7+ Remote Internships for High School Students (FAQs)

Remote Internships for High School Students

Internships are highly beneficial for high school students. Adding an internship experience to your resume as a high school student will improve your odds of getting into college.

It will also help you land an excellent job as it indicates that you are making good use of your free time to invest in your personal and professional development.

Internships are also opportunities to acquire relevant skills needed to succeed in your chosen field.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, a good number of internship programs have opted to run their training through online platforms.

This article will discuss eight such internships open to high school students.

8 Remote Internships for High School Students

1. EnergyMag Internship

EnergyMag Internship is a remote internship for high school students. This program is also open to college students.

EnergyMag interns learn about the renewable energy industry and engage in activities that enable them to acquire research and analytical skills.

This program has two enrolment options: the 2-8 weeks, 20 hours per week, and the 1-9 months, 8 hours per week.

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2. United Planet Virtual internship

The United Planet Virtual Internship is another great remote option for high school students.

It aims to groom students that have an interest in contributing to the fields of global health, environmental sustainability, and others.

The United Planet Virtual interns also learn about several cultures of the world and, at the same time, grow their professional and social networks.

This program is only open to students that are not less than the age of 16.

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3. Virtual Internships Foundation Program

Virtual Internships Foundation is a remote internship for high school students.

This program is mainly for students between 14 and 18 who want to acquire professional skills and explore careers they aspire to specialize in.

The Virtual Internships Foundation Program participants can acquire work experience in top companies while developing professional skills.

The Virtual Internships Foundation Program lasts four weeks, and participants are to invest between 15 to 18 hours of their time in the internship every week.  

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4. YouUnited

YouUnited is a virtual internship open to students from middle school to college. Participants engage in a series of training that will impact their professionalism.

Students that enroll in the YouUnited program also have the chance to engage in scholarships, and they also have access to lots of resources that are highly beneficial.

They also get the opportunity to acquire experience in a professional environment.

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5. PHC Group LLC Mary Miller Summer Program

PHC Group LLC Mary Miller Summer Program is open to high school students and new graduates that want to develop their leadership potential. It is one of the top remote internships for high school students.

Participants learn from a public health director and contribute to social media and community projects.

PHC Group, LLC Mary Miller Summer Program allows students to develop social media skills and professional networks.

It is a paid internship program.

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6. NASA High School Internship Program

The NASA High School Internship Program allows students to contribute to several projects. Students don’t need to have any experience to apply for the program.

Before now, NASA High School Internship Program was held at physical locations, but the coronavirus pandemic made the program entirely online.

Interns are placed under stipends based on their educational level and the internship duration.

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7. Forage

Forage connects students with online internships. Participants in these internships acquire knowledge of the operations of top-notch companies.

Most of the opportunities that Forage offers run training that lasts only five to six-hour programs.

Interning at any company will boost students’ resumes and enable them to learn from renowned professionals.

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8. U.S. Department of State’s Pathways Internship Program

The U.S. Department of State’s Pathways Internship Program offers students paid internship opportunities in several federal ministries and agencies. It is one of the top remote internships for high school students.

It prepares students for their career endeavors, especially those that aspire to work for the government when they graduate from college.

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Tips for Making Remote Internships Successful

Remote internships are a unique chance to acquire career experience, develop new skills, and enhance your professional network.

Below are some tips for having a successful remote internship experience:

1. Know what the company does

Make out time to research the company before commencing your internship there. This will enable you to understand their objectives, work ethics, and communication pattern.

Also, read the staff profile on social media or their official website to know who is in the firm. Don’t be scared of interacting with them and asking them important questions before you start working there.

2. Be ready

It does not matter if the internship is online; it is still necessary for you to get ready before time for any training session.

Put in place all materials and devices you need to enjoy your sessions without distractions.

Create a learning space for yourself in your home, and ensure that you organize your writing materials and handbooks before any class.

3. Connect with staff

Being a virtual intern is not an excuse to avoid connecting with your company’s staff. Don’t fail to wish the company’s staff well on their birthdays or special occasions, especially if other staff do the same thing.

This will help you to relate well with them, even at the end of your internship.

4. Associate with other interns

To associate with fellow interns, utilize all online platforms, such as social media. Through this, you will make them your friends, and they can be helpful in the future.

5. Always keep up with the communication with your supervisors

Remote jobs involve lots of texting and calls. Inquire from your supervisor about the ideal way to communicate with them and ensure that you always maintain it.

For instance, if your supervisor prefers emails to calls, make sure that a summary of what you have done is sent to them each week.

6. Create a timely schedule

Unlike physical internships, virtual internships don’t maintain the 8-5 work period. However, it is still essential for you to stick to the schedule of a professional setting.

Make it a duty to turn up for every meeting on time.

Also, ensure that you deliver all the tasks allocated to you on time and try to cut down on the things you do so you don’t burn out before your internship begins.

7. Share ideas

Because virtual internships don’t involve many physical tasks, you must utilize this window to share your viewpoints and thoughts.

It does not matter whether the department you are working under uses your ideas; it will still speak well for you in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Remote Internships for High School Students

What is the best website for finding high school internship opportunities?

Internships.com is the best site for finding high school internship openings.

What is the drawback of the remote internship?

A remote internship is challenging because you must find a way to motivate yourself to succeed.

How can I land an internship position?

You can secure an internship position by utilizing internship finders, surfing social media for opportunities, and tailoring your resume to suit the role description before applying.

Is a virtual internship a good idea?

Engaging in a virtual internship is good because it allows you time for other engagements and prevents you from spending money on transportation.


As a high school student, you can learn a lot from internships. Internships are an excellent way to boost your college admissions chances.

If you get into a virtual internship, it all comes down to you to ensure you succeed at it. You can achieve this by asking by applying the tips discussed above.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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