Difference Btw NYSC Exclusive Letter And NYSC Exemption Letter

When it comes to NYSC letters, what is the difference between exclusive and exemption letters?

This has been a huge problem, resulting in a large number of people being unable to quickly distinguish between the differences and how to effectively use them.

In this article, I will be exposing the difference between the exemption and the exclusive letter.

A graduate in Nigeria can be awarded one of the NYSC Discharged certificates, an Exemption certificate, or an Exclusion certificate depending on their circumstances.

This article will distinguish between NYSC Exclusive Letter And NYSC Exemption Letter. Read on.

What is an NYSC Exclusive Letter?

Only Nigerian graduates from a local or international institution who completed a part-time, sandwich, or other similar program are eligible for the exclusion letter.

An exclusion letter is a document acknowledging an absence from the NYSC service year.

Eligibility for an NYSC Exclusive Letter:

Local trained candidates will have to wait for their institution to send the list of graduates to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

These people send out a message to those who are eligible to receive the special letter. The candidate can then register online with the National Youth Service Commission (NYSC).

Exclusion letters will be visible on their dashboards for those who have paid the prescribed fee.

A different process is followed by foreign-trained students. They will be required to go to the NYSC office. Following receipt of the application by the exclusion division of the corps certification department, the exclusion division will issue an exclusion letter to the candidate within 48 hours of receiving the application.

NYSC requires that they be physically present with a valid form of identification, a statement of results, and a passport photograph to collect their certificate.

Before I go any further, the NYSC issues three types of certificates to its graduates and potential corps members:

  • Certificate of Discharge
  • Certificate Of Exemption In The Form Of A Letter
  • A Letter Of Exclusion From The NYSC Program

You are eligible for one of these national certificates if you have graduated domestically or abroad from any higher educational institution (such as a university or a polytechnic).

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What is an NYSC Exemption letter?

If a graduate does not participate in the one-year service requirement, they will be awarded or given this.

A graduate like this could not be mobilized because he or she is over the age limit (i.e. older than 30) at the time of registration for NYSC mobilization.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) does not allow graduates over the age of 30 to participate in the one-year service program.

As a result, instead of presenting them with a Discharge certificate (for the ones who have served), they are presented with exemption certificates.

Eligibility for NYSC Exemption letter:

To be eligible for an exemption certificate, a Nigerian graduate must have earned a degree from a NUC-approved or NCCE-accredited institution.

In contrast, foreign-trained graduate must submit their diploma to the Mobilization Department, where they will be evaluated.

Refusal to Enroll in NYSC:

As a part-time student at any Nigerian or foreign university, you will not be required to attend the NYSC orientation course. You won’t get a certificate of exemption either, but you’ll get a letter of exclusion instead of a certificate.

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How to Get an Exemption Certificate/Certificate

Your school will send your information to NYSC, which will then upload it to the NYSC registration website.

It is appropriate to call this list of recent graduates from the senate list. Those who are going to serve in the military will also be registering online at the same time you are.

You’ll fill out the same form (information), but you won’t have to choose from four different deployment states.

In the meantime, such an over-aged graduate must register for the NYSC mobilization but will not be mobilized because of their age.

The school will receive his or her exemption certificate once it has been issued. In this case, the individual may choose to pay for it online or to wait for it to be received by the school.

The green card will only be given to those currently serving in the military. More so, you’ll be able to print your exclusion letter simultaneously as those who will be serving.

Exclusion graduates must print this letter online, while those who served will receive a certificate of discharge in the mail.

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Difference Between An Exclusive And An Exemption Certificate:

As a part-time student at any Nigerian or foreign university, you will not be required to attend the NYSC orientation course. You won’t get a certificate of exemption either, but you’ll get a letter of exclusion instead of a certificate.

However, if you are a full-time student who graduated from university at or after 30, you will be granted an exemption certificate.

These are the basic things you would have to note as the difference between an exclusive letter and an exemption NYSC letter.

Frequently Asked Questions on NYSC Exclusive Letter And NYSC Exemption Letter:

How Long Does It Take to Get an NYSC exclusion certificate?

As soon as you’re done with Orientation, the letter of expulsion from the NYSC should be ready in two weeks.

Can a 30 years old go for NYSC?

To be a part of the National Youth Service, you must be at least 30 years old. However, the NYSC exemption should not be seen as a bad omen because the Certificate of Exemption is the same as a Certificate of Discharge from the NYSC.

Does a part-time Polytechnic student go for NYSC?

No, a part-time student in a polytechnic cannot go for NYSC

Can I serve NYSC twice?

For as long as the NYSC has been around, graduates can only do one service project. When you’re done with the 12-month assignment to serve your father’s land, you get a certificate of completion, which is also called a discharged certificate, and you get it.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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