How do you spell 50 (fifty or fivety)

There has been a lot of discrepancies on “How to spell 50“, whether its Fifety or fifty. Some people say that its fifety while a more extensive population says its fifty. In this article, I will give you the correct answer.

How do you spell 50 (fifty or fivety)

The number “50”, is a number between 49 and 51. It is the number you get when you add (1 to 49) or subtract (1 from 51).

The correct spelling for the number 40 is fifty, not fivety . The best way to remember the spelling of 50 is to use the word “fif,” and add “ty” thus “fifty”.

The funny thing about the spelling is this: five, fifteen, fifty are correct but Fivety is incorrect, that’s the nature of the English language.

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When can I use fivety?

The word “fivety” used to be correct in the past but now it’s updated to Fifty”. You don’t have to use the word “fivety” because it is not correct. The best way to describe the number is to write it as fifty, not fivety.

Examples of how you spell 50 (fifty or fivety)

  • My mum is fifty years old.
  • She went to college in the fifties
  • That man is not up to fifty years.

You don’t have to say “That old man is not up to fivety years”, it’s wrong, its best written as “That old man is not up to fifty years”.

On the other hand, in geometry, while mentioning the number, it is written in Numeral and not in words. For instance, a right-angled is more than 50 degrees, its 90 degrees. You don’t have to say that a right-angled more than fifty degrees (it’s not right).

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It doesn’t always work

Just like the answer to “How do you spell 50 (fifty or fivety)” is fifty, in the context of fourty or forty, the answer is Forty. In the context of ninety or ninty, the answer is ninety.

Fifty or Fivety in Cheque

In writing a cheque for withdrawal of money, you use fifty instead of fivety in cheque.

Final tips (fifty or fivety):

In summary, “How do you spell 50” (fifty or fivety) is fifty and not fivety.

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