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Law Schools in Latvia

The law schools in Latvia provide students from all over the world with amazing educational possibilities as well as an unrivaled quality of life.

But, choosing the ideal law school for you might be hard because there are so many prestigious and respected law schools in Latvia.

That’s why this article will provide the most reputable Law schools in Latvia, as it is evident that a successful legal profession begins with a successful law education at a reputable law school.

This article will also answer the question, “Where is Latvia?”, the process of studying law in Latvia and many more.

Where is Latvia?

Latvia is located in the Baltic Sea region of north-east Europe and shares borders with Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and Lithuania. Language and historical and religious ties with Estonia and Lithuania to the north.

But, finding the appropriate college or university in Latvia to attend is a major concern for many students.

Students worldwide who want to challenge themselves academically and learn about a new culture might consider studying in the Baltic state of Latvia, even if it doesn’t immediately come to mind.

The Baltic Sea region is home to three countries: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus all share borders with Latvia, and so does Sweden, but here, it’s the sea that separates the two countries. 

The religious and historical roots of Latvian culture are deep. The country is a member of the European Union and has a high standard of living. Since this is the case, it has become a famous tourist destination.

Latvia is a viable study abroad option for prospective students for all of these reasons. More so, learn more about Latvia and its educational system before choosing a program in the nation.

Is Latvia’s Legal System Different from Other Countries?

If you must go overseas to study law, like the law schools in Latvia, it’s right to know about the laws of that country. Perhaps your law education starts from knowing the laws of that country.

The legal system in Lativa is a mix of old and new laws from the United States and the United Kingdom, and other western countries.

The country’s legal system consists primarily of civil law, including some common law. It resembles the legal systems of France and Germany. The main Legal Ruling Document is The Constitution of The Republic of Latvia. 

You should realize that Latvia has a wide variety of lawyers who represent the public in court.

Punishments for a wide range of crimes, including the death penalty, are clearly defined. To become a lawyer or advocate in Latvia, students must first complete a 1st degree program in the country.

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Studying law in Latvia:

To practice law in Latvia, students must complete a Master’s degree in law (LLM). This is accomplished through university Master’s degree programs.

The LLM degree, also valuable for financial fields, will be awarded to students. Moreover, other European master’s degree programs in the legal discipline are similar to this one.

Students can travel to another European country to earn this degree, as there isn’t any difference in earning an LLM in Latvia or any other European nation.

Studying in any of the law schools in Latvia is simple, even for international students. Individuals must first complete a recognized bachelor’s degree before applying to the master’s degree program.

A student visa can be obtained by submitting a letter from the school to the immigration department once the school has accepted the student.

As lawyers, individuals who can fill in gaps in international law, environmental law, and human rights law are in high demand. Thus, if you’re looking for a meaningful job, these roles can be hard to get, but they’re worth the effort.

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How do I become a lawyer in Latvia?

In line with, and according to Article 14 of the Act, one must meet the following requirements in order to become a sworn advocate:

  • be a citizen of the Republic of Latvia or another EU Member State;
  • have an impeccable reputation;
  • have attained the age of 25;
  • have obtained a state-recognized advanced legal education in law and obtained the status of a lawyer.

How much does it cost to study in Latvia?

The majority of study programmes at Latvian state institutions cost between 1,550 and 6,000 EUR per academic year, which is significantly less than costs in other popular study locations.

Medical degrees can cost up to 15,000 euros, while business degrees, such as Executive MBAs, can cost up to 25,600 euros each year.

Best Law Schools to Attend in Latvia:

Rīga Stradiņš University’s Faculty of Law:

Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) houses one of Latvia’s leading law schools. The Faculty of Law offers undergraduate and graduate programs in law that are both academic and professional.

The faculty has implemented modern study courses on personal safety, dispute resolution and mediation, electronic communication methods, and databases to maintain flexibility and stay up with current trends.

The university’s moot court lab, a replica courtroom for mooting, allows students to practice their advocacy abilities, produce pleadings and motions and participate in courtlike disputes in a simulated setting.

Lecturers at RSU Faculty of Law include academics and practitioners who have worked in national and European courts, the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia, and the International Court of Justice. Professors from various universities frequently come to the university’s faculty to give lectures.

