Top 10 Business Internships For High School Students

Business Internships For High School Students

Enrolling in a business internship as a high school student is an excellent decision.

A business internship will enable you to acquire valuable business experience, understand business operations, and develop your resume.

Also, engaging in a business internship as a high school student will help you discover the business specialty you love and institute good relationships with professionals in the business world.

 This post will provide some steps for landing a business internship as a high school student and a list of 10 business internships for high school students.

How to Get a Business Internship For High School Students

You can secure a business internship as a high school student by following the steps below:

1. Search for an internship

Begin by looking for a business internship that is suitable for you. Job boards and social media are the ideal places to look for such opportunities.

You can also check the websites of business-related companies for internship vacancies or inquire from people deep into the business world if they know of any business internship opportunities.

Additionally, contact local universities and NGOs in your vicinity, as they greatly help you.

2. Create your resume

Make out time to create your resume before applying for any internship. A resume is a document that provides information about your qualifications and why you are a suitable candidate for the internship.

For sure, as a high school student, you can’t have any experience in the business industry. Hence, the skill set you should highlight is mainly those you developed via extracurriculars.

Once you are through with creating your resume, please send in your application with this document attached to it.  

3. Send emails

To get business internships for High School, you need to surf the net for companies suitable for your professional goals, academic interests, and areas of business that you hope to learn.

Once you do this, proceed and reach out to the ones you think will offer you the best learning experience.

Don’t stop at only companies you found out have business internship opportunities; reach out to others that did not advertise any business internship opportunities.

In your mail, ensure you attach details such as your full name, name of the school, professional goals, contact address, telephone number, and qualifications.

4. Create a cover letter

Create a cover letter that highlights what makes you a suitable internship candidate for the firm.

Customize the letter to suit the description of the internship position you are vying for, and also talk about some of the responsibilities you can handle in the role.

You can also use the cover letter to discuss your business skills.

5. Submit an application

Immediately you have found internships that suit you, search for their application requirements.

Most companies will demand a resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, and other documents from you.

Scan all your application documents and mail them together to the company.

6. Send a follow-up mail

Suppose you are yet to receive feedback from the firm within one or two weeks after applying.

In that case, you can send a follow-up mail to find out if the position is still available or if the company is still processing your application.

The company will surely respond to your mail to inform you of their current status.

However, when submitting a follow-up mail, ensure you include your details, such as full name, the date you applied, and the position you applied for, to make it easy for them to find your application.

7. Get ready for the interview

If the company thinks you are a good fit as an intern, they may schedule an interview with you. If this is your case, ensure you are ready for the interview.

You can use a friend’s help to practice answering interview questions smoothly. However, research the company to find out its mission and vision statement so you can link them to your professional goals.

10 Business Internships For High School Students

Here are some of the business internship opportunities to consider as a high school student:

1. The Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI)

The Bella Abzug Leadership Institute was established in 2005 to assist young ladies in developing their leadership potential.

It is open to young girls between 13 and 21 from or living in the New York City metropolitan area.

BALI also offers business internship opportunities for high school students during the academic year and summer break.

BALI interns undergo debates, seminars, workshops, and other activities that develop their skills and knowledge.

Apply Here

2. Youthbridge

Youthbridge is another business internship opportunity that every high school student in New York should consider. This internship lasts for two years.

Youthbridge looks to develop students’ leadership qualities and boost their abilities to co-exist in a culturally diversified environment.

Students accepted into this fellowship are taken through several activities ranging from workshops to lectures facilitating personal development.

Apply Here

3. Bank of America Student Leaders

The Bank of American Student Leaders is an internship opportunity open to high school students to develop leadership and business-related skills.

About 300 students are selected for this internship every year. The Bank of American Student Leaders internship runs for about two months throughout the summer.

Participants engage in a 7-day student leadership summit in Washington D.C. and take lectures on money management that are essential for success in the business world.

Apply Here

4. Department of Education Internship Opportunities

The Department of Education Internship Opportunities provides several internship opportunities that cut across many fields, from business to human resources.

These internship opportunities will empower students with experiences, career skills, and knowledge valuable to various career pathways. The duration of these internships is from eight weeks to a year.

Apply Here

5. DOROT Summer Teen Internship

DOROT is an internship that seeks to empower high school students with valuable management skills in business and other industries.

This internship also takes participants through activities that boost their leadership abilities.

DOROT Summer Teen internship is open to students who reside in New York City. It lasts for about a month.

Apply Here

6. Jimerson Birr High School Internship Program

Jimerson Birr High School Internship Program is run by Jimerson Birr law firm, one of the biggest business-related law firms in the United States.

This internship takes students through experiences that boost their professional skills and knowledge.

The Jimerson Birr High School Internship Program lasts four to six weeks and is significantly impactful.

If you also want to become a leader in any industry, consider this program when applying for internships.

Apply Here

7. Interns4Good Internships

Interns4Good provides several internship opportunities for high school seniors who want to learn about business and other aspects of life in several establishments.

These opportunities will have a massive impact on the life of any student.

Apply Here

8. Building-U School Internship

The Building-U School internship is open to high school seniors. It is one of the best virtual internships in the world.

It is a program that commits to assisting students to develop skills that will enable them to overcome life’s hurdles after school.

The series of responsibilities students engage in during the internship empowers them with valuable skills and experience.

Apply Here

9. Ladders for Leaders

As the name implies, the Ladders for Leaders internship program seeks to develop students’ leadership abilities.

Students selected for this program engage in a well-paying summer internship at renowned companies and government parastatals around New York City.

This program lasts about six weeks and is only open to students with a GPA of not less than 3.0.

10. Forage Virtual Work Experience Programs

Forage offers high school students the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and develop valuable skills for several corporate settings. It is an impactful program, and it is entirely online.

Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Business Internships For High School Students

What companies offer the best-paying internships?

The highest paying internships are those offered by the following companies: Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Bloomberg, and Capital One.

Do companies give interns several responsibilities?

Although many believe that interns are loaded with lots of work, this is not true, as most interns only carry out a few tasks because they act as mere support personnel for their firms.

Is making mistakes as an intern allowed?

Yes, making mistakes as an intern is allowed. However, to avoid making mistakes, ensure that you ask questions when tasked to do something unclear to you and listen attentively to any directions.

What should you avoid during an internship?

Here are some things to avoid during an internship: failing to look up the company on the internet, turning up for work late, dressing wrongly, falling to crosscheck your work when done, and complaining about almost everything.


Engaging in a business internship as a high school student is a good step.

This article has gone through some of the steps you can take to choose a business internship.

Also, it has even provided a couple of options to consider when picking a business internship.

However, when applying for any position, ensure that you convey professionalism in your thoughts and proofread your application thoroughly before submitting it.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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