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Do you seek to know the shortest medical residency available for medical students?

If so, you are reading the right article, we have all the details you will need on the Shortest Medical Residency 2022.

You can enroll in any of these programs we will list on the Shortest Medical Residency 2022 and get your medical degree quicker than the regular time.

What does Medical Residency mean? 

Residency in medicine refers to the period of training that comes after one must have graduated from medical school and undergoes an internship at a hospital for hands-on experience in their specific line of medicine. 

As the medical field have a wide number of branches, taking up residency in the different branches requires a different length of time to complete their separate residency.

While some take a longer time to complete a residency, others take a much shorter time.

Well, this article focuses on those medical residency programs that take a shorter time to complete for students who like to apply for these fields of study.

Now, in technical terms, medical residency or postgraduate training is another level of medical training undergone by doctors, optometrists, dentists, pharmacists, etc, usually in a clinic or hospital under the supervision of a licensed physician or licensed senior consultant. 

Students need medical residency training to obtain a license to practice. The name these students are referred to largely depends on the location they find themselves.

Usually, students undergoing a medicine residency program are referred to as residents we’ve seen cases where they are referred to by any interns, trainees, and house officers.

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How long does it take to complete a Medical Residency? 

The average period it takes to complete a medical residency training is around four and a half years.

The Shortest Medical Residency programs last for three years and the longest takes up seven years.  

There is the Preliminary/Transitional Year that takes only a year to complete but this program isn’t always referred to as a medical residency program because, unlike other medical residency programs, you won’t be issued a license to practice medicine after completing a Preliminary/Transitional Year. 

Five of the Shortest Medical Residency 2022 Programs 

The basic factor for ranking these programs is the period in which it takes to complete each medical residency program.

Without further ado, here is the list of the Shortest Medical Residency 2022 programs in the world of medicine.

  • Pediatrics: 3 years
  • Internal Medicine: 3 years
  • Family Practice: 3 years
  • Neurology: 3 years in addition to PGY – 1 Preliminary/Transitional
  • Anesthesiology: 3 years in addition to PGY – 1 Preliminary/Transitional


This is an aspect of the medical field that concerns itself with the social, emotional, and physical health of children from when they are born to their early adulthood years.

The job of a pediatrics resident includes preventive health, and also the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. 

This Shortest Medical Residency takes up to 3 years to complete. As regards the salary, 

  • Average academic salary – $182,000 
  • Average clinical salary – $220,000.

Internal Medicine

Another program on the list of Shortest Medical Residency in Internal Medicine lasts for approximately three years.

Internal medicine is a broad field in the medical line that covers the major organ systems of the body. 

The general internist is a doctor who provides both in the hospital and office, dealing with common and complex problems in the elderly, adults, as well as in adolescents.

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These kinds of doctors are experts capable of diagnosing and treating acute and complex diseases, promoting health and well-being. 

Such doctors also receive training on the essentials of primary care which comprises the understanding of how to prevent disease, wellness, addiction to hard substances, mental health, and the effective treatment of common skin, ears, eyes, reproductive organs, and nervous system problems.

In addition, the salary structure residents in the line of internal medicine are as follows; 

  • Average academic salary – $211,000 
  • Average clinical salary – $229,000

Family Medicine

Family medicine, previously known as family practice, is an aspect of the medical field dedicated to comprehensive health care for all age groups.

Some often refer to these doctors as general doctors.

They have undergone training to diagnose, prevent and treat a wide variety of illnesses in patients irrespective of their age. 

Those doing a medical residency in family medicine receive training in internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, geriatrics, psychiatry, and pediatrics. Plus, they work with other doctors when needed. 

Taking up residency in family medicine takes approximately 3 years to conclude. The salary cap of a family medicine resident is as follows:

  • Average academic salary – $192,000 
  • Average clinical salary – $211,000


The majority of people outside the medical line believe that this aspect of medicine only cures diseases of the brain.

However, this isn’t entirely correct. It treats disorders of the nervous system in which the brain, nerves, spinal cord, blood vessels, and muscles are located. 

A few of the medical problems neurologists see daily are headaches, seizures, and strokes. Most neurologists are consultants. 

The minimum period of medical residency in neurology is 4 years. Their salary cap is as follows:

  • Average academic salary – $223,000 
  • Average clinical salary – $268,000
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This branch of medicine involves managing patients who no longer feel stress and pain after undergoing certain medical procedures such as obstetrics and surgery or any other procedure.

They provide care to patients through pain management, management of respiratory problems, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and management of seriously ill and/or injured patients in special care units. 

This residency program takes about 4 years to complete. The salary cap of Anesthesiology residents are as follows: 

  • Average Academic Salary – $ 353,000 
  • Average Clinical Salary – $ 426,000

Shortest Medical Residency 2022:


Before embarking on any medical residency training, you need to be sufficiently motivated enough to spend a minimum of 3 years in the Shortest Medical Residency programs.

This could be frustrating over time as it is difficult to manage multiple pieces of training at once. But stay motivated and remain high in confidence all the time to achieve successful results.

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