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Are you a film actor, filmmaker, or director that is looking to expand your horizons in the industry? We’ve compiled a list of the best film schools in Hawaii for you to consider.

To help you decide which film school in Hawaii is best for you, we’ve answered a few common questions concerning the state’s film schools.

What is expected of filmmakers and the top schools in Hawaii where you can attend to get a cutting-edge difference from every other school, making you stand out from your peers, will be the focus of our journey.

Where is Hawaii?

In the Western United States, Hawaii is a state that is 2,000 miles from the continent of the United States. If you’ve ever wanted to visit a place that’s not part of North America, it’s your best bet.

Along with Vermont, Texas, and California, Hawaii was formerly an independent republic.

How to be a filmmaker in Hawaii:

Hawaii is a one-of-a-kind place, with a rich history and a vibrant local culture that is unlike any other. There are many advantages to shooting in the United States for filmmakers.

However, there are also some drawbacks, such as cultural or environmental issues when choosing a location. Here are the major tips to become a filmmaker in Hawaii.

Get a Permit:

After attending the film schools in Hawaii, getting permits and insurance are necessary for any filmmaking activities, whether commercial, educational, or non-profit, that take place within the authority of the State.

Only for personal use, or on private land, film permits are not necessary in the case of photography and video. State-owned venues require permits for all filmmaking and still photography.

Filmmakers no longer have to track down individual state entities to get permission to shoot because the State of Hawaii Film Office acts as a “one-stop shop” for state film licenses.

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Get a Crew & Talent:

Crews in Hawaii have worked nonstop for Hollywood studios, major networks, and international production companies for three generations.

It is the goal of the State of Hawaii Film Office to grow Hawaii’s film industry, which provides high-paying jobs for inhabitants, as well as the opportunity to enhance the creative and technical abilities of the local workforce.

Tax Incentives:

Tax credits for film, television, commercials, and digital media productions in the United States are among the most generous in the world, ranging from 20 to 25% refundable.

The credit is equal to 20% of Oahu’s qualifying production expenses and 25% of the neighboring islands’ qualified production costs (Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai).

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Top 4 Film schools in Hawaii | 2022

University of Hawaii at Manoa:

If you want to learn about filmmaking in Hawaii, the Academy for Creative Media is an excellent option. Located at the University of Hawaii at Mnoa, it offers a core curriculum in Digital Cinema, Animation, and Creative Media programs.

The Academy for Creative Media (ACM) is at the forefront of cinematic arts in the Pacific as Hawai’i’s film school.

This Honolulu university is home to ACM’s Bachelor of Arts degree program, which is geared toward fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration with a focus on the Pacific and Asia.

Honolulu, a state with a vibrant film and television industry, is the ideal location for ACM, which promotes professional development, mentorship, and community engagement through a wide range of activities, such as internships and masterclasses.

Students can choose to focus on media studies, screenwriting, or film production, for example.

As one of the top film schools in Hawaii, students learn about cinema as a cultural product, a business, and a form of narrative because the program is interdisciplinary.

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Hawaii Community College:

Hawai’i CC is a two-year community college located on the island of Hawai’i. K Education Center is a branch of Hawai’i Community College, which is located in Honolulu, and it serves as an educational facility for students on the Big Island.

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Students who complete the media arts degree are prepared to work in the digital media design and production industry.

In order to obtain entry-level work as digital media artists or to continue their studies at a Baccalaureate-granting school, students must complete this program.

It offers up-to-date technology training to those already working in the industry. CTE programs at the Hawai’i Community College (HCC) are a vital component of the local community and reflect the daily activities of its residents.

The academics, employers, and employees in the community are all working together to ensure a high level of cooperation.

As one of the top film schools in Hawaii, the Program Advisory Council is a highly successful institutional mechanism for fostering this kind of collaboration.

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Film Connection:

Film Connection is one of the top film schools in Hawaii that provides one-on-one training in a genuine film studio with an experienced mentor who specializes in the field of your choice.

With their low-cost, laser-focused programs, you’ll be well on your way to realizing your goals.

Since its inception in 1983, Film Connection has been educating and training aspiring filmmakers, directors, producers, editors, writers, camera operators, and others in the film industry through its unique and patented mentor/apprentice (externship) model.

Complete the application form at the bottom of this page or on any other page of this website to be considered for the Film Connection. Applying is free of charge.

Admissions can also be reached by phone at 800-295-4433 or 310-496-9624 by mentioning that you are interested in applying.

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Kauai community college:

Kaua’i CC students participating in the Creative Media degree program get hands-on learning opportunities in the following digital communication focus areas: 3D Animation, Event Technology (Audio/Visual), Graphic Design, Music Production, Still Photography, and many more.

If you want to graduate, you must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above in every course you take that counts toward the certificate or degree you want.

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It is one of the top film schools in Hawaii.

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Film Production Companies in Hawaii:

Propeller USA:

Films, promotional videos, and high-quality images are all part of Propeller USA’s mission for their clients.

Throughout the entire process, they strive to ensure that you have a positive and memorable experience. They love what they do and are constantly on the lookout for new and inventive methods to convey stories.

Talkstorey productions:

TalkStory Productions is an independent production business situated in Hawaii that has been nominated for an Academy Award.

An award-winning independent production business situated in Hawaii, TalkStory Productions has been nominated for an Academy Award.

TSP finances to develop and produce a wide range of film and television productions, many of which can be shot on location in Hawaii.

Coral Cove Imagery:

At Coral Cove Imagery, they offer a wide range of services in the areas of commercial, underwater, and aerial photography and videography, as well as luxury real estate, architecture, and scientific research.

They apply their passion, skill, experience, great work ethic, and the Aloha spirit to every project they undertake.

Island Film Group:

Island Film Group is a Hawaii-based production company that specializes in film, television, and commercials.

As of 2007, Island Film Group has been producing its own material as well as providing production services, tax credit administration, funding, and production facilities around the Hawaiian Islands.

Sunlit films:

One of the most gorgeous places on earth, the Hawaiian Islands, is home to the film production firm Iron Orchid Films.


Film schools in Hawaii: Filming in the Pacific Islands began long before Hawaii was a US state. Outside of the US mainland, Hawaii is a popular filming location because of its stunning landscapes, oceans, and islands.

Because of Hawaii’s stunning scenery and year-round ideal climate, many filmmakers and producers consider the Pacific Islands to be their ideal filming location.

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