How To Get A HOKA Student Discount (FAQs)

HOKA Student Discount: HOKA is a company that specializes in the production and sales of shoes for athletes. This company is a popular choice for many athletes all over the world.

As a student, purchasing your athlete’s shoes from HOKA is a tremendous decision because this company offers amazing discounts to students who shop from them.

But, this discount can only be accessed by students that satisfy certain conditions. So, this article will explain what you need to do to get the HOKA discount.

It will also provide a lot of information that will really help any student.

An Overview Of HOKA

Hoka One One, popularly called HOKA, is a top brand that manufactures and sells athletes’ shoes.

This company designs and sells top-quality shoes that are recommended for athletic events. HOKA shoes facilitate excellent performances by short-distance and long-distance runners in athletic events.

HOKA shoes are designed using the best available materials on the market.

Does Hoka Have a Student Discount?

HOKA offers a student discount of 15% to students when they buy an athlete’s shoe from any of their stores and a student discount of about 30% when they shop online.

However, this discount is only available to students who meet certain conditions.

Requirements for Hoka Student Discount

You can get the HOKA student discount if you are a student and meet the following requirements:

  • Become a full-time college, university, or high school student.
  • Be a student that has an authentic student ID card.

Where are HOKA Products shipped from?

HOKA has a central Netherlands warehouse where all orders and customers are shipped from.

HOKA Student Discount

How to acquire and use the HOKA Student Discount

Follow the steps below to get and use the HOKA student discount as a student:

  • Signup on HOKA’s official website and once you have completed your registration, a discount code will be sent to you through the mail.
  • To use the code in shopping, enter it once you finish adding the products that you want to buy to your cart.
  • Once you are done picking your desired items, go to the checkout, where you will find a box titled “Promo Code” or “Discount Code.”
  • Input your discount code into the box and add other payment details to finalize the placement of the order. The system will allow you to see the amount of money that you are saving due to the discount.

Channels For Getting The Most Up-To-Date Information On The HOKA Student Discount

The following places will give you the most up-to-date information about the HOKA student discount:

1. is a great place to get the latest and most important information about HOKA’s student discount.

2. Social media

HOKA has Facebook and Twitter pages that provide their customers with information about any changes they make to their existing discounts and details of any fresh discount offers they have released.

So, if you follow HOKA on social media, you’ll be one of the first people to know about any deals they make.

HOKA Promo Codes And Coupon Codes

When you are shopping on the HOKA online platform, you can utilize the HOKA promo or coupon codes to acquire bonuses ranging from free delivery to amazing discounts.

However, these codes are only available to those that have an account with the company. Having a HOKA account also gives you access to discounts and makes shopping easier.

HOKA Student Discount: How To Utilize The HOKA Promo And Coupon Code

Here are the steps you can follow to make purchases from HOKA online using the promo and coupon code:

1. Display the code

Tab the green “Reveal Code” button to generate a window that shows your discount code if you were lucky enough to get one on

2. Copy the code

Copy the code and paste it into the dashboard.

3. Start shopping

Go through the pages of the online store and pick the items that you want to buy and add them to the cart.

4. Complete the checkout

Look for a box that says “Coupon Code” or “Promo Code” and enter your coupon code there.

This will make sure that the right discounts are applied, and you can then enter your payment information to finish the payment.

What Payment Methods Does HOKA Accepts?

HOKA accepts payments from credit cards and PayPal.

However, customers may need to complete an extra security check before their payment will be processed.

Moreover, PayPal remains the most reliable payment system for anyone that is shopping at HOKA. This is because PayPal does not offer any delays, unlike other payment systems.

How To Reach Out To HOKA  

If you are having trouble with the HOKA website, have questions, or want to make a complaint, you can contact HOKA on social media or use the company’s customer support contact form, which you can find on their page.

HOKA Student Discount: Alternatives To HOKA

Below are some brands that you can trust in place of HOKA:

1. Brooks

Brooks is a brand that is very popular on the market at the moment for producing top-quality athletes’ shoes.

This company offers a wide variety of running shoes that are very comfortable to use. Brooks has running shoes that are perfect for every sport.

It is one of the best athletic shoe manufacturing companies in the world at the moment.

2. Asics

Asics is a brand that can be trusted in place of HOKA.

This company specializes in the making and selling of top-quality running shoes that are perfect for any runner.

Asics running shoes are highly regarded for their excellent dependability.

This company employs top-class technology in making their shoes, which offers a memorable running experience to anyone that uses them.

3. New Balance

New Balance is a running shoe manufacturing giant that has been at the top of the industry for many years.

The designs of their shoes are very excellent, and it is not a surprise to anyone because they use top-notch technology in creating their products.

New Balance is a brand that can comfortably be acquired in place of HOKA.

4. Nike

Nike is one of the most popular running shoe manufacturers in the world at the moment.

However, this is unsurprising because Nike offers high-quality products and spends a lot of money on hiring famous athletes and sports stars for their promotional campaigns.

Nike offers a large collection of some of the very best running shoes that can be compared to the standard of any brand.

The shoes are excellent and they facilitate excellent performances.

5. Saucony

Saucony is a company that is renowned all over the world for producing several types of shoes.

However, the quality of the running shoes they manufacture is the reason they make it to this list. The running shoes made by Saucony have premium designs.

This company offers a wide variety of running shoes, from everyday trainers to track spikes that are great for professionals.

6. Karhu

Karhu is a company that has been around for a very long time.

This company uses top-class technology in creating running shoes.

Karhu offers a wide collection of running shoes that offer comfortable running experiences. Moreover, their prices are user-friendly.

7. Mizuno

Mizuno is a reliable running shoe brand known for offering tailored-fit products that are ideal for both short-distance and long-distance runners.

This company uses top-notch technology in making some of the most durable shoes available on the market. Mizuno remains an excellent alternative to HOKA.

8. Adidas

No list of the best alternatives to HOKA can be complete without Adidas.

This company is a household running shoe brand that is very popular all over the world.

Adidas offers running shoes that have excellent designs and make for comfortable running experiences.

This company has a running shoe option for everyone, no matter their budget, and their products are very reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions on HOKA Student Discount

What does HOKA stand for?

fly over earth

Are Hokas good for walking?

Hokas are extremely comfortable and supportive. Hokas are multipurpose shoes that work well for a variety of activities, including walking, running, and casual use. Despite their large appearance, Hokas are surprisingly lightweight.

How do you pronounce Hoka shoes?

“Ho-Kah Own-ay Own-ay”

Who should wear Hokas?

Compared to standard running shoes, the HOKA one has twice the amount of cushioning. Those who compete in events of 200 miles or more were the target audience for these shoes.


HOKA is one of the most dependable brands in the production and sale of high-quality athletic shoes.

Their shoes are always super-comfortable to wear.

However, as a student, shopping for your running shoes from HOKA is a great choice because this company offers incredible student discounts that reduce the amount of money you will spend on running shoes, enabling you to satisfy other needs.

But you should read the article again to find out what you need to do to get the HOKA student discount.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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