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The cheapest schools in Tennessee are those with the lowest tuition prices, the best facilities, and a positive learning environment.

This article will give you a list of the cheapest schools in Tennessee based on how much in-state and out-of-state tuition costs.

Why are there Cheap schools in Tennessee:

Tennessee’s low-cost institutions are primarily due to the state’s attempts to boost the number of college students.

Tennessee’s higher education options are diverse, with over 90 private and public colleges to choose from.

The state has a higher percentage of students with a high school diploma than the national average. It is currently working to increase the number of people with a college degree.

The state accomplishes this by establishing college preparation programs that motivate high school pupils to pursue a college education.

Factors to consider when searching for the Cheapest Schools in Tennessee

A perfect place to look for affordable schools to attend is Tennessee. College is often a financial investment, and it should be noted that not all schools are equally priced.

The cost of attendance is one essential thing to consider while choosing a school.

While you may be looking for the cheapest schools in Tennessee to attend as a prospective student, it is prudent to consider financial aid such as scholarships.

Subtracting financial aid money from the tuition fee yields a net price, accurately representing a school’s affordability.

One popular reason for attending college is to maximize your potential of earning in the future. A college graduate’s earnings depend on several factors; however, some schools produce higher-payed graduates.

After awarding scholarships, prospective students may consider loans to reduce the cost. Due to the high cost of student loans, students should pick schools that graduate students with the least debt.

Another factor to consider when considering the actual cost of attending college is the cost of living.

Fortunately, Tennessee has a low cost of living, roughly 14% lower than the national average. Tennessee stands out first for its low cost of housing, which is 30% lower than the national average.

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List of the Cheapest Schools in Tennessee 2022

Austin Peay State University Clarksville 

Our Cheapest School in Tennessee pick is Austin Peay State University in Clarksville. The university is noted for its affordable, high-quality education. It is committed to supporting the Clarksville community and providing working-class students with online and in-class learning options.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 

The University of Tennessee is concerned with providing low-cost education to Tennessee residents and students from neighboring states. It offers a variety of essential majors, including business, health care, and engineering.

Tuition charged at the University of Tennessee for its in-state students is $6,888 annually, therefore It stands as the second Cheapest School in Tennessee.

University of Memphis

As the name suggests, the university is located in Memphis, Tennessee. The University of Memphis is a public research university that provides Tennessee students with practical and experience-based learning that thoroughly equips them for success in their professional lives.

Students at the University of Memphis enjoy small lessons at a reasonable price. It offers on-campus and online courses to help students develop a lesson plan that’s right for them.

Tuition charged at the University of Memphis is $7,680 per year, exclusive to in-state students, making it the third Cheapest School in Tennessee.

Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University is a premier research institute to help students become industry leaders in Nashville, Tennessee.

The university offers many extracurricular activities, has classrooms in small sizes, and many opportunities to network with alumni and faculty.

Tennessee State University is a university committed to assisting students to achieve success in their disciplines at a reasonable cost.

As only the fourth Cheapest School in Tennessee, Tennessee State University charges $7,684 tuition fees for in-state students.

The University of Tennessee at Martin 

With a history stretching back to 1900, students at the University of Tennessee Martin campus know they receive a high-quality education. The university is the fifth Cheapest School in Tennessee and charges its in-state students $8,052 per year.

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American Baptist College, Nashville

This historically black college accommodates 123 students, making for a profoundly personal student experience.

At the American Baptist College, students and lecturers know each other by name and can form lasting relationships that may have networking benefits in the future.

Three-quarters of American Baptist students receive financial aid as needed. Tuition charged by the American Baptist College for in-state students is $8,760 per year, making it the sixth Cheapest School in Tennessee.

Cheapest Schools in Tennessee 2022:


If you’re about to apply for schools, make sure to consider tuition. In addition to picking a low-cost institution, talk to your school’s financial aid office on your options to get your tuition as low as it can get.

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