Top 7+ Nursing Schools for Men in 2022

Nursing Schools for men

Nursing schools are academic institutes that develop individuals seeking to practice nursing as a profession.

The top nursing schools for men are educational institutions famous for producing some of the best male nurses in nursing.

Read on to learn more about these colleges and the entry requirements and program length.

What are Nursing Schools?

Nursing schools are educational institutions that provide theoretical and hands-on learning experiences to people aspiring to pursue a career in nursing.

These schools train individuals on the best practices that must be maintained when caring for people.

Nursing schools also train aspiring nurses to collaborate with doctors and tutor them to improve their quality of life, diagnose health challenges and proffer treatment plans.

Admission Requirements for Nursing Schools

To be admitted into any nursing school, you are mandated to satisfy the following basic requirements;

  • A completed application form.
  • A minimum high school GPA of 2.5 for associate degree aspirants and 3.0 for bachelors’ degree aspirants.
  • Credit passes in Maths, English Language, Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy.
  • An excellent score in a standardized admission test.
  • An essay, letters of recommendation, and a Personal Statement.
  • An outstanding interview performance.

How long does Nursing School take in the USA?

To become a licensed nurse, you must obtain either an associate degree which takes two years to complete or obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, which can be completed in a minimum of three years in some nursing schools.

Top Nursing Schools for Men in the USA

There are several nursing schools in the United States. However, some schools have developed the rare reputation of producing some of the very best male nurses in the United States.

Thus, in no particular order, below are top nursing schools for men in the United States;

Duke University School of Nursing

Duke University School of Nursing is a top male nursing school in the US. This institution has great faculty members who are dedicated to creating world-class nurses.

Its comprehensive nursing program exposes students to various nursing research techniques and prepares them for whichever professional path they choose.

The Duke University School of Nursing provides BS, MS, DNP, and Ph.D. programs. It is still a leader in education, community health, and research.

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

This list also includes the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.

This school, founded over a century ago, offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines theory and practice.

The Vanderbilt University School of Nursing offers undergraduate students up to 14 different specializations and masters, and doctoral students advanced specialization training.

This institution offers some of the most impressive nursing advancements.

It exposes students to sophisticated research methods at the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre.

The Vanderbilt University School of Nursing values excellence and innovation.

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Nebraska Methodist College

Nebraska Methodist College is another top male nursing school in America. Founded in 1891, this school continues to be a leader in nursing education.

Nebraska Methodist College has state-of-the-art laboratories and a rigorous curriculum that ensures outstanding licensure exam results.

Nebraska Methodist College is committed to developing nurses who can positively impact society.

Rutgers University School of Nursing

The Rutgers School of Nursing is a prominent nursing school. It is famous for its world-class research program.

The Rutgers University School of Nursing offers nursing programs from bachelors through doctoral degrees.

It also exposes students to advanced health and information technology to address environmental issues.

John Hopkins University of Nursing

John Hopkins University’s nursing program is world-renowned.

This school has possibly the world’s most outstanding graduate nursing program. The John Hopkins University of Nursing has excellent faculty.

Students at this school also receive professional development training. This school is a global leader in nursing education and research.

University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Nursing

The University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Nursing is a renowned nursing education center.

This school maintains a culture of excellence and provides a world-class educational program that produces the very best male clinicians, educators, and researchers in the nursing field.

It is one of the best places any male should acquire a nursing degree.

Lewis University College of Health Sciences

Lewis University is another outstanding university on our list. It provides a comprehensive education based on liberal learning, principles, and preparation.

Its College of Health Sciences offers world-class learning facilities, experienced faculty, and a challenging curriculum covering all aspects of professional nursing services.

This school also provides students with hands-on training that enhances their professional talents, suitable for any male interested in nursing.

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Tips for Nursing Schools

Nursing schools can be challenging and requires many hours of studying. However, you can overcome the challenging coursework by applying the following tips;

Check out the study guide:

The study guide contains a complete summary of the topics and subject areas you are expected to learn during the program. Hence, check it out to understand the significant areas of study.

Study regularly:

At the end of class each day, devote some time to study the contents of the lessons taught in class to avoid having tedious coursework to cover during exams. 

Read within the coursework:

Focus on the topics handled in class while studying and revise them continuously as questions are only drawn from subject areas covered in class.

Join a study group:

Look for a study group full of academically motivated students and join them immediately because group study prevents unwanted procrastination by motivating you to study consistently.

Look at textbooks:

If you encounter difficulty in some areas of study, look for textbooks that provide sufficient knowledge on these areas and read them thoroughly.

Develop good relationships with your professors:

Strike and maintain good relationships with your professors to clarify difficult subject areas and recommendations for internships and scholarships.

Do practice tests:

Before any exams or tests, attempt several past exams or test questions to discover the possible nature of the exam or test and your areas of weaknesses. 

Take periodic rest:

Break up your reading sessions with periods of brief rests to freshen up your brain.

Top Nursing Schools for men:


Nursing is a career that offers many advantages for both men and women.

While many people view nursing as a profession that suits women better, pursuing a career in nursing as a man will open you up to several fantastic incentives offered by most colleges to male nursing students.

Moreover, male nurses enjoy higher pay rises and more career opportunities than female counterparts.   

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