10 Best Accredited Barber Schools in Arizona (FAQs) | 2023

With the best barber schools in Arizona, you’ll get the knowledge, training, equipment, and credentials needed to land a lucrative career.

One’s choice of barber school in Arizona significantly impacts both their experience and their ability to achieve their educational goals.

For those in the beauty industry who want to stay on top of their game, it’s essential that they constantly learn new techniques and methods of doing things.

Haircare in Arizona is complicated by the state’s climate, which is frequently hot and dry. Good barber schools can teach you many things, including how to cut and care for hair in various climates.

This article will explain the best barber schools in Arizona, the duration it takes to become a barber, barbing tips and tricks, and many more.

Is Barbering School Worth It?

The cost of attending barber school is definitely worth it if you want to work in the barber profession. You don’t have to spend much money, and you can usually finish barber school in 10 to 11 months.

If you’re skilled at what you do, have a consistent customer base, and can cut many heads daily, you can make significant money as a barber.

In barber school, most of your time will be spent learning about and practicing the art of barbering.

Many people begin their careers as barbers, but after a few years, they decide it’s not for them.

Some of the most common reasons for this are exhaustion, a lack of enthusiasm, or a desire to pursue something else.

To be sure, working in a barbershop may be exhausting. Work long hours and be on your feet all day; this job allows you to take out a lot of people and earn well.

For some, trimming hair is a hobby that becomes a full-fledged career. A person’s enthusiasm may wane if their pastime or passion becomes their full-time employment.

How long is barber school in Arizona?

To work as a barber in Arizona, you must complete a barbering school and obtain a license. 11 months is the typical length of time to complete barber school.

That’s roughly how long it takes them to finish the 1500 hours of academic and practical training required for certification.

Is barber school accredited in Arizona?

There are a lot of Barber schools in Arizona that are looking for students with high school diplomas or those who have earned their GEDs to enroll.

For those with at least 10 high school credits under their belt, alternative beauty schools will admit them. Find out about the school you’re interested in by contacting them.

In addition, the credits earned in barber school are not often recognized like college credits.

To practice lawfully in your state, you must complete an accredited barber school.

Financial Aid for Barber Schools in Arizona

Financial aid programs are available for students at most of Arizona’s barber and beauty schools.

In most cases, a financial aid officer will assess a student’s financial need and then build a package of financial help that includes funds from one or more Department of Education financial aid programs.

Each student will receive a financial aid package tailored to their individual needs.

Many beauty schools that provide financial help also provide information on the many educational assistance programs the Department of Education offers.

These colleges employ online forms to quickly evaluate an applicant’s eligibility for admission.

Regulations set forth by the United States Department of Education govern how financial aid is packaged and how much is awarded.

To be eligible for financial aid, a student must furnish the school they are interested in attending with information about their family’s income, family size, and other factors.

How much do barbers in Arizona make?

A barbershop is a business, and you run it. Barbers don’t have an “employer” who provides them with a paycheck.

Instead, they make money from their clients and declare it on their tax returns.

This makes it possible to conceal a portion of one’s earnings. Because they take cash, cut hair on the side, and other factors make it difficult to determine how much barbers make.

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10 Best Accredited Barber Schools in Arizona

1. Avalon Institute: 

Avalon’s Barbering course was developed to provide students with a well-rounded education and hands-on training. In their lectures and student clinic, where you can work on paying clients, you can exercise your creative muscles.

The basic skills of barbering are essential, but they also want to educate you on developing a successful business. Networking and marketing skills can also be learned, along with interviewing and resume-writing techniques.

Working as a barber gives you the opportunity to showcase both your artistic and technical talents.

As a result of Avalon’s program, graduates will be prepared to sit for the state board exam and confident in their ability to land a job in a shop after graduation.

Avalon Institute is one of the accredited barber schools in Arizona.

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2. Empire Beauty Schools:

The barber program at Empire Beauty Schools will give you a pleasant and exciting environment to learn and grow as a professional barber.

When it comes to cosmetology, esthetics, and barbering classes, Empire Beauty Schools has long been the industry standard since it was founded in 1964.

Take the first step toward landing your ideal career right now! Each of their three locations provides a range of scheduling options.

As one of the accredited barber schools in Arizona, scholarships and grants are available for those needing financial assistance. You will learn the following: 

  • Cutting techniques with razor, scissors, clippers, and shears
  • Straight Edge Shaving
  • Mustaches & Beard Grooming
  • Men’s facial massage and Hair, skin, and scalp treatments

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2. Southwest Leadership Academy: 

Students at Southwest Leadership Academy are motivated and inspired to go above and beyond academic norms and prepare for college or the workforce.

A high school diploma and a 1,600-hour certification in cosmetology or barbering are offered to students.

For students that attend SLA, there are no costs for either program, and the school will pay for students to take the state cosmetology license exam upon graduation.

Southwest Leadership Academy is one of the accredited barber schools in Arizona.

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3. Turning Point Beauty College:

Turning Point Beauty College, with campuses in Phoenix and Chandler, Arizona, teaches students how to become licensed cosmetologists and nail technicians, among other things.

To become a future cosmetologist, you’ll need to learn technical skills and business acumen first-hand.

In addition to their reputation for innovation and achievement, they have a strong dedication to quality that they pass on to our graduates when they leave our school.

Their primary goal is a joyful, vibrant, and fast-paced learning atmosphere for students hungry for knowledge and skills.

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4. International Barber College: 

Barber, Barber Instructor, and Barber/Cosmetologist crossover courses at International Barber College are designed to give students a solid foundation for attaining their Arizona State Barbering or Barber Instructor licenses through classroom instruction and practical experience.

Their goal is to help licensed barber graduates find work in the industry, making them one of the accredited barber schools in Arizona.

