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Following the series of events brought about by the covid19 virus, many young people have different ways of thinking. A situation that put the entire world civilization on hold has people looking for alternative ways to live without being in physical contact with each other.

You can find one of such alternatives in the education sector with free online government certifications.

Over the years, the general norm has always been to go to a school environment to obtain your degree. However, with recent happens it becomes important that individuals key into the free online certifications available to them.

These certifications will not only provide you with knowledge but would also create job opportunities for you. The fact that they are free makes the offer even tastier. Let’s look at some of those certifications:

Free Online Government Certifications

ICT Initiative

The ICT initiative is an online platform that gives classes in both artificial intelligence and computer science-related topics.

The Indian government set up this Learning online platform to offer free classes to individuals interested in both computer science and artificial intelligence.

This platform has been connected to several other learning platforms to increase the number of course options available.

The beautiful thing about this course is that it ends with a certification to prove that it has been applied for and completed by that individual. Students who adhere to the learning instructions usually get a certificate from the Indian government.

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AI and Data Science by NASSCOM

Artificial intelligence and data science are fast-growing but instead emerging courses. The course has made a tremendous impact on the life of human beings all across the globe.

How problems and tasks have been simplified for the modern man can be said to have come from this study. Mathematics problems have become relatively easy, and various machines to perform various instead tasking functions are in play.

AI and Data Science by NASSCOM aim at solidifying the position of this knowledge. With statistics showing that the more students go into this field, the easier life becomes.

The online course intends to fill students in on the technicalities involving this course and provide them with certification as soon as they complete it.

Public Works

Two organizations impact this online course: the Institute of Government instructional faculty and public works professionals.

The course is designed to give students who want to become public works Managers and supervisors the skills to enable them become professionals in that field.

Among the knowledge acquired by this study is sound management techniques and other skills which will allow them to provide better services in their place of work.

Free Online Government Certifications

Risk Communication Essentials

Being in an evaluation of risk and management often involves communicating such risk to the public. This course aims to bridge the communication pyramid gap between specialists, governments, officials, and individuals.

This risk communication enables people to make calculated decisions on dealing with risks to their well being.

At the same time, this free online certification prepares students to carry out effective risk communication with sound knowledge of its tenents and principles.

Economic Development Professionals

This is one of the kinds of free online government certification that helps students who acquire it become economic development professionals.

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It improves various skills that a student possesses in professionalism and initiative, technical and industrial knowledge, connection building, evaluating, assessing, problem-solving, and leadership and influence.

Certified Public Manager

For the success of every enterprise, good leaders are pretty essential. However, as common as world leadership has become, the reverse has been the number of true leaders. There becomes a need to inform individuals as to what true leadership means.

This certification helps to inform students on what leadership entails and what it takes to be a leader. Students are usually more equipped to manage situations better, after completing this course and obtaining the certification.

Incident Management System

The WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme sets up this free online certification and training. The programme primarily aims to strengthen and improve workers’ performance, flexibility, and all-around technical ability.

It provides them with abilities that enable them to be ready to handle or find solutions to all problems they face.

Municipal Elected Officials

The Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute is well known for training people in the public office business. Managers, council members and mayors are primary beneficiaries of this program and its free online certification.

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Free Online Government Certifications

County Commissioner

Leadership skills are one of the most underrated skills in the world today. This constant neglect is the birthplace of the majority of the problems we face in the world today. Many people assume they are ready to be leaders when, in fact, they are far from ready.

However, this free online government certification helps make sure you are ready to be a county commissioner. This is possible by providing you with the knowledge and skills you will require to lead effectively, as leadership is where you face the highest tests.

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Health Cluster

Health Clusters involves the processes that help reduce and alleviate suffering while also saving lives in humanitarian emergencies. This has to be done in conjunction with improving the well-being and dignity of affected populations.

The Global Health Cluster (GHC) created the health cluster program to provide health cluster workers with skills to be better providers of health cluster services and respond to disasters affecting humans better.

Code Enforcement Officers

There exist certain municipal laws that need to be enforced, as unenforced laws are equivalent to lawlessness. However, there is a need to have the skills to enforce this law and the sound knowledge of these laws to enforce them properly.

The Carl Vinson Institute Of Government, at the University of Georgia, offers an online program to impact this knowledge, after which a free certification is provided.

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There are several online certifications that you can obtain outside the few mentioned here. What is key to note is that no matter where you specialize, there is always a free program you can key into.

Look for that program and expand the scope of your horizon today.

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