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A valedictorian is a person who gives a speech during a graduation ceremony. At graduations, they often wear special clothes that make them stand out from other grandaunts.

Becoming a valedictorian of a school is one of the best things to happen to you as you vacate the walls of a high school or college. It sets you apart from the rest of the graduating students.

Although becoming a valedictorian is not easy, you reach this height by applying the following tips:

1. Start early:

If you ever desire to become the valedictorian, you must start planning for that from your first day in college. Give no room for laziness in any course you take, whether mathematics or English.

The earlier you lay the foundation for academic success, the better your chances of becoming valedictorian.

2. Find out the factors that your school considers when picking a valedictorian:

Check out the factors your school considers when picking a valedictorian and try to push yourself to meet the standards.

Although every school considers students with a high GPA to become valedictorians, others choose those with a high GPA who took the difficult courses over those who opted for the easier ones.

However, some schools choose someone who can address the crowd, which is reflected in their decision to pick a student organization leader. A good number of schools even have more than one valedictorian.

3. Pick your courses judiciously:

The courses you choose to study in school can decide whether you will be the valedictorian or not.

If your college considers the weighted GPA when picking the valedictorian, then you should offer difficult courses.

If you desire to become the valedictorian, you must obtain As in every course you take rather than anything else.

Although your decision to take the difficult courses will come at the expense of the fun and simpler courses, be up to the task of taking the challenging courses if they offer you the opportunity to become the valedictorian.

4. Do not forget that standing as a valedictorian does not attract any special admission to an ivy school:

Having the desire to become a valedictorian in high school is a motivation that can push you to aim for academic excellence.

However, you must understand that becoming the valedictorian of your high school will not land you an admission spot in an Ivy League school, which is arguably the best group of schools in the world.

On the other hand, being your school’s valedictorian can speak well for you and create a good impression with the admission board.

But, you still have to satisfy the school’s admission requirements, which include your extracurricular performances, to stand out from the many applicants.

5. Study smart:

If you desire to become your school’s valedictorian, then you have to devise a study plan to help you excel in your academics.

This does not imply that you should not have time for other things, but you have to study intensively and put in your best efforts as far as your academics are concerned.

So, to achieve this, begin by crafting an excellent study schedule that allows you to spend at most four hours of your day reading diligently, plus a few more hours over the weekend.

However, maintaining a high level of discipline and sticking to your schedule no matter what will determine the result you will graduate with.

More so, have a study goal and use practice tests to prepare for your examinations and tests. Also, create flashcards as they can assist you in remembering difficult topics.

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6. Be a good student:

Being a good student can determine if you will end up as the valedictorian or not.

Good students attend classes regularly, show up for classes early, engage in group discussions, and ask questions when they are lost on a particular subject.

Also, paying attention in class will help you understand the lessons better, which will help you do better on tests and exams.

It will also make your teacher like you more and increase your chances of getting extra points, which can help you get a better grade in class.

However, avoid all forms of side distraction while in class, take adequate notes, and visit your teachers in their offices regularly.

7. Organize yourself excellently:

If you desire to come out on top in every course, you study in school and organize yourself well.

Every course you offer in school should have its notebook, and your classroom desk should be arranged appropriately.

Moreover, at the beginning of the term, obtain all the relevant materials and books for each class.

Also, set a reminder for all your homework and projects and have a calendar where you record all the significant dates, so you don’t miss out on any important activity.

8. Study ahead:

Studying before classes commence is another thing that can make you the valedictorian.

Reading ahead of the class will improve your understanding of the lessons taught in class and prevent you from getting confused during lessons. 

9. Go the extra mile:

If you want to be named the valedictorian, you must be willing to go the extra mile.

Be ready to obtain extra textbooks and other course materials that will clarify your study topics and offer you deeper insights.

Moreover, you can consult your teachers after every class to provide more explanations on subjects that are not yet clear to you, and if they are unavailable, reach out to them through the mail.

Also, reach out to your seniors that are academically sound and ask them to tutor you. If it comes at a cost, be prepared to pay the price.

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10. Do not give up your extracurricular activities:

Do not allow your valedictorian ambitions to make you disassociate yourself from extracurricular activities.

No matter how you plan to study, make sure you have time for sports and other extracurricular activities. In most schools, your extracurricular participation can enhance your grades.

Moreover, engaging in extracurricular activities will boost your stamina levels, which can help you achieve academic excellence. 

11. Do not give up your social life:

Even if you are hell-bent on becoming your school’s valedictorian, maintain your social life.

Although studying for long hours will help you achieve your goals, do not isolate thoughts of making friends, going out for dinners, visiting the cinemas, and attending a street carnival.

Reading for so many hours daily can make you feel isolated, leading to depression.

However, sharing a bond with one or two friends can inspire you to read your books and make your studying sessions more enjoyable.

It also allows you to exchange meaningful ideas with your friends that can enhance your academics.

12. Watch out for your competitors:

In high school, you are not the only one ambitious about becoming a valedictorian. However, watch them from a distance rather than turning your competitors into your rivals.

Do not be hell-bent on finding out their test scores or the grade they obtained on an exam.

Instead, observe them from a distance and try to imitate some of the things they do, especially if they go the extra mile.

Turning your competitor into a rival is a recipe for failure because it will distract you from your goal.

13. Take care of your body

You need to be in the best physical shape to produce the best results that will make you the valedictorian. Thus, eat very well in the morning and do not eat heavy foods at night.

Also, stay away from drugs and do not consume alcohol for any reason because it can affect your brain’s performance. Instead, place yourself on a vegetarian diet and add protein.

14. Sleep well:

Even if you need to study for several hours to cover all the material covered in class, ensure you get more than 7 hours of sleep per day to provide your body with enough energy and improve your concentration in class.

Frequently Asked Questions on Becoming A Valedictorian

What is a valedictorian?

Valedictorian is the academic title given to the top student in a graduating class, which is usually based on the student with the highest grade point average.

What is a Salutatorian?

Salutatorian is the academic title given to the student with the second best grade in the class.

Is being valedictorian a big deal?

For every graduating class, the valedictorian title is a wonderful objective and an essential honor. Every graduating class should strive to earn the honor of bearing the title of valedictorian.

What GPA is needed for valedictorian?

Valedictorian is a title reserved for those students who have attained the greatest level of academic achievement. Students who achieve an unweighted 4.0 GPA in through the seventh semester of high school will be named valedictorian.


Becoming the valedictorian of a school is one of the high points of any student’s academic journey. However, achieving these heights requires hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.

Although applying the tips listed in this article will take you closer to your target, be careful not to put yourself under so much pressure.

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