How To Become A Paramedic In The UK (FAQs)

Paramedic In The UK: Becoming a paramedic is an excellent career decision. Paramedics in the UK are well-paid and there are lots of job opportunities for them.

However, to practice as a paramedic, you must obtain a paramedic degree from a recognized tertiary institution.

So, if you want to become a paramedic in the UK, I strongly suggest that you read this article from beginning to end.

It has a list of the best schools in the UK where you can get a paramedic degree, as well as other useful information.

Who is a Paramedic?

Paramedics are trained professionals who give people immediate medical attention after an accident or in other dangerous situations that can’t be planned for.

These people also go with the accident victims to the hospital so they can get more care there.

Also, since they are the first health workers to arrive at the crash scene, paramedics play an important part in figuring out if accident victims will live or die.

Paramedics are very crucial in the healthcare field.

How To Become A Parademic In The UK

Benefits Of Becoming A Paramedic

Here are some of the outstanding benefits of becoming a paramedic:

1. Knowledge of medical processes

Becoming a paramedic equips you with knowledge of medical techniques and processes.

You will have the ability to evaluate illnesses or body damage, administer first aid, and recommend treatment for emergencies.

This type of knowledge can be very useful in the long run when your loved one is affected.

2. Opportunity to create an impact in society

Becoming a paramedic offers you an opportunity to help people in need who cannot repay you, which is very priceless.

In the process of doing your job as a paramedic, you could save someone’s life, which can be very satisfying.

3. Good job opportunities

Research has shown that job opportunities for paramedics will increase in a very large way before 2030. Thus, becoming a paramedic is a great way to secure a job that will not go into extinction anytime soon.

4. Lots of career options

As a paramedic, you can work in a whole lot of places.

From private hospitals to government hospitals, you can secure a well-paying job in so many places due to the fact that the demand for paramedics is always on the rise.

5. The opportunity to travel around the world

Becoming a paramedic offers you the opportunity to travel around the world.

This is because areas where natural disasters happen always need the help of these professionals.

What Are The Best Schools To Obtain A Paramedic Degree In The UK?

Here are the best schools to obtain a paramedic degree in the UK:

1. St. George’s University

St. George’s University is one of the best schools in the UK to obtain a paramedic degree.

This school equips paramedic students with the knowledge of how to handle near-death emergency conditions and all forms of illnesses related to bodily wounds.

The paramedic program at St. Georges University is accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

This program exposes students to a large area of study that will make them highly skilled experts when they graduate.

Moreover, St. Georges University is a paramedic school that exposes students to highly advanced medical facilities and internship opportunities, which equips them with the extensive hands-on knowledge they need to complete tasks and handle real-life pressures.

This school adopts a learning curriculum for paramedic students that offers the perfect blend of theoretical and practical lessons.

Furthermore, the paramedic degree program at St. Georges University is coordinated by seasoned experts who have extensive knowledge of the industry.

This school exposes students to first-rate practical experiences in their specialized paramedic simulation center that consists of a clinical skills lab, a simulation suite, and lots more.

St. George’s University is a first-rate school for paramedic education and one of the top paramedic schools in the UK.

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2. The University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich offers a paramedic science degree program that can be compared to any of the best schools in the world.

This paramedic science degree program at the University of Greenwich is coordinated by seasoned paramedics and healthcare professionals that are renowned in the industry.

The learning curriculum adopted at this school grooms students to have the abilities needed to handle the tasks of even the toughest roles in the paramedic sector.

Moreover, the University of Greenwich does not just stop at equipping students with theoretical knowledge of the profession; they also allow them to enroll in clinical placements to improve their practical abilities and experience.

Furthermore, just like with students of other programs, the University of Greenwich offers student support that funds part of the academic costs of a student in the school, so long as the student meets certain conditions.

This school is one of the top paramedic schools in the UK.

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3. Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is another excellent addition to this list of top paramedic schools in the UK.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Paramedics program offered by Anglia Ruskin University focuses more on the practical aspect of the field than anything else.

This has made Anglia Ruskin University constantly produce some of the very best paramedics in the industry who have the excellent hands-on abilities required to function exceptionally in any work environment.

The faculty members that handle the paramedic program at Anglia Ruskin University are fully dedicated to their duties, and they ensure that every student is fully equipped with the skills and abilities that they require to stand out in any career pathway they choose.

Moreover, Anglia Ruskin University allows their students to enroll in lots of placements over their break time, which equips them with a good knowledge of the practical aspect of the field.

If you want to stay at this school and get your master’s degree after getting your bachelor’s degree there, you can get a huge discount.

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4. The University of West London

The University of West London is one of the best places to study paramedics in the UK.

This school offers a very comprehensive Master of Science degree in Paramedic degree program that equips their students with the necessary skills, information, and technical know-how that they need to carry out harmless and efficient treatment of people before they are taken to the hospital.

The University of West London, through their learning curriculum, exposes students to the core areas that they need to have a good understanding of to become successful paramedics.

The paramedic program at this school is coordinated by seasoned industry professionals with many years of experience who are fully committed to the development of their students.

Moreover, the University of West London offers student training grants to paramedic students that help them to fund their studies throughout the duration of their studies.

It is an ideal destination for anyone looking to study paramedics.

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5. The University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire is another excellent addition to this list of top schools to study paramedics in the UK.

Students at this school are exposed to a rigorous learning curriculum that equips them with all they need to know to succeed in a paramedic career.

The University of Hertfordshire paramedic students learn about human anatomy and physiology in their first year, which equips them with the ability to evaluate and manage all degrees of accidents and sicknesses.

Students of the paramedic program at this school embark on placement in their first year to obtain relevant practical experience.

Moreover, the University of Hertfordshire paramedic program also equips their students with knowledge of patient assessment in their second year, and they complete several rounds at hospitals to obtain more practical experience, which is vital to their careers.

The curriculum used to teach students also includes a large amount of clinical pharmacology and a lot of other important topics for the field of paramedics.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Become A Paramedic In The UK

Who are paramedics?

Paramedics are medical professionals who respond to emergencies by arriving on the site in an ambulance or other emergency vehicle and providing any necessary care. They may proceed with medical treatment, stabilizing the patient as much as possible until they reach a hospital or other appropriate care facility.

Is a paramedic a doctor UK?

A paramedic is a trained medical worker who specializes in treating people in emergencies. They are not doctors, nurses, or people who help doctors do their jobs.

Is being a paramedic hard?

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to become a paramedic because the job is so demanding. Paramedics need to be physically fit, able to remain level-headed under stress, knowledgeable about medical procedures, able to make split-second decisions, and compassionate toward patients at all times.

How long does it take to become a paramedic in the UK?

You must get a degree in paramedic science that is recognized by the Health and Care Professions Council. Most full-time courses take 3 years to finish. The NHS Learning Support Fund may be able to help you pay for school in a different way.


Becoming a paramedic is an ideal career choice for anyone in the UK. Paramedics in the UK make a lot of money, and there are lots of job opportunities for them.

Nevertheless, to practice as a paramedic in the UK, you must possess a paramedic degree from a recognized tertiary institution.

And this article has done well to provide a list of the best schools to study paramedics in the UK.

Enrolling as a paramedic at any school in the UK is not an easy task. This course requires lots of study and hard work.

However, you can excel as a paramedic student in the UK by using a schedule to plan your day, studying in a place that has minimal distractions, and using up most of your time to read your books.

Also, going to all of your classes and doing your best at everything you are asked to do are two more secrets that will help you get a good grade when you finish your paramedic training.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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