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PRE-MED Schools

Pre-Med (Medical) schools are educational centres that aspiring medical students must pass through before entering medical schools.

These schools prepare students for medical school by equipping them with basic health care knowledge and medical skill that boosts their intellect for medical school.

Pre-Medical schools offer pre-professional training to aspiring medical students shaping their minds for a rigorous specialized medical learning experience.

However, obtaining pre-med knowledge in the best pre-medical schools is ideal for any aspiring medical school student.

Hence, if you are planning to pursue a medical career, this article is highly recommended for you as it contains sufficient information about pre-med schools, a list of top pre-med schools, some tips that will help you scale through pre-med schools, and some expert advice for building a successful medical career.

What are Pre-Med Schools?

Pre-Medical schools are educational institutions that provide basic medical knowledge to aspiring medical students before they enter medical schools.

In pre-medical schools, students receive knowledge of different medical-related courses that will perfectly prepare them for medical studies.

Pre-med schools also boost the learning abilities of aspiring medical students before they gain admission into professional medical degree schools or colleges.

Nevertheless, pre-med school students must choose majors that focus on scientific areas.

Top Pre-Med School Majors 

Choosing a pre-med major is a confusing task for most pre-medical students.

However, pre-med students should choose majors that interest them. They don’t have to choose biological science because it is overly related to life, but can also choose other science-related courses.

Nevertheless, as a pre-med student, your choice of major is dictated by the range of majors available in your school. Hence, if it comes down to a few options, choose any of the following majors below;

Biological Sciences:

Biological Sciences is my favorite major in pre-medical school.

More than half of pre-medical students enrol in this major. Unsurprisingly, biological science is the popular choice because it offers extensive knowledge of the study of life, which is highly beneficial for a novice in the medical field.

Also, majoring in biological science is ideal because biology is probably one course you are already good at, driving you to pursue a medical career.

Hence, if you don’t want to take the risks of choosing a major you are not overly good in, major in biological sciences.

Maths and statistics:

Maths and Statistics is, by far, the least popular major in pre-medical schools. Although quite a small percentage of students major in maths and statistics, it remains one of the best pre-med majors.

According to a survey carried out in the United States, pre-med students that majored in maths and statistics finish with the highest GPAs and MCAT scores which are top requirements for medical school.

A major in maths and statistics does not only offer a pathway to academic excellence but prepares you for the demanding nature of medical school.


Humanities is another top major for pre-medical students. Majoring in humanities like philosophy, literature will build you up mentally for the rigorousness of med school.

Like maths and statistics, a major in humanities is another way to earn a high CGPA to guarantee your admission into med school.

However, you can opt for this major only if you have completed several science-related courses in high school.

Physical Sciences:

Physical Sciences is an excellent major for pre-med school students. This major empowers students with the basic knowledge of medicine by exposing them to a medical-related curriculum.

Moreover, enrolling in a physical sciences class will sharpen your knowledge and boost your retentive ability, which is highly valuable in medical degree studies. 

Social Sciences:

Social Science is a major that provides a deep understanding of anthropology, sociology, and many other behavioral sciences.

When you major in a social science-related course, you stand a chance to earn good grades required for admission into medical school.

However, most pre-med schools only approve a major in social sciences when you have already completed the important medical-related courses.

Important tips every Pre-Med student should know 

Knowing the requirements for medical school and other important information about the pre-med school at the start of your pre-medical studies is very important.

Hence, if you are a pre-med student, take note of the following;

Your major does not determine your admission:

No matter the course you major in, it does not determine your admission status into medical school.

Whether you are majoring in biological science or a non-science-related major like humanities, medical school never considers this a prerequisite for admission.

Rather, they consider your academic performance at the end of this brief program.

Grades cannot be replaced:

To complete a pre-medical study in your desired major, you must pass all the courses offered in that major. Hence, when you fail a course, you must re-sit it till you pass.

However, you need to know that grades are not replaced in pre-med school, and all your bad grades will be calculated into your current CGPA, which will have drastic consequences.

Double majors do not also matter:

Some pre-med students boast of two majors. However, possessing double majors does not give you an advantage over other pre-medical students because medical school admissions are not awarded based on the highest number of majors acquired.

Rather, a high pre-med CGPA will do a far greater job when it comes to boosting medical school admission chances than several majors.

All-round excellence is required:

Performance in extracurricular activities, a high pre-med CGPA, and a great MCAT score are important requirements for gaining admission into medical school upon completing med school.

However, you need to understand that all-around excellence is required in all the intellectual admission tasks, as great extracurricular performance cannot be supplemented for the other two requirements. 

Many candidates don’t make it to medical school:

Out of thousands of your pre-medical school colleagues, less than 50% gain admission into medical school. This fact is not to frighten you, but to tell you the whole truth; “to get into medical school, you need to work very hard”. 

Letters of recommendation:

Letters of recommendations are one of the requirements for gaining admission to medical school.

However, to boost your chances of gaining admission, obtain letters of recommendation from seasoned professors.

This is because most schools consider the reputation of the letter writers when scrutinizing your application.

Complete a remarkable research:

Completing a remarkable research degree study is another booster for medical school admission.

Most schools consider your ability to complete exceptional research as evidence that you will cope with the rigors of medical school.

Hence, if the opportunity presents itself after now, complete ground-breaking research to enhance your medical school’s admission chances.

Clinical experience is vital:

Possessing a brief knowledge of medical practice is a bonus for anyone seeking admission into medical school.

The medical school boards that assess candidates prefer those with medical experience above others because they believe they will excel better. 

Pre-Med Schools

Requirements for Medical Schools 

Completing a pre-medical study is the first requirement for medical school. Moreover, medical school aspirants must also satisfy the following requirements before being admitted into medical school.

  • High CGPA
  • Good MCAT score
  • Good resume
  • Outstanding performance in extracurricular activities
  • Recommendation letters that reputable professors write.

Best Pre-Med Schools 

There are numerous pre-med colleges all over the United States. However, if you want to attend the outright best, below is a list of some;

Harvard College:

Harvard College may be popular for its renowned law faculty; however, this school also possesses one of the best pre-med schools in the world.

Harvard pre-medical school offers a ton of resources that help students achieve excellent GPAs needed to secure their medical school admission.

University of Pennsylvania:

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is another outstanding pre-med school in the world. This school has a reputation for producing pre-medical students that have high pre-med school GPAs.

Students of this school gain exposure to top-notch practical medical experiences, thanks to the presence of a state-of-art children’s hospital.

Rice University:

Rice University is an exceptional university in the United States. It offers the perfect blend of staff and facilities that create an amazing pre-medical learning environment.

Moreover, the tuition fee as one of the top Pre-Med schools is relatively cheap in comparison to other schools.

Stanford University:

The pre-medical school at Stanford University is another medical, educational institution that deservedly makes it to this list.

A school that focuses extensively on medical research using cutting-edge technology; the pre-med school at Stanford University is ideal for all pre-med students. 

Amherst University:

Amherst University pre-medical school offers an outstanding curriculum that experienced professors handle. Also, this school offers an educational system that offers professorial mentorship opportunities for its students. 


Pre-medical schools are medical, educational institutions that prepare aspiring medical students for medical school. It equips these students with basic health care knowledge and medical skill that boosts their intellect for medical school.

However, to excel at pre-medical schools, students should develop mentorship relationships with seasoned professors, study comprehensively and undertake interesting researches.

Also, volunteering in health centres and enrolling in pre-med majors of interest will boost their chances of medical school after pre-medical school.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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