Top 8 Best schools in Ottawa | 2022

Schools in Ottawa (both private and public) are creating waves by allowing kids to explore and live extraordinary lifestyles while maintaining a strong academic foundation.

Ottawa’s schools provide high-quality education, with children in most areas of reading, writing, and mathematics scoring higher than society’s norm.

What is the best age to start school in Ottawa?

All children between the ages of six and eighteen are required by law to attend school in Ontario.

Kindergarten programs are offered to children aged four and five, while grades one through eight are offered to children aged six to thirteen.

Secondary schools (high schools) educate students in grades 9 through 12 between the ages of 13 and 18. You must enroll your child in the neighbourhood school system.

They will either complete an evaluation prior to or following the start of lessons, depending on the school board.

How is schooling in Ottawa?

Ottawa has four school boards, two of which are in English and two of which are in French: two public and two catholic. Each school board has its own set of rules and admission requirements.

Once you’ve decided on a school district and language for your child, he or she must attend the school closest to their home.

Top 8 Best schools in Ottawa

John McCrae Secondary School, Nepean

John McCrae Secondary School is a comprehensive community school committed to fulfilling the unique needs of all students. They provide a secure learning atmosphere for pupils in a modern facility.

Large, open classrooms, modern computer labs, updated technology shops, art studios, and open science laboratories provide an ideal setting for students to develop their abilities and interests.

Their community relationship with the adjacent Walter Baker Centre provides additional facilities. Students at J.M. make use of the public library’s resources and have access to the area’s sports facilities.

As one of the best schools in Ottawa, academic classes gain significantly from these expanded resources, while physical education groups and teams have access to activities not typically offered in secondary schools.

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All Saints High School:

The term “All Saints” honours all saints, known and unknown, who have been raised to eternal redemption by God’s grace (beatific vision).

It contains both saints who have a specific liturgical feast day and others who do not. Their Catholic faith is the cornerstone of their lives and pervades everything they do.

Their Catholic religion pervades every part of their school experience—both in terms of what they learn and the way they live.

As one of the best schools in Ottawa, each of their schools has developed a Catholic Community of Caring based on the values of faith, caring, respect, responsibility, trust, and family.

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Colonel By Secondary School, Gloucester:

Colonel By Secondary School is a community of caring students, faculty, and parents who work collaboratively to promote academic excellence and high student accomplishment.

As one of the best schools in Ottawa, students have an abundance of options, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB), which is a challenging pre-university curriculum offered in schools worldwide.

It is available to kids who are highly motivated in their final two years of secondary school. The last years of secondary school begin with enrichment and acceleration in the first two years.

Colonel By Secondary School has a long history of academic, athletic, and artistic achievement.

While the academic program at Colonel By is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training diploma standards, students are invited to supplement this well-rounded education by meeting other criteria.

More than half of their students are enrolled in the IB Program. This internationally acclaimed program is designed for academically driven students who aspire to obtain both an IB diploma and an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

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Nepean High School:

Nepean is a community school with a 90-year legacy of encouraging students to strive for academic, creative, and athletic success.

They are passionate and dynamic faculty and staff are committed to providing a stimulating and caring atmosphere in which each student is encouraged to reach his or her full potential.

They expect their pupils to develop into responsible citizens and community leaders. Due to the fact that the majority of their children walk to school each day, they have strong ties to their immediate community, with many families having two or three generations of Nepean ancestors.

They are devoted to providing an extraordinary high school experience for their students at Nepean through enhanced academic, athletic, fine arts, and leadership programming.

Nepean High School is one of the best schools in Ottawa.

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West Carleton Secondary School, Dunrobin:

West Carleton Secondary School serves a broad geographical region extending from Arnprior to the western part of Kanata and is a vital resource for the surrounding community, allowing local groups to use the facility for athletic and another community programming.

The school is a state-of-the-art institution with a student population of about 1106.

They are happy to offer a comprehensive choice of educational opportunities and pathways to fulfil the unique needs of each of their students.

They take pride in their feeling of community, creating a supportive and family-like environment that fosters student well-being and academic performance while incorporating a diverse array of interdisciplinary and technology learning possibilities.

Rated as one of the best schools in Ottawa, their EQAO results (Grade 9 Mathematics and the Ontario Literacy Test) and OCDSB Board-Wide ratings indicate that their students succeed at a high level.

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Lisgar Collegiate Institute:

Lisgar Collegiate Institute has a more than 170-year heritage of academic, artistic, and athletic distinction. The Gifted Program (grades 9–12) provides students identified as intellectually gifted with an improved learning experience.

International Advanced Placement (AP) enables students to earn equal credits for first-year courses at a wide variety of universities in Canada, the United States, and numerous other countries.

Lisgar Collegiate also offers AP Capstone, making it the only school in Ottawa and one of only fifteen in Canada to do so. More so, it is one of the best schools in Ottawa.

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Earl of March Secondary School, Kanata:

Earl of March Secondary School has demonstrated the best in a composite general arts education since its foundation in 1970.

Students, faculty, and community members have collaborated to create an environment that fosters academic performance for all students.

Their Mission is to provide destination-based educational opportunities for all students in our community.

Their mission statement is “to create a caring, challenging, and safe atmosphere that encourages and motivates students to strive for greatness in all aspects of their lives.”

The school’s programming is comprehensive and offers a good opportunity for all students in both core and elective curricular areas.

As one of the best schools in Ottawa, their Advanced Placement Program provides nine courses that enable students to earn college credits while still in high school.

French Immersion programs are offered in twelve classes during the regular school year, in addition to additional options through cooperative education placement.

Extracurricular activities include an outstanding athletic program, award-winning bands, theatrical and dance productions, visual arts, leadership programs, student government, and more than 60 sports and club activities.

They think that education should be a balance of academic rigour and extra-curricular activities. Earl of March provides pupils with the opportunities to thrive academically while also developing qualities of good global citizenship.

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 Glebe Collegiate Institute, Ottawa:

Glebe Collegiate Institute, located in the beautiful Glebe neighbourhood, has developed a rich tradition over its ninety-year history.

In accordance with their motto, “In alta tende”, our students “strive for the heights” and have acquired national and international recognition.

The challenging academic and extra-curricular programs are impressive in both range and quality. Their successful sports teams, outstanding music program and the French Immersion Gifted Program are hallmarks of the Glebe tradition.

As one of the best schools in Ottawa, Glebe is the only Immersion Centre offering the Gifted French Immersion Program in central Ottawa.

It is a school where multicultural students find a safe, stimulating environment and where an atmosphere of mutual respect for all cultures of Canada is cultivated.

Emphasis is placed on academic excellence, personal integrity, and respect for all individuals.

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Ottawa is one of the world’s most student-friendly cities, with a vibrant and diverse student population. You may leave school at the age of sixteen.

Moreover, if you are between the ages of 6 and 16, you are required to attend school unless you have already graduated from high school or have been excused due to illness or another unforeseen circumstance.

Attendance officers have the authority to locate and reintroduce you to school if you do not attend.

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