost your knowledge.

Also, these professionals will link you up with a life-changing job.

How to land Internships:

Cartoon Network Internship is not the only internship program for animation degree students; there are several other amazing internship programs for animation degree students.

Applying for other internship positions will give you various choices to make a pick in case your Cartoon Network Internship application is rejected.

Nevertheless, apply the following tips when applying for an internship:

Decide your interests:

If you don’t have interest in a particular career interest, don’t apply for an internship around that interest.

For instance, when choosing a Cartoon Network Internship, don’t apply for an Original Series Development Internship when you are passionate about animation marketing which suits a Cartoon Network Public Relations Internship.

Choose the location:

Unlike Cartoon Network, where interns must work at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, California, most internship programs provide different work locations for interns to make a pick.

Hence, when such an opportunity presents itself, choose an internship location close to your home.

Maintain a high a GPA:

Academic excellence, which GPA measures, are the top requirement considered by most internship programs before awarding an internship slot to any person.

Academic performance is mainly considered when field experience is not required.

Check for in-house internships:

Most departments in school offer an internship program for their students.

Hence, if you cannot earn an internship slot in a company, apply for the internship program in your department if they have one.

Join a social organization:

At least 35% of college students earn their internship slots from the network of professionals they have created in social organizations they join.

These professionals recommend them for top professional internships.

Hence, join a social organization concerned with your professional interests and network with these professionals who can offer genuine help.

Grow your skill sets:

To boost your chances of landing an internship over another student, have some rare skill sets in the industry.

Spend time and attend professional training and seminars and partake in leadership to boost your chances.


If you don’t find an internship that will pay you, offer your services for free without pay in an organization that will boost your knowledge. It will be rewarding in the long run.


The Cartoon Network Internship is a program that equips animation degree students with professional field experience needed for career excellence.

This program is enriching as it provides interns with an opportunity for a professional mentorship and career guidance by seasoned experts and professionals.

Hence, if you are interested in the Cartoon Network Internship, read this article concisely to equip you with the important details you need to know.

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