10 Tech Internships for High School Students (Tips, FAQs)

Participating in a tech internship as a high school student wanting to pursue a tech industry career is an intelligent decision.

The tech world offers some of the best-paying jobs in the world at the moment, such as software developer, cybersecurity expert, and many others.

However, to excel in the tech world, you must possess skills that many people don’t have, and a tech internship is an opportunity for you to acquire some of these valuable skills before even stepping into the university.

Taking part in a tech internship will also allow you to grow your professional network and boost your resume, which could be a deciding factor in securing admission into your choice college.

This post will discuss ten tech internships that are highly recommended for high school students.

Is Tech Worth It?

The benefits of technology are worthwhile. The ever-evolving nature of technology means your educational possibilities are boundless.

A job in technology can expose you to a wide range of fields, from cloud computing to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The American tech sector is adjusting, but it remains robust. The market value was predicted to hit $1.8 trillion by the end of 2023, and a further expansion of 5.4% is anticipated in 2024.

In addition, there is a clear need for tech workers in the market, and most of them can pick and choose between different fields and regions.

The tech industry is expanding, but some subsectors are expanding even faster, and some skills are “evergreen” and hence always in demand.

10 Tech Internships for High School Students

1. Anson L. Clark Scholars Program

The Anson L. Clark Scholars Program is one of the tech internships open to high school students. This program runs for just seven weeks between June and August.

However, out of thousands of students that send in their applications yearly, only 12 high school students are picked for the Anson L. Clark Scholars Program.  

Under the direct supervision of faculty from the school, participants engage in practical research across several aspects of tech at Texas Tech University.

They also engage in a series of seminars and a range of activities that boost their knowledge. Anson L. Clark Scholars Program participants are given a stipend of $750 at the end of the training.

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2. Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program

The Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program is another tech internship opportunity for high school students.

However, this program is strictly for female students interested in computer science and aspire to pursue a career in any computer, science, engineering, or technology field.

The Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program is a perfect opportunity for students to connect with peers who share their interests and understand what most jobs in the tech world entail.

Besides engaging in several online tasks that boost their capacity to work in a team structure, Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program participants also learn about advanced computer science principles.

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3. Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Scholars (CSS)

The Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Scholars program is highly impactful and lasts throughout the four weeks of July.

Participants take a series of seminars handled by seasoned faculty that empower them with knowledge of several areas of computer science.

They also take part in several practical research tasks and programs that are put together in collaboration with some of the best tech firms in the United States.

However, a student must be an active high school sophomore at least 16 years and above to get into the Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Scholar program.

During the selection process, greater preference is given to students that are from ethnic groups and social classes that are not heavily represented in the tech industry.

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4. Forage Virtual Work Experience Program

The Forage Virtual Work Experience Program lasts only five to six hours. It is another tech internship for high school students.

Forage offers students the opportunity to acquire valuable professional exposure at some of the leading tech firms in the world.

Although the program runs for just a couple of hours, its duration is enough to expose students to the daily experiences of jobs in the tech industry.

After the program, Forage interns develop valuable skills to succeed in their chosen careers. Unlike most tech internships, students don’t need a dime to get into the Forage Virtual Work Experience Program.

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5. Sandia Internships

Sandia Internships is open to high school students, undergraduates, and graduate students that want to commit to a tech career.

Participants get a chance to work on real-life problems in society and challenging tasks targeted at finding solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the world today.

They also learn about several technology areas, such as software development and cybersecurity. Sandia interns receive seasoned mentorship and participate in social activities that are highly beneficial.

Sandia interns are placed under stipends and receive college credits. However, this program is only meant for high school students at least 16 years of age with a GPA of not less than 3.0.

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6. TECH360 Summer Bootcamp

Tech360 is a tech internship for high school students.

This program is only open to high school students between grades 10 and 11 from schools in the following US regions; New York City, Los Angeles County, Miami-Dade, and Broward County.

Tech360 runs for three weeks between July and August. Participants learn how to code and build websites.

Tech360 interns are grouped into website development teams throughout the internship, and they present what they have done at the end of their training.

They receive a $500 stipend at the end of the program.

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7. Data Science Institute (DSI) Summer Lab at the University of Chicago

The Data Science Institute (DSI) Summer Lab at the University of Chicago is a summer research program open to high school seniors.

Students participating in this ten-week internship get to collaborate with a data science mentor on specific research.

The projects don’t have one area of concentration but cut across several areas of computer science, such as networking, computer systems, architecture, etc.

At the end of the program, participants are given a stipend of $5,625.

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8. Meta Summer Academy

The Meta Summer Academy program allows high school students to acquire professional experience at any of the world’s biggest social media companies.

Students participating in the Meta Summer Academy get to work alongside seasoned social media experts. This experience helps to develop their professional abilities.

The Meta Summer Academy interns learn about the professions in the tech world and acquire first-hand knowledge of the daily responsibilities of working at a top-class tech firm.

The Meta Summer Academy lasts for six weeks between June and July.

It is open to students from the following regions; East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, North Fair Oaks, and Redwood City. However, only students with a GPA of less than 2.5 are to apply for this program.

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9. Spark Summer Internship Program

The Spark Summer Internship Program aims to expose high school students to their future careers by connecting them with field professionals, professors, and mentors in several tech areas, such as computer science.

Participants of this program engage in research projects and a series of highly beneficial activities.

The Spark Summer Internship Program runs between June and August. It is one of the tech internships that are highly recommended for high school students.

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10. MITRE Nationwide High School Student Program

MITRE Nationwide High School Student Program allows students to grow their tech skills and knowledge. This program offers openings in various areas such as development, engineering, research, analysis, etc.

The MITRE Nationwide High School Student Program lasts eight weeks starting in June and is not free. It is open to students that are not less than the age of 14.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Tech Internships for High School Students

What is the ideal site for internship openings for high school students?

Internships.com is the best place to find openings for high school students.

Are interns paid?

Yes, a good number of companies now offer stipends to their interns. While some do so during the internship, others offer stipends at the end of the internship.

What do tech interns do?

Tech interns perform the following responsibilities; test new software, create program designs, assess software for problems, and test apps.

Does Google offer any high school internships?

The Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) is a high school internship opportunity the tech giant offers.


Tech jobs are among the highest-paying professions in the world. To be successful in the tech industry, though, you need skills that most people don’t have.

High school students interested in working in IT would be wise to take advantage of internship opportunities.

In addition to the schools listed above, the Microsoft Discovery program and Fermilab Target are other tech internships recommended for high school students.

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