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How to Add Apps to Kids’ Fire Tablet: Kids adore smart gadgets, especially when that gadget is a tablet.

They are especially fond of interactive games, the ability to watch videos, and the numerous apps that can be downloaded onto the device.

The fact that most adults already have a tablet set up for themselves presents a significant challenge because it means that you are never more than a few clicks away from information or purchasing temptations that you do not want your child to have access to.

The Amazon Fire is often regarded as being among the very best tablets available for use by children.

First, there is the cost, and second, Amazon has gone to great lengths to equip parents with parental controls to make sure that the Fire is a secure environment for their children to use.

This article has been written specifically to assist in showing parents and guardians how to add apps to kids’ amazon fire tablets, so keep reading!

What is an Amazon Fire Tablet?

Amazon Fire tablets offer their own apps for email, photographs, and online surfing, in addition to their own video service, Prime Video, and music streaming service, Amazon Music.

Amazon’s ultimate goal is for you to utilize these services, purchase apps from its app shop, download books from its Kindle store, and purchase physical goods from its main store.

Because Amazon provides such fantastic support and because these tablets perform so very well, they are among the most highly recommended low-cost options currently available on the market.

The inability of Amazon’s tablets to run apps developed by Google presents the most significant disadvantage of these devices.

Even though Android is used as the operating system for Amazon’s Fire tablets, the software that powers them is a modified version of Android that was developed by Amazon specifically for their line of Fire tablets and streaming devices. Fire OS works in a way that is mostly the same as Android.


The Amazon App Store does not currently provide any versions of YouTube, YouTube Kids, or any other mobile applications.

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It is possible to acquire the Play Store on your tablet, together with the standard suite of Google apps, including YouTube and YouTube Kids, even though Amazon’s Fire tablets stick to Amazon’s apps as the exclusive platform for app distribution.

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Which Tablet from The Fire Line Should I Buy?

After assuming that children do not require the most advanced and cutting-edge technology, there are not many options left to consider.

There are several variations of Amazon’s Fire tablet that are available for purchase, but the most fundamental version, the Fire 7, is the one that we feel is best suited for children in the younger age range.

All of the Amazon Fire models share the same user interface and offer the same software features.

These features include all of the parental controls that are necessary to keep your child engaged when using the device.

This is an advantage over a regular Android tablet, which does not (although Google Family Link does have some uses), and it’s at least £290 cheaper than an Apple iPad.

However, if you’ve purchased a lot of content from iTunes or have iOS-specific apps in mind, that might be a barrier to your choices when it comes to selecting a tablet.

Amazon Fire Kids:

This is a version of the Amazon Fire tablet that is designed specifically for children and comes with a bumper case made of foam. This version is called the Fire Kids Edition.

It has the same specifications as the regular Amazon Fire tablet used by adults; it has a storage capacity of 16 GB and does not include any “special offers.”

Therefore, the tablet itself is worth $49.99, and the cover costs approximately $5. It also comes with a two-year warranty that will be replaced without question if either you or they damage it.

The clincher of this deal is the free one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ that is included in it.


There are now two distinct iterations of the kids’ version available. It is suggested that children between the ages of 3 and 7 use the standard version, while children between the ages of 6 and 12 use the Fire 7 Kids Pro.

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The Pro edition has a redesigned case, making it appear slightly more mature than the standard version. However, this is the only significant change between the two.

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How to Set Up Amazon Kids:

Even though the program is currently known as Amazon Kids (you may still find references to Fire for Kids or FreeTime on Fire devices, which were previous names for the service).

Amazon Kids is a safe place where you can control all of the content, set time limits and daily goals, and turn off the web browser, camera, gallery, and a bunch of other features.

As was just mentioned, to use the tablet, you will need to log in using your very own Amazon account.

This will register the device to you and give you access to Amazon’s Parent Dashboard, where you will be able to control the tablet.

More so, this enables you to control the tablet from a different device once it has been set up on the tablet.

How to add Applications to Kids’ Fire Tablet:

In the standard Amazon Kids app, one of the things that you will need to do is nominate the apps that your children will have access to.

This gives you a thorough screening because you will be the one to decide if you want to let apps and games in or not.


Adding apps is a simple process, but to do it, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find the app or game you want to download and install by going to Amazon Apps in the adult profile and looking for it there.
  • Launch the Amazon Kids app, then navigate to the settings menu for the kid account you want to update with the new app.
  • When you select “Add Content,” you will be given the choice to either share the content already on your tablet, add websites or import videos from the internet.
  • Choose the material that you would like to add. If it’s content that you already have, you’ll be able to choose between applications, books, and Audible; if it’s websites, you’ll be able to add the URL; clicking on videos will lead you to YouTube, where you can choose which videos to make accessible.
  • To access the app, you will need to sign back into the child’s profile.
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Because of the way things are set up, you have a lot of leeways to add things that you want your child to be able to access.

Even though Amazon Kids provides some access to the included content, which can be browsed based on characters or themes, you will probably have some stuff of your own that you would like your child to enjoy, especially as they get older.

You have complete discretion over whether or not your child has access to games and apps, which means that, in addition to the safeguards that Amazon offers, it is up to you to decide what your child may do with their device.

It is important to keep in mind that if you install something such as a movie streaming service so that your child can have access to it, you will be responsible for establishing any parental controls that are included within the app itself.

It is important to note that you must complete each of these steps separately, which may cause the process to take some time.


Amazon’s approach is among the most all-encompassing of all the child-friendly technologies that are now available.

There are many good ways for parents to keep their kids from doing things they shouldn’t, like setting time limits and giving or denying content that is appropriate for kids of a certain age.

The best part is that your child’s account will remain a part of your household, and you will continue to have full control over it.

You can use your child’s tablet, your tablet, or the web browser on your device to do this.


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