Applications Needed for Online Learning

Learning has never been easy, especially when it was changed into a remote form. But we have a list of apps you need on your phone to make the learning process more straightforward.

Changes in Learning

 The global pandemic has influenced many spheres of lives of people. Education is no exclusion. Learners have to study remotely while their educators have to conduct lessons at a distance.

Online learning has become extremely popular nowadays since it provides students with many benefits.

There is no necessity to spend money on the road to the educational institution and accommodation. Learners can form their schedule of classes. Everyone who desires can enroll in a course while living in another country.

In the beginning, it was complicated to adapt to such changes for both learners and teachers. Still, effective online learning is becoming possible with the assistance of the applications that we will discuss in this article.


When educational institutions were transferred to remote learning, the question of how to conduct video meetings between students and teachers appeared.

This is where Zoom came to help. This popular video conferencing tool was rapidly chosen by most educational institutions.

First, this application is free of charge, and it enables planning and conducting online meetings with more than 100 users. What’s more, this online tool is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Phone Scanner:

This is another tool that is necessary for online learning. For example, if you utilize an Apple Scanner App, it enables you to access documents from the cloud.

Moreover, it has powerful editing features. Other similar applications allow students to scan notes, documents, images and convert them to PDF files. Such tools are easy to use, and they are extremely effective.

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When students only started to adapt to remote education, the question raised “what does online learning require?”.

Some things remain unchanged, and we are talking about taking notes. During online classes, learners have to take a lot of notes.

To not get confused, students should keep all notes organized. The Evernote application is precisely what you need for this activity.

Aside from keeping all notes organized, this online tool can also be synchronized with all of your devices.

For example, you can start taking notes on your mobile device and finish them on your computer. The app is likewise free for users and available on all iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.


To be a successful learner, you should present your academic assignments without a sign of plagiarism and with a proper reference page.

EasyBib is useful for learners who want to make sure that they lead their papers to perfection. By scanning your document with the EasyBib application, you can discover missing citations and unintentional plagiarism mistakes.

Also, this app enables you to format your bibliography in any desired style (MLA, APA, Chicago, and others) via a citation generator. Basic and mobile versions of the EasyBib app are free for users. The tool is available on Windows and Mac.

Applications Needed for Online Learning


Effective online learning is not possible without group work. Doodle is a useful application for both students and educators.

Learners can organize online meetings and discuss academic projects together. At the same time, teachers can plan online conferences and work on needed topics with learners.

The app is likewise free of charge and can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Google, Outlook, Slack, and Zoom.


This online application enables learners and educators to record short online videos.

Educators will be responsible for creating accounts, and then inside these accounts, teachers can create classrooms.

To join classrooms, learners should have a special code. After that, educators can create posts for learners who, in their turn, should respond to these posts via short videos.

Teachers can set preferences so only they will be able to see the responses of students or learners can see responses of each other.

The application is simple and available for almost all age groups and subject areas. Thus, this is one of the apps you need on your phone.

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Google Classroom:

Google Classroom app appeared and made it possible to keep all learners and students in one place.

Educators can create online forums for further sharing course curricula, news, and classes. Likewise, teachers can assign academic assignments for students, collect completed tasks, and give feedback on their work using this app.

Educators can easily attach the necessary assignments, videos, or links via Google Classroom online tool. The learning process will become more organized and engaging.


Since the education sphere changes, some learners and teachers can have problems adapting to them.

If you are among these people, download a mindfulness app called Calm. As the name implies, this tool promotes social-emotional learning.

Users will have the possibility to develop capacity for greater self-awareness, concentration, patience, and resilience.

Calm includes daily breathing, meditations, and relaxation exercises. Thus, both students and teachers can start working days full of focus and with a feeling of calmness and peace.


We can sum up that many useful applications are starting from a phone scanner to video conferencing tools necessary for online learning.

You can use the mentioned previously online instruments to make the learning process simpler and more interesting.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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