Post doctoral Certificate (Meaning, duration, careers)

post doctoral certificate

The majority of individuals who aren’t academically inclined may know what a PhD is, but only a few of them understand what a postdoc is, what a post-doctoral certificate is, and how valuable it is.

This article will explain the following; Who are postdocs? What can the postdoctoral certificate be used for? And, the difference between a PhD certificate and a post-doctoral certificate.

Post Doctoral Certificate

Who is a Postdoc?

A postdoctoral or postdoc is a person who has acquired a doctoral degree and is engaged in a brief length of mentoring studies—academic schooling to obtain the expert skillset required to pursue a professional course of their choice.

Before earning a post-doctoral certificate, one must first be a holder of any of the following Doctorate degrees: DDS, MD, PhD, or any similar doctorate.

The postdoctoral certificate is given to scholars on completing their doctorate when trained expertly in teaching or research.

What does a Post doc do?

A postdoc’s primary job is to research while being supervised. Postdocs may carry out research on pre-specified projects or on a design that is theirs and also publish it.

The job also helps groom fresh researchers into someday becoming principal researchers by undertaking advanced tasks such as teaching, mentoring, and grant writing.

What kind of career can you build with a Post Doctoral Certificate?

The role of a postdoctoral isn’t always a permanent one and thus, being a postdoc isn’t always a profession. Researchers may hold a few postdoctoral roles in a row, perhaps even in the same research group or institution, they commonly change jobs.

A postdoc position has historically been considered as a preparatory position earlier than embarking on an educational profession. This clarifies that being a postdoc is a career stage that lasts for just a short period.

However, a few misunderstandings may emerge, as certain postdoc job titles can differ. Typically, postdocs in the UK may be Postdoctoral Research Fellows, Postdoctoral Research Associates, or Postdoctoral Assistants.

This first title may be confusing, as a fellow normally refers to an independently-funded researcher on the verge of becoming a fully-fledged academic.

What makes you eligible for a Post Doctoral Certificate?

There are some crucial criteria in place if one must earn a post-doctoral certificate. Individuals who want to participate in a post-doctoral certificate program must hold a doctorate in the field they want to study during their post-doctoral certificate program.

However, people with a post-doctoral certificate can choose to do jobs in research in whole regions and fields.

Depending upon the area and specialization in the Doctoral degree, a candidate can pursue their post-doctoral certificate in a similar area and be employed in a related area.

A doctorate holder can pursue his or her post-doctoral certificate in a variety of areas of research. Some of them includes psychology, personality theories, psychotherapy, adult and child assessment, psychology, morals and ethics, so many more.

What is the duration of a postdoc position?

There is no specific duration for how long a postdoc position should last. The duration a postdoc position is largely determined by certain attributes such as funding, university, private investigator, and the research’s country.

However, a higher number of postdoc positions takes 2 to 3 years to complete, while a few even take longer. It has become a norm to do at least two postdocs before registering for positions in a faculty.

In some countries, the duration one can work as a postdoc is limited. Countries like Sweden and Canada limit working a postdoc to a maximum of 5 years, but in the United States, there is no limit to working as a postdoc.

How are Postdocs funded?

Funding of postdoc positions is done in numerous ways. Some postdocs are placed on weekly or monthly wages by their employers, a company, university, or any other institution.

In other instances, postdocs are funded through stipends from scholarships, grants, or a fellowship. 

What are the differences between a PHD and post doctoral certificate

  • A PhD and a post-doctoral is that a PhD certificate is handed over to the candidates after defending their thesis. In contrast, a post-doctoral certificate does not require a defense on completion.
  • A postdoc position is temporary, while a PhD does not have limits.
  • Postdocs are not students; they already have a PhD degree and then work as a researcher.

Is it necessary to do Postdoc after PHD?

These days, PhD degree holders and Master’s degree holders are often employed in the position of postdoc.

On the other hand, postdoctoral certificates are often substituted for PhD certificates when applicants apply for jobs in some companies.

Are postdocs referred to as Dr.?

Yes, people with post-doctoral certificates are referred to as Dr. The title of Dr. is placed before the initials of the other names and then the last name, just as it is with other doctorate holders.


The major responsibility of a postdoc is to do research while being supervised. They may conduct research on pre-specified projects or on their own design and publish the results.

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