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Easy majors that pay well: With the way the world is evolving and other criteria such as GPA, vision, possibilities, and qualities, choosing a major in the twenty-first century can be a challenging undertaking.

Some people do well in literature, psychology, and social sciences but suffer in chemistry, math, and physics. STEM majors, on the other hand, despise reading and analyzing books, people, and languages.

The list of College majors listed below for beginners has a win-win situation since students can work for themselves or for a firm and earn a lot of money.

10 Easy Majors to pay well in 2022

English Major:

A major in English encompasses much more than just reading. You enjoy reading about and researching the limitations of human invention. You and your friends also commonly participate in spelling bees and reading clubs.

If that’s the case, this major is for you. English majors learn how to analyze literature and study all of the greatest works ever written, in addition to improving their English language skills.

In certain cases, English Major is deemed too difficult to bother with.

The jobs English Major implies are believed to be doable without a degree. But they can’t do it with the same passion and dedication an English major can.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying English Major career opportunities:

Librarian$59,426 per year
Technical writer$57,689 per year
Office manager$51,352 per year
High school teacher$48,547 per year
Social media manager $44,905 per year
 Grant writer$43,204 per year
 Journalism$35,427 per year

Criminal Justice Major:

Students who study criminal justice get knowledge of the three primary components of the justice system: courts, policing, and corrections.

Criminal justice and correctional research entail criminological research methodologies, criminological theory, and the psychology of criminal conduct.

The best thing is that a criminal justice major helps you to advance at work at a rapid pace, allowing you to quickly advance in your career and gain promotions and recognition.

You may start off as an ordinary cop and work your way up to a senior detective post or perhaps the role of chief.

More so, it does not necessitate extensive research or reading. Students gain practical experience and a lot of hands-on work, preparing them to pursue the career path they studied for.

Although it is a demanding job that can have a long-term impact on your mental health, it can educate you not just on how to deal with criminals but also how to function in a variety of jobs.

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As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying Criminal Justice Major career opportunities:

Juvenile correctional officer$35,822 per year
Fraud investigator$47,081 per year
Probation officer$47,621 per year
Private investigator$35,782 per year
Forensic specialist$48,099 per year
Detective$46,142 per year
Customs officer$70,664 per year

Communication Major:

Media, advertising, and public relations are all topics studied by communication majors.

They look over press releases, long essays, and technical documents. Students pursuing a communication degree develop their writing and communication abilities in order to prepare for careers in rapidly growing fields.

The communications major may be right for you if you believe your communication skills can influence people and events. You’ll learn about a variety of cultures, genders, sexual orientations, politics, and other topics.

Many schools can assist you in honing and improving your communication abilities. Every day, graduates in the field of communication encounter new individuals and learn new things.

In contrast, in a competitive employment market, candidates must demonstrate their strongest abilities.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying communication major career opportunities:

Public Relations Specialists$49K-$104K per year
Meeting/Event Planner$50k-$100k per year
Account Manager$53K-$74K per year
Reporter$48K-53K per year
Marketing Manager$65k-$105K per year
Business Reporter$63,221 annually
Brand Manager$71,179 annually

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Creative Writing Major:

Students majoring in creative writing study the process and strategies of producing literary works such as short stories, poems, and novels.

Technical and editing instruction, as well as evaluation and marketing of completed works, are all included. Applicants can expand their ideas and develop new skills by writing creatively.

Bookworms and writers can pursue their passions for free at first, then for a fee later. They enjoy writing essays, poems, and other types of writing.

This major is great for those who have an abundance of creativity but don’t know what to do with it. As a result, authors are more able to understand marketing, business, and psychology.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying creative writing major career opportunities:

Marketing Director$87k-$143k per year
Copywriter$52K-$91K per year
Copy editor$34,927 per year
Communications Manager$64k-$107k per year
Blogger$35,368 per year
Content Editor$52K-$69K per year
Paralegal$48K-$76K per year

Religious Studies Major:

Theology and religious studies provide a comprehensive study of the world’s major faiths, their historical evolution, and their link to the world we live in.

You’ll obtain an understanding of religion’s theological, ethical, cultural, political, and philosophical challenges.

This work opportunity is ideal for those who enjoy theological research and don’t want to spend too much time studying math and chemistry. This major is for you if you want to find solutions to unanswered questions.

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Religious studies students frequently engage in intensive arguments and conversations that are both mentally hard and fascinating. They are given the opportunity to listen to other points of view and then discuss them in groups.

Religious studies graduates, on the other hand, often struggle to choose a job path because the curriculum is typically rigorous and severe, and does not cover other subjects such as business, finance, or psychology.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying Religious Studies Major career opportunities:

Executive Director$78K-$180K
Senior Pastor$60K-$97K
Youth Director$41,361
Executive Director$78K-$180K
Technical writer $50/hour

Psychology Major:

Psychology is a vast subject that students study for a variety of reasons. They’re curious about how people think. They also possess a set of empathic characteristics that motivate them to assist others.

