11+ Finance Internships For High Schools Students (FAQs)

Finance Internships For High Schools Students

You don’t need to be ashamed of not knowing the profession you want to focus on while still in high school. An internship is a great way to discover your career path.

Internships are also an avenue to acquire work experience, connect with professionals in your dream field, and develop your knowledge, even as a student.

Some internships are particularly open to high school students who want to pursue a career in finance and business. However, these opportunities are tough to come by.

This article will discuss 11 different finance and business-related internships that are highly recommended for high school students.

Read it to the end, and you will find one suitable for your professional goals.

12 Finance Internships for High School Students

1. The Belle Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI)

The Belle Abzug Leadership Institute is one of the finance internships open to high school students.

This internship, named after Bella Abzug, the famous New York Congresswoman, has been a source of impartation in society since its establishment in 2005.

It is open to females between the ages of 13 and 21 that live or hail from the New York City metropolitan area.

Throughout the program, participants engage in seminars, workshops, and chat sessions that are highly impactful. This program provides opportunities for students to network with industry professionals.

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2. Youthbridge

Youthbridge is another internship opportunity that is open to high school students. This program lasts for two years.

Youthbridge is more of a fellowship than an internship and is open to high school students regardless of cultural background.

Participants engage in workshops, events, activities, and seminars that equip them with leadership skills and other valuable abilities.

Furthermore, Youthbridge fellows receive direct mentorship from field experts at the pinnacle of their careers.

It is a program recommended for students staying within New York, as there are no accommodation arrangements for participants outside the city.

The deadline for applying to Youthbridge Fellowship is March 17.

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3. Bank of America Student Leaders Program

The Bank of America Student Leaders program is for high school students that want to develop their leadership and professional skills. This program was established in 2004.

About 300 students who get into the Bank of America Student Leaders program per year are sent to work with NGOs. They engage in intensive eight-week training that boosts their knowledge and experience.

To crown it all, Bank of America Student Leaders interns participate in a one-week Student Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.

They also attend money management lectures vital for success in any career path.

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4. Department of Education Internship Opportunities

The Department of Education Internship Opportunities offers learning avenues across various fields.

Some such fields include Human Resource Management, Project Management, and Training and Development.

Engaging in this internship will provide students with professional exposure, an experience in their possible career path, and a means for their personal and career development.

These internships run three times a year; fall, winter, spring, and summer.

The Department of Education Internship Opportunities is open to high school students aged 16 and above enrolling in a certified institution.

The duration of these programs is between eight weeks and a year.

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5. DOROT Summer Teen Internship

This is a finance internship for high school students.

DOROT, an NGO, organizes this internship and is open to high school students and adults residing in New York City who want to explore the world of non-profit management.

Participants engage in highly impacting tasks that enable them to groom their leadership potentials even as they clock volunteer hours.

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6. Jimerson Birr High School Internship Program

The Jimerson Birr High School Internship Program is coordinated by Jimerson Birr, which happens to be a top-ranking law firm that specializes in the field of business and finance.

This program is open to high school students and offers them an opportunity to acquire world-class experience and valuable career skills.

Some areas that students will receive training in include communications and marketing, legal services, information technology, accounting, and others.

This internship lasts between four to six weeks.

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7. Interns4Good

Interns4Good provides several internship slots for high school students between grades nine and twelve who want to acquire internship experience at NGOs. 

Most available positions are for people who want to obtain marketing skills and participate in NGO activities.

Interns4Good have several companies that they work with. So, there will surely be a vacancy that will suit every student’s professional and academic needs.

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8. Ladders for Leaders

Ladders for Leaders is a widely regarded program in the United States.

It is open to high school and college students who want to engage in paid summer internships with companies, NGOs and ministries, departments, and government agencies within New York. 

The Ladders for Leaders program is put together by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).

However, only students between 16 and 21 years old with a GPA of not less than 3.0 who live in any of New York City’s five regions can access this internship’s opportunities.

The Ladders for Leaders program runs for six weeks between July and August.

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9. building-U High School Internship

The building-U High School Internship is another opportunity open to high school students between grades nine and twelve who want to boost their knowledge of finance.

This internship is entirely online, so students would not need to worry about transportation costs to and from the supposed internship location.

Building-U High School Internship assists students in acquiring skills that will help them when they finish school.

Some of the tasks they carry out as an intern include; research, administrative work, developing marketing plans, and social media assistance.

Furthermore, students engage in tasks that develop their written and oral communication skills. The building-U High School Internship lasts for about three months.

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10. Forage Virtual Work Experience Programs

Forage Virtual Work Experience Programs offer high school students the opportunity to acquire valuable work experience at top-ranking firms and establishments.

However, the Forage program is entirely online-based.

It lasts for five to six hours only and is highly impactful. Forage is free; students learn valuable skills for professional success.

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11. Work! As Learning

The Work! The learning program is a collaboration between the New Hampshire Department of Education and the state’s businesses.

About 1,000 students within the state get hooked onto internship opportunities with satisfying salaries.

The work experience that students engage in will serve them well and enable them to acquire several valuable skills.

This opportunity is open only to those who finish a professional evaluation exercise, which helps determine the best-paid opportunity for them.

12. Port of Seattle High School Internships

Port of Seattle offers several internship opportunities for high school students who want to work on projects at exciting locations such as the SEA Airport and the Seattle Waterfront.

Most of these opportunities attract stipends, and students who engage in any of them will obtain real-life experience in networking, leadership, public speaking, and project management even as they part-take in a work-based project.

The Port of Seattle, High School Internships is only open to students up to 16 years old with an excellent extracurricular activities track record.

The Port of Seattle High School Internships lasts between eight and ten weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Finance Internships For High School Students

What do you need to get a job in the finance industry?

The number one requirement for a job in the finance industry is finance or its related degree.

Do interns get any stipends?

Most establishments place their interns on stipends. While some do so monthly or hourly, others offer a one-time payment at the internship’s end.

What are the best internships for MBA students?

The best internships for MBA students are finance management analysis internships, risk management internships, actuarial internships, and financial examiner interns.

What is the role of finance interns?

Interns in the finance industry assist in devising and executing financial management policies and contribute towards budget control, accounting, and payroll plans.


In addition to the opportunities listed above, PNNL High School Business Intern, the K.P. launch program, and the Meta Summer Academy are other internships for high school students interested in finance.

However, students must submit their applications on time to increase their odds of landing any of these opportunities.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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