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University Of Birmingham Law Entry Requirements: Law is one of the top careers in the world at the moment.

Lawyers enjoy huge salaries, good job stability, and are well-regarded in society.

The University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom is one of the top law schools in the world at the moment, and anyone that is opportune enough to gain admission to study there is sure to acquire a world-class legal education.

But if you want to study law at the University of Birmingham, you must meet the school’s entry requirements for law students. These can be found on the university’s website.

On the other hand, this article will discuss the top reasons why you should study law, an overview of the law program at the University of Birmingham, and some tips for law school.

Best Reasons to Study Law at University Of Birmingham

1. Law is exciting

Law is an exciting profession. As a lawyer, you can handle several problems and issues and defend people when needed.

Doing this often will help you understand people and society better, make better decisions, and come to clearer conclusions.

2. Law is a challenging field

Law is a field that involves finding solutions to complex issues and puzzles. You will get to find solutions to rigorous situations, which will improve your problem-solving abilities.

3. Law offers you opportunities to protect human rights

Law is a satisfying career path that offers opportunities to protect people’s rights and stand up against oppression.

You can challenge erroneous court decisions, such as imprisoning people for crimes they did not commit.

4. Law attracts huge income

Lawyers are one of the highest-earning professionals in the world at the moment.

They charge a lot of money for their services, and in most cases, they are well compensated when they win court cases or successfully close international business deals.

5. High demand

Lawyers are professionals that are in high demand.

Although the competition in this field is very high, the law is a profession that guarantees good job security since business owners, firms, and individuals always desire the services of a lawyer.

6. Transferrable skills

Law is a profession that will expose you to several experiences that enable you to acquire numerous useful skills in other fields.

You will learn to think critically and make decisions that will help you in any field.

You will also improve your communication skills and ability to get along with others.

University Of Birmingham Law School

Birmingham Law School is a top-notch law school that anyone who wants a world-class legal education should attend.

This school is dedicated to teaching and training law students so that they can go on to become top-notch lawyers in society.

The law program at Birmingham Law School is handled by seasoned professionals who are well-known in the field.

Students are exposed to a series of lectures, workshops, and conferences that empower them with relevant skills in the legal profession.

Moreover, Birmingham Law School adopts an academic curriculum that exposes students to an innovative, challenging, research-based education.

This school has completed several research studies that have contributed immensely to the legal profession, business, government, and the development of favorable public policies.

Birmingham Law School offers law programs that range from bachelor’s to doctoral degree levels.

This school has a lot of great places to learn, like the Center for Employability, Professional Legal Education, and Research (CEPLER), where students can improve their knowledge of law through Pro Bono, mooting, and many other events that help them build their careers in law all year long.

Studying law at Birmingham Law School is a great achievement for any student because this school is one of the best law schools in the country.

University Of Birmingham Law Entry Requirements

The University of Birmingham has a long history of welcoming students from various social and cultural backgrounds.

They are proud to help people at one of their partner institutions get into the University of Birmingham through their Pathways to Birmingham programs.

They have a range of initiatives for Year 12 students to help them make informed decisions about higher education.

Their Access to Birmingham (A2B) scheme, for Year 13 students, allows participants to experience university study and prepare for the transition to university.

According to Birmingham Law School, here are the law entry requirements:

1. Preferred subjects:

We prefer applications from students offering at least two A levels from our list of preferred subjects:

Accounting, Ancient History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Computing, Drama and Theatre Studies, Economics, English Language, English Language and Literature, English Literature, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Further Mathematics, Geography, Geology, Government and Politics, History, History of Art, Human Biology, Law, Mathematics, Medieval History, Modern or Classical Languages, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Statistics, World Development.

2. BTEC and Access qualifications:

  • BTEC Extended Diploma in the following subject areas will be considered: Business and Law. Grades required – D*D*D*. Other BTEC Extended Diplomas may be considered if offered alongside an A level in one of our preferred subjects.
  • BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Business or Law combined with two A levels (from our list of preferred subjects) and BTEC Diploma in Business or Law combined with an A level in one of our preferred subjects will be considered.
  • Other BTEC subjects combined with A levels are considered on a case-by-case basis, provided there is an appropriate subject combination.

Tips For University Of Birmingham Law

Law school involves lots of reading and studying. You can scale through the rigorous coursework by applying the following tips below:

1. Study consistently

Law schools have a vast academic curriculum. So, make sure you spend most of your time studying and reading books.

2. Attend every class

As a law student, your class attendance is very important. No matter the schedule you draw up daily, always ensure that you don’t miss classes for any reason.

In addition to the obvious benefits of increasing your knowledge and improving your comprehension of course material, most instructors also give credit for attendance.

So, to avoid endangering your grades, be present in every class.

Moreover, whenever you are in class, pay deep attention and avoid sitting down with your colleagues, who will distract you.

3. Take class notes

Ensure that you take down as many notes as possible in class.

Besides good note-taking improving your memory, it will also help you have supporting information to complete your assignments.

4. Join a study group

Group study is by far one of the most effective ways to read.

Discussing the lessons with your colleagues will boost your knowledge and help you recall important points in the lesson notes.

When you read in a group, you will also acquire excellent study tips from your colleagues that will enable you to read effectively.

Moreover, before you join a study group, ensure that you look for one made up of motivated students to succeed academically.

Also, when you get together with your colleagues to study, stick to why the group was formed first and don’t use it to talk about things that don’t matter.

5. Revise what you have read

Always make time every weekend to revise what you have learned.

Also, do enough old questions to figure out where your knowledge is lacking and get used to how questions are asked on tests.

6. Attend review sessions that are held by professors and other academicians

Most professors and academicians always hold review sessions just before exams.

Once the date is fixed for such an event, ensure that you add it to your calendar so you don’t miss it for any reason.

Review sessions allow you to acquire more explanations in areas you struggle with.

You will also learn about your area of concentration, enabling you to read objectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on University Of Birmingham Law Entry Requirements

Is the University of Birmingham hard to get into?

The admittance rate at the University of Birmingham is roughly 13.54%, making it a competitive option. Approximately 13%-14% of applicants are admitted for every 100 that apply.

Is the University of Birmingham good for international students?

This campus is diverse and global, attracting the brightest and greatest foreign students and staff, with over 8,700 international students from nearly 150 countries and 31% of our academic staff from overseas.

Is it better to study in London or Birmingham?

Remember that living in London can be both costly and solitary, and select the program that best suits your needs. Both the campus and the surrounding dorms in Birmingham are excellent. If you can, London is one of the world’s most interesting metropolises. Perhaps your preferences and financial situation will play a role.

Why is rent so high UK?

According to Zoopla’s head of research, Gráinne Gilmore, high rental demand and limited supply drive price increases across the UK’s major cities. Tenants are sticking out due to increased rents rather than shifting to a property with a lower monthly payment.


Law practice is currently one of the best professions in the world.

Lawyers make so much money every year, have good job security, and enjoy access to opportunities to defend the rights of people, which is very satisfying.

The University of Birmingham is one of the best schools in the UK to obtain a world-class legal education.

However, this school only admits students who satisfy their entry requirements, which can be obtained on the university’s official website.

Also, if you want to do well in law school as a student, make and stick to a good study plan, don’t compare yourself too much to your peers, and use the school’s learning resources well. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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