PhD in Arts (Meaning, length, benefits, schools)

A doctorate in Arts is about learning arts, studying deep into the art course, and getting more knowledge about arts. PhD in Arts is the highest level, or degree one can acquire in the art course.

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What is a PhD in Arts? 

A PhD in Arts is a doctorate that allows you to specialize in humanities like psychology, history, journalism, or performing arts like music or visual arts like video, animation, filmmaking, ceramics, tapestry, and mosaics on fine arts, which includes painting.

Before a scholar can start a doctoral degree course, the scholar ought to have first acquired a bachelor’s degree and normally a master’s diploma in an associated area which after that, observe history, ideas, or coaching techniques concerning the art.

Students with a master’s diploma or equal diploma with at least 55% aggregate within the applicable area are eligible for PhD in Arts degree.

The cost of a doctoral degree is determined by several factors, including the student’s country of origin, the college’s location, the amount of time the student can devote to his or her education, and the length of the course.

How long does it take to get a PhD in Arts?

You may wonder, does PhD in Arts take a long time to acquire? The answer is that it relies upon the type of PhD course one is reading within art and depending on the college one chooses to study the diploma in.

A doctorate diploma in Arts takes up to 3 years to complete. However, numerous applications usually take longer than six years to complete, including humanities and art doctorates, wherein, the median time for people to earn their diploma is seven years.

Benefits of a Phd in Arts

There are lots to benefit from obtaining a PhD in Arts. Some of the benefits include;

  • PhD in arts opens doorways in academia or enterprise; it creates attention for your enterprise. 
  • Receiving a doctorate in arts may be very useful for graduates as they can observe, examine, and gain hands-on experience inside their region of concentration. 
  • It can carry extra professional possibilities, the chance for higher revenue, and the ability to be hired simultaneously as doing something you enjoy. 
  • There are employments in a number of professional fields for PhD in arts graduates like teaching in Universities and colleges, turning into artists, a curator for museums, turning into art historians and paintings with scholarly guides and institutions, art therapist, performer, researchers, art consultant, sculptor, etc, in line with the person’s specialization. 

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  • It may even give you respect in society as you’ll be involved with the innovative line of labor, and people could recognize your thoughts as part of many revolutionary thoughts. 
  • It is a superb preference in case you have an obession with artwork and studies paintings. 
  • Since the task possibilities could be numerous and specific, the revenue programs are sizably decent.  
  • A PhD arts holder is taken into consideration as a professional in his or her area. 
  • In the future, you may additionally take a double PhD in case you need to keep studying.

PhD programs in Art 

There are several PhD programs in Arts that one can study. Some of the PhD programs include;

  • PhD in Art history
  • PhD in Art, Cultural and intellectual history
  • PhD in Visual and Performing arts
  • PhD in Studio art
  • PhD in Design, Environment and the arts
  • PhD in History, Geography, and history of art
  • PhD in Computational Media and arts
  • PhD in Low-residency practice
  • PhD in Arts, Technology and Emerging communication

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Best Schools to get a Phd in Arts

There are many colleges to get a PhD in Arts. Here is a listing of colleges where you could acquire a PhD in Arts; 

  • Royal College of Art London, United kingdom 
  • Parsons School of Design New York City, United States of America 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MII) Cambridge, United States of America 
  • Rhode Island School of Design Providence, United States of America 
  • Loyola College Chennai 
  • Christ University Bangalore 
  • KJ Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce Mumbai, India 
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai 
  • Harrison Middleton University 
  • University of Texas, Dallas 
  • Arizona State University Herberger Institute for Design and Arts. 
  • Selinus University of Science and Literature 
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
  • SOAS University of London • Burden College of Art 
  • Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts 

To get admission right into a University for the PhD in art degree relies upon the University of preference. Most universities observe the use of an entrance exam; few of the schools would possibly have a private interview.

Few Colleges permit admission via a merit basis. The general admission technique includes; 

  • In the case of merit-based admission, after processing the utility, the result is normally declared primarily based on the marks scored within the qualifying exams. 
  • In the case of entrance exams, admission is primarily based on the candidate’s overall performance within the entrance exam. This is after finishing the entrance exam. 
  • In both cases, there could be a private interview for the last selection. In this stage, the candidate will describe his or her studies idea to the panel. On satisfying the panel, then the candidate could be granted admission to the course.


An authentic dissertation regarding groundbreaking studies, coaching techniques, or merchandise is a frequent requirement before the diploma is awarded. Thus, a doctorate in arts is worth the years of study and commitment to passion.

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