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Hawaii is among the top places on the globe to acquire medical training. This state has only one medical school, the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu.

The University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine has a leading operational infrastructure, a seasoned learning syllabus, and some finest healthcare professionals.

It also possesses fully-equipped testing facilities that contribute enormously to creating drugs and treatments routinely employed today. Hence, studying medicine in Hawaii is the correct decision for any prospective health professional.

Suppose you are interested in attending medical school in Hawaii. In that case, this post will provide relevant information about the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine and supply some important advice for medical students in Hawaii.

What is Medical School Like in Hawaii?

Medical schools are recognized colleges open to those interested in a career in medicine.

During a time in medical school, individuals learn about the various illnesses that can influence one’s well-being and how to avoid, diagnose, cure, and control these conditions.

They are also mentored in medical sciences and medical technology, including surgical procedures.

In addition, graduates of these colleges are prepared to work as generalists in psychological treatment and counselling. Thus, medical schools offer instruction in medicine at all academic levels, spanning undergrad to doctoral.

How long does it take to study at a Medical School in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, it takes a long time to finish medical school. The initial step in applying to any medical school in Hawaii is to finish a four-year bachelor’s degree in a clinical field.

After completing a four-year medical school in Hawaii, residents are forced to invest around four to six years working as residents in the state. 

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Only 1 Medical School in Hawaii:

The University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine (Honolulu, HI):

The John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii is the only medical school in Hawaii. It was established in 1907.

This college provides a fresh, problem-based education system that supports the culture of cooperation, equality, diversity, excellence, innovation, research, and Pono.

It is also recognized for focusing on rigorous training in small group meetings and practical learning experiences with controlled and simulated patients across all four years of study.

Likewise, the John A. Burns School of Medicine concentrates on research on the medical concerns of the planet. It is one of the leading medical research schools in the United States.

The tuition fee at the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii is $36,672 for residents and $71,328 for non-residents.

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How to Apply to the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine:

Submit an AMCAS application:

The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) is the only method of applying to this institution. The deadline for submitting an AMCAS application is November 1st, but applications can be submitted as early as June 1st. 

Take the AAMC PREview Professional Readiness Exam:

Sit for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) within three years of your expected year of enrollment into medical school.

The application cycle for the 2023 first-year class will take tests taken between January 2020 and September 30, 2022 (May 31, 2022, for Early Decision). There will be no credit for tests done after October 20, 2022, for the 2023 application cycle.

Pay the secondary application fee:

All JABSOM applicants must pay a $150 non-refundable and non-transferable secondary application fee.

Neither the AMCAS Cost Assistance Program (FAP) nor the $150 secondary application fee will be waived by JABSOM.

Kindly call the Admissions Office at JABSOM if you need extra time to complete your deposit. If your secondary application fee has been paid, you will be asked to fill out the online JABSOM Secondary Application in five business days.

Wait for a follow-up email:

To follow up on this medical school in Hawaii, an email will be sent to you requesting you to submit your online JABSOM Secondary Registration after the Admissions Office receives the secondary application fee. A secondary application will contain:

  • Supplementary essays.
  • Science prerequisite verification.
  • Verification of letters of recommendation (names of letter writers).
  • Two letters of recommendation. 
Wait for the admission unit:

Once your secondary application has been completed, the admissions unit will look over all of your applications.

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Attend the three interviews:

If you are found qualified, you will be invited to three interviews: two with faculty members and the last one with the admissions director. Interviews are conducted from August through February.

The Admissions Committee will conclude the assessment by mid-March. By late March, applicants are advised of their official acceptance fate.

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Essential Tips for Medical Students in Hawaii:

The University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine is an excellent school that provides high-quality clinical training. However, the following are some tips to help you with your studies in this medical school:

Study smart:

To succeed in medical school, you’ll have to spend a lot of time studying. Study groups are a terrific way to discuss information and understand things aloud.

However, reading alone might prevent you from getting distracted if your classmates are not as focused as you are.

You need to seek out the ideal strategy for you, as there will be a lot of reading to be done throughout the whole med school experience.

Get some good rest:

Acquiring a healthy night’s rest can offer you the vitality and intellectual lift you need to be fitter, learn longer, feel even better, and be far more driven.

Feeling thoroughly weary and tired in lectures cannot get you off the greatest path to becoming a competent doctor.

Make sure you document your sleep cycle, make a timetable, and adhere to it. Getting into a good sleeping routine will help you stay healthy and focused.

Participate in group outings and events:

To do well in the medical school in Hawaii, you need to participate in group outings and events.

An actual doctor is more than just an expert in medicine and surgery. To become a successful physician, one must adapt to and empathize with their patients and families personally.

When a person is in many discomforts, it might be difficult to have a conversation with them. Patients from various socioeconomic backgrounds, character traits, and behavioural tendencies are too familiar, and physicians must deal with this regularly.

As a result, participating in social events while in medical school can help you build your communication skills, contributing to a better medical profession in the long run.

Put your life in order:

As a medical student, efficient time management and prioritization are critical to your success. A doctor must be well-organized to avoid making blunders that could endanger a patient’s life.

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Throughout medical school, you’ll learn how to prioritize your tasks and stay on track, and it is critical to developing a culture of organization immediately.

Organizational and planning skills, such as giving yourself extra time to research a difficult subject and putting your study materials in order, are some of the everyday habits you should maintain.

Allow yourself a day of rest and recuperation:

Working in the clinic and reading at your leisure will increase your knowledge, but you should also filter the knowledge so that you won’t feel stressed.

Take regular breaks from your work to refuel and renew your physical and mental health when necessary because maintaining a healthy work-life balance will make it much easier to stay focused on your goals.

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Find some mentors:

As a medical student, it’s imperative that you learn to embrace the guidance of your mentors to grow as a professional.

Doctors who are faculty members at medical schools provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that might benefit students’ professional transformation and growth.

There is nothing wrong with seeking advice from your advisors to help you understand the true responsibilities in the profession. Turn to your faculty members, professors, or adjunct professors for advice in medical school.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Medical School in Hawaii:

How long is the med school in Hawaii?

 four-year MD program

How hard is it to get into medical school in Hawaii?

The acceptance rate is 4.53%

Does the University of Hawaii have pre-med?

The Pre-Health Professions Program is a structured mentorship and advising program for HPU students interested in medical professions.

How do I become a doctor in Hawaii?

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree
Complete Medical School
Complete a Residency
Obtain Licensure


The medical school in Hawaii is among the very best in the world. It offers a research-based learning curriculum, top-class medical facilities, and fully-equipped, technology-inclined labs.

Several distinguished professors of medicine in the world work at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine.

Thus, if you want to receive a top-notch medical education, this school should be at the top of your list of considerations.

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