Dropping out of College

Dropping out of College? Major Reasons and Solutions4 min read

Dropping out of college is a very serious and fairly common issue today. Students, both high school and college, drop out of school for a variety of reasons. These reasons may be individual issues or a combination of issues.

This article aims to highlight a few of those reasons as well as possible ways to combat and prevent them.

Major reasons for Dropping out of College:

Financial Constraints

This is most likely the biggest reason for dropping out of college. Studies have shown that students from low-income earning families are more likely to drop out.

This is because they lack sufficient finances to pay up fees and bills, and may have to work to support themselves and their families. This work-study stress can be tasking, and sometimes they are unable to handle it, so they drop out.

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This is another reason why students often opt out of school. Students, especially high school students, often become bored and uninterested in school because they feel the course content is not interesting and relatable.

They also do not feel engaged by, connected to, or cared for by their teachers, hence feel ignored and out of place. They also feel they weren’t motivated enough to learn and work hard, so they drop out.

Academic Struggles/Retention

This is one of the biggest and most common reasons students drop out of school.  Students who struggle academically often drop out because they think they don’t have the academic strengths and won’t be able to meet the necessary credits and GPA to graduate.

They also feel embarrassed and ashamed as well as develop low self-esteem when they have to be retained.

Dropping out of College?


Research has shown this to be one of the key reasons most teen mothers drop out of College. This is because combining pregnancy and child care with schooling is time-consuming and strenuous.

They also feel embarrassed and have difficulty keeping up with the coursework. Also, teen moms do not have the necessary financial and emotional support they need.

Lack of Parental Support

Lack of parental support in a child’s academic affairs can lead to a possible drop out. When a parent or guardian does not show concern about a child’s academic life, there is a lack of encouragement, motivation, and sometimes interest on the child’s part.

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How To Prevent Students From Dropping Out of College

Student Engagement

To keep students engaged and connected, high schools and colleges should introduce a variety of activities that involve technical and intuitive abilities. This will help develop eagerness for learning and also add to their skills.

Provision of Financial Assistance.

High schools and colleges should find and create ways to reduce the financial burden on students. Also, students should search for easier options to earn money while schooling or take online programs which are flexible.

This will go a long way in helping students to stop thinking of dropping out of college.

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Support for Teen Moms

High schools and colleges can provide support for teen moms by creating alternative study options, offer in-school daycare services and spaces for breastfeeding.

Increased Parental Support

Parents should get more involved in the affairs and lives of their children. Be approachable, communicate with them, encourage and motivate them, help them set goals, and help them with homework and projects.

These will help improve performance and interest in learning. However, while doing this, don’t be too nosy and put too much pressure on them. Give them space when they need it, and set realistic goals and expectations for them.


There are a variety of reasons a student can decide to drop out. These situations are redeemable if proper attention is paid to the students.

As there are various reasons, there are various ways to prevent and intervene in drop out situations. Identifying the reason and finding the right solution is the key.

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