How To Get Macy’s Student Discount (FAQs)

Macy’s Student Discount: Macy’s is one of the largest department store companies in the world.

This company offers an extensive collection of items ranging from fashion products to designer goods.

Macy’s offers a discount to students that purchase from their stores. However, the discount is only available to students that meet certain conditions.

Thus, to find out more about Macy’s student discount, read this post to the end. It also contains several essential details that will be very helpful.

An Overview Of Macy’s

Macy’s is an American brand that controls several department stores. Macy’s is one of the largest department store brands in the United States of America.

This brand has about a thousand stores, 45 furniture galleries, and 10 freestanding backstage stores.

Macy’s is also one of the biggest employers of labor in the United States.

Macy’s Student Discount

Macy’s Student Discount

Although Macy’s offers no official student discount, Macy’s offers several discounts to students that enable them to save some money when patronizing them.

Students who shop online at can receive discounts as high as 85%, in addition to other special deals and top-notch services.

The Macy’s student discount enables students to purchase items at prices much lower than the regular fees.

But the Macy’s student discount is only for students who have proven to the company that they are students.

How To Acquire Macy’s Student Discount Online

To acquire the student discount, a student must confirm their student status via the authentication platform on

To complete the verification process, they will have to provide details of your school name and school email address to the company.

Moreover, any student that wants to enjoy the Macy’s student discount must create an account with the company.

Once students have been successfully validated, a message will be sent informing them that they can use the student discount offered by Macy’s to buy items from the company.

How To Utilize Macy’s Student Discount

You can use the Macy’s student discount by taking the following steps:

  • Keep your student ID close, as you will need it to prove that you are still a student.
  • Sign up on Macy’s official site or websites like UNIDAYS and SheerID.

When paying for the items you buy from Macy’s, you will observe that some discounts have already been subtracted from the total amount of money you are meant to pay.

Macy’s Student Discount Policy

Here are some of the important things that you must know about Macy’s student discount:

  • Only students that possess a valid student ID card can obtain exclusive discounts.
  • The Macy’s student discount cannot be used together with other discounts when shopping at once.
  • Students are not allowed to transfer their discounts to other students.

Also, if you want to learn more about Macy’s, visit the company’s official website.

Macy’s App

The Macy’s app is an innovation that enables people to buy and pay for items seamlessly from the comfort of their homes or offices.

With this app, people can pay for the items they desire using many payment systems, enjoy instant updates on the latest offers from the company, and take advantage of amazing savings opportunities available to customers.

Star Rewards

Macy’s has a loyalty system known as the Star Rewards program that was intended for Macy’s credit cards.

However, this system is still open for anyone that buys items through the Bronze tier. Macy’s customers do not need to pay a single dollar to join the Macy’s Bronze tier.

Nevertheless, members of the Macy’s Bronze tier can use any payment system to fund their purchases, enjoy a discount of 1%, and receive star points that they can use to collect more gifts.

Moreover, members of the Macy’s star program are entitled to a coupon on their birthday that they can use to save money when shopping at Macy’s.

But the value of the coupon depends on the membership level a customer has.

Free Shipping                                                              

To enjoy a free shipping service from Macy’s, ensure that you buy items collectively worth $25 from the store.

However, this offer is not for Macy’s cardholders with Platinum Star or Gold Rewards accounts because they already enjoy free shipping services for any item they buy, even if it is not up to the value of $25.

Macy’s Student Discount: Alternatives To Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the best department stores on the planet.

However, there are other stores you can fall back on if you don’t want to shop at Macy’s.

1. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the leading department store chains in the world.

This company is comparable to Macy’s in every way, and they offer the same variety of products found at Macy’s.

Nordstrom has a large number of physical stores as well as an easy-to-use online platform for customers who cannot visit their physical locations.

It is a brand that you can trust in place of Macy’s.

2. Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is an excellent alternative to Macy’s.

This brand offers a large collection of fashionable items and other top-notch products like bags and jewellery.

Neiman Marcus is a brand that also offers discounts to its customers. Most of their products are made of top quality, which is one major reason they are highly regarded all over the globe.

3. Tory Burch

Tory Borch is a brand that deserves to make it to this list as well.

If you wanted to purchase fashion items from Macy’s and you just wanted to check out the same product elsewhere before making payments, Tory Burch is the brand for you.

This brand offers a large variety of clothes that will surely satisfy the fashion desires of any woman.

Moreover, their products have some of the best designs on the market.

4. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is one of the top department stores in the world at the moment.

From fashion to sports equipment, this brand has everything you need, and they do so at affordable rates.

Kohl’s offers top-notch items that can be compared to those found at Macy’s. This is the major reason why it was added to this list.

Macy’s Student Discount

5. Sears

No list of alternatives to Macy’s would be complete without the addition of Sears.

This brand is one of the oldest department store brands in the US. From home appliances to fashion, Sears is a store with all items.

Moreover, their products are available at lower prices than those of Macy’s.

6. Bloomingdales

Bloomingdale’s is one of the top department stores in the world.

It is a store that matches Macy’s in the quality and variety of products offered.

This store offers a large collection of items, from fashion products to home décor products. It is a reliable store that you can trust all day long.

Frequently Asked Questions on Macy’s Student Discount

Who owns Macy?

Federated Department Stores, Inc.

Why did Macy’s fail?

In 2015, the company recorded a loss when brick-and-mortar sales declined. Online shopping has reduced clothing sales.

Is Macys doing well?

Macy’s revised fiscal 2022 revenue forecast now stands at $24.34 billion to $24.58 billion, down from the previous range of $24.46 billion to $24.7 billion.

Is Macy’s a strong company?

With $24.6 billion in sales in 2020, a tough year due to a pandemic, Macy’s surpassed all other department store businesses.


Macy’s is one of the largest department stores in the US.

This company has about 1,000 physical stores, and those that cannot get to their store can buy items by simply placing orders via the company’s app or website.

Macy’s offers a discount as high as 85% in some cases, in addition to other amazing discounts for people who shop with them.

However, although the company does not offer official student discounts, any student who creates an account with them and confirms their student status can enjoy discounts whenever they buy Macy’s products.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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