RSU Faculty of Law Programs:

Medical and social law specialization in the Faculty of Law at Rīga Stradiņš University results from the university’s long history in medicine.

Increased awareness of and attempts to assert one’s rights, particularly those of patients and medical professionals, and employees, are two factors that contribute to the increased demand for medical law specialists.

The rights to education, the rights to various guarantees, and people with disabilities all fall under the umbrella of social rights.

With today’s emphasis on a single legal system, international law and European law courses are critical to the Faculty of Law’s mission.

RSU’s Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees will be recognized and accepted by any European university you choose to attend.

Academic post-graduate law studies are becoming increasingly popular, even among those with no prior background in law: the university’s student body includes sociologists, legislators, public relations specialists, historians, and teachers, among others.

Modules are used in the Faculty of Law just like they are in other RSU social science faculties.

The long study courses are supplemented by shorter, more intense study courses so that no more than seven to eight subjects are required to be taken in the academic year.

RSU has one of the best law schools in Latvia.

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University of Latvia Facility of Law:

University of Latvia Faculty of Law is Latvia’s largest legal education provider with the most illustrious past and present.

In addition to their academic and scientific activities, several of the university’s lecturers hold leadership positions in a variety of government and legal organizations.

Many former students of the Faculty of Law are now well-known and respected lawyers.

Law Program Structure:

  • Attainable Degree: Doctor of Science (PhD) in Law
  • Duration of Program: 3 or 4 years
  • Full-time Program: 3 years
  • Part-time Program: 4 years
  • Language for Communication: Latvian and English
  • Accreditation: Program accreditation expires on 21.06.2025
  • European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Level: Level 8
  • Number of Credits: 218 ECTS or 144 credit points

Studying law at University of Latvia Faculity of Law:

To achieve the purpose of doctoral studies, which is to conduct in-depth research to create a major original study (thesis), the primary component of the study program consists of producing the Doctoral thesis, publishing and approving research results that are currently in progress.

As a part of this, doctoral students are allowed to enhance their overall abilities and learn about the latest advancements in the industry, not just in their research area.

The University of Latvia Facility of Law is one of the best law schools in Lativa.

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Riga Graduate School of Law:

The Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) is an independent Baltic law school that offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The Soros Foundation and the governments of Sweden and Latvia signed an international agreement in 1998 to establish the institution.

There are master’s degree programs in international public and private law offered by RGSL, such as European public and private law, human rights, and transnational business law.

It also provides two Bachelor’s degree programs that combine the study of law with other disciplines such as business management and international relations.

RGSL Study Programs:

Bachelor Programs:
  • Law and Diplomacy 
  • Law and Business
Masters Programs:
  • EU Law and Policy
  • Technology Law
  • Transborder Commercial Law
  • International and European Law
  • Public International Law and Human Rights
  • Law and Finance
Specialized Programs:
  • Advanced Program in European Law and Economics
  • Intensive Program in European Law and Economics

The Riga Graduate School of Law is one of the best ways schools in Lativa.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Law Schools in Latvia:

Is Latvia good for international students?

Latvia is an attractive location for a diverse range of students, owing to its excellent academic programs, lifestyle, and internship opportunities. Take a moment to learn more about Latvia’s educational framework!

Which country is best for law study?


Is there stay back in Latvia?

Latvia offers overseas students the opportunity to stay in the country. International students pursuing a master’s degree in Latvia are permitted to stay in the country for a period of six months following the conclusion of their studies.

Why do students choose Latvia to study?

The primary motivation to study in Latvia is the accessible education. Tuition fees and other living expenses are significantly lower than in several western nations. Engineering studies are quite popular in Latvia, and the colleges here are renowned for generating high-quality engineering and information technology graduates.


It is undeniable that the world’s law education system is the highest calibre. Choosing any of the ideal law schools in Latvia takes a significant amount of time and work.

According to statistics, the average dropout rate in law school is approximately 38 percent. The average proportion of those who begin a four-year degree but do not complete it is approximately 68 percent.

More so, from 2022 to 2030, the employment of lawyers is expected to expand at a rate of 9%, which is approximately average for all occupations.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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