International Barber College aims to deliver the best educational knowledge with exceptional academic and professional preparation, including hands-on instruction on the latest equipment and practical training.

If you complete this course, you will be ready to begin working in a barber shop in just 9 months, with a solid understanding of all the services offered.

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5. Northland Pioneer College:

As a student at NPC, you’ll be taught by devoted and experienced professionals who know their stuff.

It’s not just that they teach you about the fundamentals of manicuring, skin care, and hair cutting but also the most recent breakthroughs, techniques, and trends.

To qualify for the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology’s mandatory licensing examinations in Hairstyling (1000 hours), Nail Technician (600 hours), Cosmetology (1600), or as an Instructor (350 hours + current state cosmetologist license), NPC courses are tailored to meet the exacting regulations.

Northland Pioneer College is one of the accredited barber schools in Arizona.

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6. All Beauty College:

All Beauty College’s cosmetology program aims to give its students the most comprehensive training possible.

Students will learn the skills and knowledge they need to have a rewarding and successful career in their chosen field.

They will instill discipline, moral values, and the joy of achievement and quality performance in their students so that they are ready to work in a professional setting.

As one of the accredited barber schools in Arizona, preparation will be provided for students who wish to pursue a career in the field they studied. Keeping this in mind, the college is always reassessing its curriculum and the capabilities employers demand.

The delivery of instruction takes place in a controlled setting tailored to the needs of the students. As a result, teachers provide education to students one-on-one as well as in groups.

Students serious about pursuing a career can use this combination to their advantage. The student will also be prepared for the state test through their efforts.

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7. D’Image Beauty College:

They teach people how to work in the beauty industry at this school.

You can choose from a variety of programs at the school, including

  • Cosmetology
  • Barbering
  • Nail Technician and Aesthetic Training.

If you want to learn and improve as a barber, D’Image Beauty College’s barber program is a great place to start.

8. Xtylo Beauty College:

To educate students for a career in the beauty industry, their major objective is to offer them the most up-to-date techniques and new plants.

They are classified as one of the schools in Arizona that train students to pass the state board test.

On a part- or full-time basis, they provide a 1,600-hour cosmetology certification program that teaches barbering, nail technology, and instruction.

Xtylo Beauty College is one of the accredited barber schools in Arizona.

9. East Valley Institute of Technology:

According to review, barber schools in Arizona that love their kids and serve their communities with career and college-prepared training experiences that develop competent workforces that fulfill the market-driven needs of business and industry are among the best in Arizona.

You don’t have to pay any fees to apply. A total of 49% of students got some form of aid. Students received an average of $3,304 in financial aid.

Students will learn about the chemistry of chemicals and hair dyes, cutting and styling techniques, and how to take care of their facial hair and maintain a safe and healthy environment for their clients.

EVIT’s on-campus barbershop will be staffed by students who will offer their services to the general public.

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Do you need a barber license to cut hair in Arizona?

A successful job as a barber can be obtained through the best barber schools in Arizona, which can provide you with the education, training, tools, and qualifications required.

Any of the barber schools in Arizona that you choose can make a significant difference in both the quality of your experience and the outcome of your efforts and training.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and as a result, it will always necessitate the development of new skills to compete with other skilled artists in the field.

To practice as a barber in Arizona, one must first enroll in a barbering school and obtain a license.

Liquor licenses must be renewed annually by June 30th for an additional $80 fee. You’ll need to put both days on your calendar to be a barber who owns a shop.

An authorized college will require you to finish 1500 hours of schooling before being considered for the position.

Arizona barbers must renew their licenses regularly to be in good standing and work lawfully.

The State Board of Barbers must renew your license every two years until your birth or later.

Pros of barber schools:

1. License:

Barber school has the advantage of being required to become a licensed barber.

You’ll need a license to cut hair for money in most places. The same may be said of barbering.

You can learn to cut and style your own or others’ hair for enjoyment or for free, but if you want to make a living doing it legally, you must be certified. Barber school will also assist you.

2. Low cost of training:

Barbers are typically employed in barbershops or hair salons to trim, style, and color hair, mostly for men.

The barbers may also offer male skin and nail services, such as facials and manicures. In Arizona, attending a barber school is not prohibitively expensive.

Con of barber schools:

1. Non-transferable Skills:

As a barber, you’ll be confined to one field of work for life. Regarding transferrable skills and education, it doesn’t help you land a new job.

Frequently Asked Questions on Accredited Barber Schools in Arizona

How long does it take to become a good barber?

It takes roughly 10 months to complete the barber school’s required 1,500 hours. These barbering schools offer both classroom instruction and practical experience in cutting hair.

Is it hard to be a barber?

Working as a barber is physically demanding and taxing. Everything from your muscle tissue to your bones and joints will experience pain, discomfort, and extra strain. It takes more than standing still to execute this job; you must also twist, bend, squat, and crane your neck.

Is barber a good career choice?

Becoming a barber is a respectable profession. This position is ideal for those seeking both work-life balance and creative satisfaction. Few professions are so rich in potential for starting one’s own prosperous enterprise.

Why do barbers have tattoos?

The first tattoo parlors were established in barbershops. In the past, barbers even performed surgical procedures. For instance, the barber pole features red and blue stripes representing bandages covered with blood.


There are several beauty schools in Arizona where students can learn the skills they need to land their ideal job.

Barber school students in Arizona can pursue a license in barbering and work in salons and spas after graduation. Many of them open their own businesses after graduation.

After receiving instruction from qualified instructors, students practice their newly learned abilities on real clients in the student salons of the barbershops of Arizona colleges and universities supervised by their instructors.

Graduates can then begin the process of obtaining their certifications. The barber schools in Arizona can be rewarding and enjoyable.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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