35+ Questions to Ask at a College Fair (FAQs)

Questions to Ask at a College Fair

Does your high school organize a college fair? What are the Questions to Ask at a College Fair when attending?

College fairs are great chances to gather details on potential school admissions to assist you in narrowing down your choices for your search on which college would be the perfect fit for you!

Keep reading to find out the best ways to make an excellent first impression on college representatives and to ensure you get an excellent understanding of what you want out of college from attending your college fair.

What is a College Fair? 

A college fair is an event that brings admissions officers from different colleges together in high schools, community spaces, and convention centers to meet and respond to lingering questions from both parents and students.

High schools have face-to-face time at the event with colleges across the country, and these colleges, armed with catalogs and brochures, can reach a representative sample of students from a local area. 

With every student in the room/hall seeking to earn the attention of a limited number of representatives of the various colleges, college fairs can be overwhelming and intimidating for some students and their parents, especially when they aren’t prepared for it.

The primary factor in using a college fair to your advantage is to come to the fair fully prepared and knowing what Questions to Ask at a College Fair. 

How to Get Prepared for a College Fair

1. Prepare a Game Plan for the College Fair: 

Do your homework before the fair. Which college reps do you want to meet? What do you know about their school, and what do you want to know?

Depending on your interests, you may want to focus on institutions with a good program for the course you want to take or look into scholarships to pay for college.

2. Ask the College Big Questions: 

Assume a college official sees your interest and familiarity with the school. In that instance, a good impression can help you when you apply to that college.

A few well-researched questions would be nice. Asking questions that can be quickly answered online is least preferable to asking something else. See our list of Questions to Ask During a College Fair to get started.

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3. Dress Appropriately for the Event:

A tuxedo is inappropriate for a college fair, but neither is looking like you just got off the sofa. College reps will recall students who are organized and enthusiastic about their colleges.

Smile, look them in the eye, and most importantly, be nice. Bring comfortable shoes and bottled water. You’ll walk and talk a lot.

4. Go Off Script: 

There’s nothing wrong with approaching an unknown school. Students who excel in school take advantage of learning about different institutions and universities.

College representatives will be happy to give information about their institutions. Therefore, you should be prepared to share information about yourself and your future aspirations.

5. Collect Contact Information and Make Use of it: 

When you have asked all of your questions and begin to feel comfortable with the college representatives you have spoken to, ensure to get their contact details and use them if you have any further questions after the fair ends.

List of Questions to Ask at a College Fair 

The most effective method of preparing Questions to Ask at a College Fair is to consider what you expect from your college experience.

Are you searching for a solid film specialization or a well-funded sports program? Do you prefer classes with few students?

Think about what resources you would want on your dream campus. Write down the topics that intrigue you the most and that interest you. 

Use the following list of questions below as a start-off point to find out what Questions to Ask at a College Fair.

1. General questions about admission 

  • What are the most effective ways to interact with the admissions office as a prospective student? 
  • Are there any particular things that admission officers look for when assessing applications? 
  • Would you recommend applying for Early Decision/Early Action or Regular Decision? 
  • What type of student would not be suitable for your school? 

2. Academic questions

  • Does your college admit students according to the programs they have chosen? Are there some more competitive programs than others for admission?
  • How easy/difficult is it to access a professor? 
  • How is department X at your school unique?
  • What are the pros and cons compared to the average class size in your school? 
  • Can you elaborate on this particular course to me? 
  • How is X course different in this college from others? 
  • What is the most common course in the school?

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Questions to Ask at a College Fair

3. Questions on student organizations and extracurricular activities

  • Are X clubs competitive to get access to? 
  • What options are available for club sports and intramural? 
  • What are the extracurricular options for students interested in X activities?
  • How engaged are the students in the local community? 
  • Is it easy for students to start their club campus? 

4. Questions on social and campus life 

  • Can you tell me the most exciting thing about the city/town/neighborhood where the school is located? 
  • Can you describe to me what the dorms are like?
  • Are there other accommodation options?
  • What are some popular stores and restaurants close to campus? 
  • How good is the school sports culture? 
  • What type of security measures does the school employ? 
  • How does Greek life’s presence or absence affect the campus community?
  • Where do most students eat? 
  • How are the catering services on campus? 
  • What do students usually partake in during the weekends?

5. Career opportunities – before and after graduation 

  • What percentage of graduated students directly get into graduate school?
  • Do students have the chance to do research or obtain internships?
  • What’s the college graduation rate? 
  • What’s the college retention rate? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Questions to Ask at a College Fair

What is the most common location for college fairs?

Community centers, junior colleges, and conference centers are common places where college fairs are held.

What makes a college fair great?

While opinions may vary on what exactly constitutes an ideal setting for a college fair, we tend to agree that it’s a place with a diverse range of professional and academic resources, easy access to nearby campuses, and a healthy dose of coeds looking for some fun.

What makes a campus smart?

A smart campus is one where helpful and interesting activities may be accessed from any internet-connected device on campus. Connecting users, devices, and softwares, empowering educational institutions to make data-driven decisions that enhance safety and optimize limited resources.

How do you stand out at a college fair?

Do your best to fit the part.
Try some free-form questioning.
Swap Phone Numbers and Email Addresses.


Gather all of the information you collected at the college fair, and discuss your findings and opinions with your parents/guardians to decide which schools to apply to.

Send an appreciation note to the college representatives you spoke to at the college fair and make further inquiries you couldn’t bring forward at the fair.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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