What is GED? (Quick tips about this test)

what is GED

In our previous article, we talked about GED vs High School Diploma, comparing the both and coming up the differences. In this article, we will add more tips to GED and the major functions of this test.

GED, an acronym for General Education Development is a test taken mostly in the United States or Canada. This test consists of four subjects, which, when passed, indicates that the candidate has gone through high school. 

This certificate can be seen as an alternative to the high school diploma and some other tests. 

According to Wikipedia, Pearson is the one who developed the GED. The test can be taken in person and online also. The certification that one passed the exam is awarded by the state’s jurisdiction or the state itself.

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Functions of the GED test:

  • It can serve as an equivalence to a high school diploma certificate.
  • This test is an alternative certification for those that can’t pass their high school diploma test.
  • It is used to measure the intellectual and academic skills of the students.
  • Those in the armed forces used this certification to prove their intellectual prowess.
  • It allows retired soldiers to have a regular job.

What is GED?

More tips:

There are over 3000 official centers where this particular exam can be taken in the United States and worldwide; also, more centers are built, especially in Canada.

Cheating is not allowed during this exam because when caught, the consequences are severe.

Eligibility for this exam differs per state or country. You can write the exam at 16 years or 17 years though you won’t be in school. The fee for the exam also varies according to the country too.

So if you haven’t gotten your high school diploma certificate yet, you can try the GED test.

What is GED?

Final tips:

The GED test is a major test for students that homeschooled through the high school period. The result of the test is a certification that is similar to a high school diploma which can be used for college application or any other application.

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