Psychology is a straightforward but tough degree, depending on your goals. Psychology, like sociology, assists in the comprehension of human behavior. However, it approaches the subject in a very different way than the prior discipline.

Psychology studies human behavior and mental processes.

There are numerous options for specializing in the major. The profession focuses on people and is ideal for those who wish to learn about people and work in a high-society environment.

Working as a therapist, on the other hand, may leave you exhausted after dealing with challenging clients.

Furthermore, while you can design a flexible schedule for yourself, if you have poor time management skills, being over-productive can weary you.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying Psychology Major career opportunities:

Therapist$28.12 per hour
Psychology program director$61,632 per year
Behavior analyst$72,056 per year
Researcher$72,505 per year
Industrial psychologist$52,006–$92,458 per year
Counseling psychologist$50,178–$95,635 per year
Sports psychologist$64,947–$95,635 per year

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Anthropology Major:

Anthropology studies the origins of humanity. It analyzes statistical data to forecast future anthropology projections. It’s like a history major since civilizations evolve and this science follows.

It also looks at subjects like archeology and uses historical artifacts to explain the human activity. To forecast the future, you will argue and discuss the possible outcomes of key events.

Anthropology entails both on-the-job and off-the-job work. There are, however, additional work opportunities for anthropological graduates.

They can work as researchers or teachers, as government-certified personnel, in government agencies, businesses, and non-profits. 

There are a lot of employment openings right now. Anthropology graduates have the option to travel extensively in order to gain firsthand experience and participation with many cultures and customs.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying Anthropology Major career opportunities:

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Attorney$122,960 annually
Diversity Officer$127,239 annually
Foreign Language Teacher$46,276 annually
 Foreign Service Officer$88,994 annually
Human Resources Representative$49,366 annually
Interpreter/Translator$45,158 annually
Public Health Specialist$50,900 annually

History Major:

A history major teaches students how to critically study the past, preparing them to be knowledgeable citizens who comprehend society’s intricacies.

Many individuals believe history is simple because it consists of historical facts that demonstrate humanity’s long survival. Students in this major must interpret historical events and prominent people who shaped their era.

In addition to history training, students learn to analyze events, which is useful in a variety of occupations. If you enjoy reading and writing, this major is for you. The good news is that there is no difficult technical writing or perplexing report.

It is also time-consuming because students must spend a significant amount of time deciphering and making sense of complicated data.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying History Major career opportunities:

Park ranger$14.33 per hour
Museum archivist$52,389 per year
Librarian$56,275 per year
Business consultant$70,134 per year
Researcher$73,587 per year
Historian$74,158 per year
History professor$76,135 per year

Education Major:

Because of the job prospects and value it provides, education is a wonderful major to study in college. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students now while also making an impact in the future.

The Education Major is a comprehensive educational path that allows qualified students to educate and improve the world around them.

Teachers are present throughout our education and have the ability to affect how we learn and develop as persons. They readily share information and encourage us to participate in a variety of projects.

Depending on your ambitions, teaching is one of the highest-paying professions.

On the other hand, education is a wonderful major since it is a hands-on type of education that allows you to always learn and progress.

The best thing is that it allows teachers to connect with one another, exchange their experiences, and learn from each other.

Candidates may be required to work both at school or at a company and at home in order to prepare content for usage. Some employers don’t like it and won’t pay you for working extra hours.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying Education Major career opportunities:

Preschool teacher$26,458 per year
Community outreach coordinator$35,755 per year
Career counselor$40,149 per year
Adult education instructor$43,472 per year
Tutor$52,499 per year
College recruiter$56,905 per year
Instructional designer$67,280 per year

Health Major:

A major in public health teaches students how to promote and protect the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Low vaccination rates, foodborne infections, and drug overdoses are just a few of the problems that public health students learn how to deal with as they progress through their education.

Health Major is generally associated with difficult learning subjects and stressful jobs like doctors. Surgeons and high-end health specialists are vital to our health.

With a career in Health Science or Health Administration, you can assist people better their lifestyle.

Healthcare is always evolving and collaborating with other sectors to achieve better results. Healthcare has risen dramatically as a result of technological participation and is expected to continue to do so in the future.

However, Health Major is also linked to a high level of stress. Even if you don’t execute tough tasks on patients, seeing them in certain conditions can be stressful, which is why having a steel mindset is so important.

As one of the easy majors that pay well, here are the best-paying Health Major career opportunities:

Health educator$16.04 per hour
Biomedical equipment technician$56,078 per year
Health services administrator$70,469 per year
Epidemiologist$85,011 per year
Paramedic$20.18 per hour
Anesthesia technician$27.83 per hour
Dental hygienist$38.36 per hour

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It’s up to you to come up with a simple college major. It’s a subjective term depending on your high school grades and achievements. Some college degrees may be easier than others depending on your dedication, interests, and hobbies.

As a result, you are the only one who can choose a simple college major. Naturally, just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it in the future.

That is why you should think about how easy and appealing a major is. It is common for people to choose a college major in which they excelled in high school.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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