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Several resources are available if you wish to Teach English Online to Japanese.

Selecting the right resource will rely on your experience, your desired salary, and your hour of availability. Companies with stricter requirements often tend to pay higher wages. 

But first, are you searching for a teaching job that you can do at your convenience? Will you be interested in teaching English online to Japanese? If you answered “yes,” then keep reading to discover how to teach English to Japanese online.

Job requirements to Teach English Online to Japanese

You must be eligible before teaching English online to Japanese. Each organization has its standards, but here are the most common:

Ensure you are fluent in English:

Online English teachers must be fluent in English. The only notion is that the English teacher is from Wales, New Zealand, or Scotland.

South Africans can also teach English online to Japanese, although not always.

If you are not from an English-speaking nation but speak English as your first language, you may need a TOEFL certificate.

Hold a TEFL certificate:

A TEFL certificate is the second most significant employment need, and most employers desire 120 hours or more.

120 hours may not be important for certain positions, yet it is the industry standard.

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What is a TEFL certificate? A TEFL certificate is earned after finishing a three-week online or in-person course.

Hold a bachelor’s degree (sometimes):

Some companies require a bachelor’s degree to teach English online to Japanese. It doesn’t matter what you studied as long as you graduated. This is one of the biggest downsides of teaching English online.

It is best if you are a teacher. In this instance, you probably don’t require TEFL. There are various ways to teach English online to Japanese for individuals with a bachelor’s degree.

Be an experienced teacher (sometimes):

Some employers demand teaching experience; however, it is not always required. Nevertheless, teaching experience will enhance your application.

When applying, provide any experience dealing with children.

5 Companies that Hire Teachers to Teach English Online to Japanese

Everywhere English

This is one of the best platforms to Teach English online to Japanese even without a college degree.

Here, the teachers are responsible for scheduling their lessons and conducting individual lessons with school students. 

The main requirements to get hired by EnglishEverywhere include a qualification in TOEFL or TEFL and some teaching experience.

Teachers should also have good knowledge of how to use Skype on PC, be available to reply to business emails within 36 hours, and pass the E&E interview. 


Lessons hire teachers from English-speaking countries to Teach English Online to Japanese children via Skype.

This platform has two different programs; the “Regular Course,” in which the material for the lessons is provided by S-Lessons, and “Leave it to the Teacher,” in which the teacher will be the one to make the material.

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Classes are 25 minutes long, and teachers are required to complete a three-minute student assessment after each lesson. 

To be eligible, applicants must have a minimum of a full year of experience in teaching.

Cena English

Cena English is a platform to Teach English Online to Japanese adults. The teachers take responsibility for the preparation of the lessons, and all the lessons are given on Skype.

This platform first introduces potential students to teachers utilizing a trial lesson, and from there, the student can book future classes if they see fit.

Teachers must have either or both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, a license to teach or a TEFL certificate, and an internet connection with a speed of a minimum of 1.5Mbps. 


With this platform, teachers can determine how much they want to earn and schedule when they will take their lessons, and these lessons do not only teach English.

Teachers can teach other subjects like computers, art, and so on.

Lessons are booked through CafeTalk’s online messaging system and must take place via Skype on a tablet or computer.

Teachers often communicate with new students before lessons begin to find out new students’ goals and share files.

Teachers must also write a report after each lesson, summarizing how well the student has progressed and the areas the student needs to improve.

Best Teacher 

Best teachers hire teachers worldwide to schedule and conduct classes to Teach English Online to Japanese college students.

All classes are conducted on Skype, and it is also possible to receive payment for editing and responding to conversations. 

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Classes must meet students’ personal goals and preferences while remaining true to Best Teacher’s four goals: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 

To teach with Best Teacher, you don’t need to be from an English-speaking country – you only need to prove your English proficiency by tests you will take during your application process.

This means that people from non-English speaking countries can teach with the Best Teacher as long as they can prove their knowledge and understanding of English.


If only you know where to look, there are many platforms to Teach English Online to Japanese.

The pay is quite decent, and it is what lures people to try it out.

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