How To Write “Why This Major” Essay (FAQs) | 2023

The “Why this Major” essay is a type of supplementary essay prompt you will write when you seek admission into a school.

This essay gives colleges a deeper knowledge of the field of learning that they are enthusiastic about and their professional goals.

So, if you are tasked with writing a “Why this Major” essay, you must ensure that you give it your best efforts.

This post will provide tips on crafting a brilliant “Why this Major” essay.

What is a Major?

In college, students choose one specific field of study to focus their efforts on for the duration of their time there.

Anyone who takes and passes all of the necessary classes for their major in college can graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

If you want your bachelor’s degree, you have to choose a “major.” A college student’s “main area of attention” is essentially what is meant by the term “major.”

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited universityor college requires students to take around 40 credits. About a twelfth of those 40 credits should be devoted to your major.

Tips For Creating A “Why This Major Essay”

An exceptional “Why this Major” essay is meant to provide information on how you developed a curiosity for a major, why you are choosing a major, and why you think the school is the perfect place to enroll.

Moreover, here are some tips for writing an outstanding “Why this Major” essay:

1. Tell a story

“Why this Major” essays are written to provide information on how you developed a curiosity for a major.

You can easily do this using a story format. Consider your major a skill you learned and honed over time.

If you are majoring in a course like civil engineering, you can tell a story of how the building toys you played with when you were a kid ignited your passion for construction.

Eventually, you are only trying to establish a link between your upbringing and the field of study you are passionate about.

Although it is not easy for you to share a story, especially when you are still at the first lines of your essay, it will help your essay make real sense.

However, try to stick to the important details as much as possible and avoid revealing some of your deepest family secrets to please the reader.

Moreover, if you have other factors that motivated you to choose the major, talk about them.

It will surely leave a good impression on the reader.

2. Point out your objectives

After sharing what ignited your interest in a major, you will talk about your future ambitions.

Describe in detail what you hope to achieve through college, your professional objectives, and how enrolling in that program will enable you to accomplish them.

For instance, if you are majoring in a music program and want to become a renowned musician worldwide, describe how the music program will help develop and polish your musical skills, which is important for starting your music studio.

However, do not make everything all about your professional ambitions, especially if you have not decided on the type of career you want to embark upon.

Rather, talk about the things that you desire to accomplish over the course of the program.

Describe in detail the areas of knowledge you want to learn about via the major and the research areas you want to work on if you are doing a major that offers research opportunities.

3. Describe your college choice

After providing details about your professional and college goals, discuss why this specific college is a great choice for your major.

Although you don’t have to provide so much detail on why you chose the college, it still makes sense to hype the college and talk about what thrills you about the school.

After all, every school always looks to admit students who think their college is their ideal study destination.

You can even mention some faculty members you look forward to working with as a mentee or collaborating on a research project.

Other Tips For Writing The “Why This Major” Essay

1. Pay attention to relevant details only

One of the biggest secrets for writing a good “Why This Major” essay is to stick to the important details only when writing.

This creates a good impression on the reader that you are an organized person.

Moreover, don’t provide information about something that did not happen because it can affect you in the long run, even when you have forgotten about it.

Furthermore, while you should not display any signs of arrogance while describing your professional goals, ensure that you emphasize your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Use excellent diction

Your choice of words while constructing the “Why this Major” essay is very important.

Since the content of the message is vital, passing the right information using the wrong words can send the wrong message.

Moreover, displaying a strong command of the English language via your essay will create a good impression on the reader.

Avoid slang and casual diction, as they will reflect poorly on you.

3. Proofread your essay thoroughly

Proofreading your essay thoroughly before submitting it is very important. No matter how careful you are, your essay will still have errors when you finish writing it.

So, read through your essay once you are done writing to correct grammatical errors and improve your vocabulary.

However, you can use apps like Quillbot or Grammarly to edit your essay, which will help you make all the necessary corrections.

What Do You Do If You Are Still Undecided?

Many schools allow students to take general courses in their initial years in college if they are undecided.

If you are unsure of the major you want, talk about three forthcoming areas of specialization that you are interested in and provide reasons why you are passionate about them.

Also, establish a connection between your prospective career fields and your professional ambitions.

Describe the main reason you have not picked a major and the relationships between your fields of interest.

Also, if you say in your essay that you are still unsure what major to pursue, this won’t hurt your chances of getting in because colleges expect this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How To Write “Why This Major” Essay

Why do you want to study business management essay?

Those who major in business develop transferable skills in analysis, finance, planning, and strategy that can be applied to various careers. You learn to organize and present various types of data in a coherent fashion. Evidence from surveys of recent business school graduates is promising.

Why do you choose business as your major?

Earning a business degree equips you with transferable skills and knowledge valued by employers. This major exist for you to put your training to use, broaden your horizons professionally, and perhaps even combine your interests.

Why do you want to study?

Studying is crucial not just for academic advancement but also for the development of one’s own unique set of talents. Mastering effective study techniques can improve your self-worth, confidence, and competence.

How do you introduce yourself as a student?

The first step in any learning experience is for students to introduce themselves by sharing their names, current locations, and groups to which they belong. Introduce yourself to the group and share some information about yourself, such as your background, hobbies, and interests.


The “Why This Major” essay is expected to describe why you are interested in a major, how the major will enable you to achieve your professional ambitions, and why the college is the ideal place to enroll.

But if you want to write well and make a good impression on your reader, follow the tips above.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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