8 Best High School Graduation Cords (FAQs, GPA Rqmt)

High School Graduation Cords: Does High School Graduation Cords sound like something that could interest you as a rising senior?

Fearing graduation and wondering what your cords symbolize are common concerns for many students.

Graduating students are required to wear these cords around their necks. They go by many different names, but the meaning is always the same.

What does a graduation cord represent, what colour graduation cords mean and what do you need to get a good one? Find out more by reading on.

What are High School Graduation Cords?

High school graduation cords are long, thin, coloured ropes with tassels on both ends that graduates wear around their necks at commencement ceremonies.

These ribbons are awarded to students who have excelled in school or actively participated in extracurricular activities.

Cum laude, summa cum laude, and magna cum laude are just a few of the prestigious accolades that can be bestowed upon students, but each school has its requirements.

Many grads wear cords at graduation ceremonies, which many people are familiar with.

Just coloured ropes, yet their symbolism is enormous. They are all a testament to the students’ sense of accomplishment and commitment to their chosen extracurricular activities.

Depending on your schooling, these cords can mean various things. Members of a specific club or group wear cords to symbolize their status.

Benefits of High School Graduation Cords

The graduation cord is an international symbol of achievement given to every student at the end of their academic career.

In the shape of a rope, they are constructed from several thick strings braided with one another; they also feature tassels at either end.

During commencement ceremonies, graduates drape themselves in long, thin, colored ropes with tassels at each end.

These cords, the colors designated by each institution or organization, are given to graduates who have achieved a certain level of academic achievement or who have been active members of a specific group or club.

Many high school students participate in extracurriculars to earn their graduation cords. Students participating in extracurricular activities, such as joining a club or serving on student government/council, may have a better chance of receiving graduation cords.

In addition to receiving a diploma, students who achieve academically or are inducted into one or more national honor societies are also given a string to wear around their necks.

More so, having a can-do attitude and the ability to think creatively are prerequisites. Only those who have earned a degree are eligible for membership in academic honor societies.

Can I Buy My Own Cords For Graduation?

Yes, you can, depending on a few factors. Academic honor cords and stoles are available for purchase at The Honor Cord Company.

Honor cords and bands for commencement ceremonies can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and colors, with individualized imprinting being available.

On the other hand, academic honor cords are reserved for students who have won an award or maintained a certain GPA.

Earning high school graduation cords and their requirements:

It’s understandable if you’re concerned about how you’ll obtain so many high school graduation cords when the time comes.

Honor cords are awarded to students who demonstrate academic and extracurricular excellence. Cords can be purchased from a variety of sources. These are just a few examples of what you can do to get one.

1. Volunteering:

Volunteering can benefit both the giver and the receiver. High school graduation cords are commonly obtained in this manner by kids. Giving back to the community is an excellent way to make a difference.

Check with your guidance counselor or the department issuing the cords if you’re interested in receiving an achievement cord or other adornments.

NB: Individuals and organizations engage in volunteering when they voluntarily contribute their time and energy to a worthy cause. Many volunteers have specialized training in fields including health, teaching, and rescue work.

2. Extracurricular activities:

An extracurricular activity, also called an extra-academic or cultural activity, is something that students do that is not part of their regular school, college, or university curriculum.

Many students participate in extracurricular activities to earn high school graduation cords.

Students can boost their chances of receiving graduation cords by participating in various extracurricular activities and organizations.

Examples include student government/council, key club, and community service projects.

3. Good Academic Prowess:

Students who excel in academics or are members of one or more national honour societies are also awarded diploma cords.

A strong work ethic and an ability to think outside the box will be necessary. Academic honour societies only admit students who have completed a degree program.

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Colours of High school Graduation Cords and their Meanings:

Colours of High School Graduation CordCategory
GoldA student who has got high achievements (GPA)
BlackA student graduating with a degree in business administration, commerce etc.
RedA student graduating from the disciplines of divinity, public health, etc.
OrangeEngineering graduates.
PurpleRoyalty and awarded to dental and law students.
SilverStudents who have to pursue degrees in medical science.
MaroonStudents who earned degrees in forestry or theology.
Forest greenMedicine graduates.

GPA Requirements for getting High School Graduation Cords:

Be aware that not all honor cords have a minimum GPA requirement.

Several awards are based solely on the amount of time you spend in a program, the value of your success, and other factors that vary from program to program.

Honor cords in Latin are always tied to a student’s GPA. But some cords require a certain grade point average to be accepted (GPA).

There are three types of awards: Cum laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude.

Awards (High School Graduation Cords)Meaning in LatinGPA
Cum laudeWith PraiseCumulative GPA of 3.5
Magna cum laudeGreat honorCumulative GPA of 3.75
Summa cum laudeWith the highest honorCumulative GPA of 3.9

Is Graduating Stressful?

Graduating students often experience anxiety due to their fear of the future. Realizing that ends and beginnings are always a little terrifying and anxious-inducing is helpful.

Low self-efficacy is a predictor of increased emotional suffering.

However, the tides have turned, and now more than ever, failure is something to be proud of rather than avoided. Most people’s greatest successes lie just beyond their worst failures. When you fail, it’s okay.

Frequently Asked Questions on High School Graduation Cords:

What do two gold cords mean?

At graduation, double honor cords can be worn in a variety of ways to signify a variety of different things. Cum laude, summa cum laude, and magna cum laude, for example, might be used to indicate that a student has graduated with honors or high honors.

Do you keep graduation cords tied?

Cords should be hung immediately after receiving them, so they don’t get crumpled on graduation day.

How do you wear double cords?

The cord’s center, or the knot using multiple or triple-tied cords, will rest directly behind your neck. The cord’s tassels dangle down evenly on both sides. To secure the perfect look, use a safety pin to secure the string at the back of your gown before exiting the changing room.

What do red cords mean at graduation?

Typically, these red honor cords are worn to recognize individual accomplishments and involvement. Generally, they are worn at commencement ceremonies. Colleges, universities, community colleges, high schools, and certain middle schools and homeschools employ honor cords (chords).

Why graduation is important?

The day you receive your diploma will forever be etched in your memory as a watershed moment marking a major transition in your life. Stop for a moment to reflect on your educational journey thus far and the milestones you’ve reached.


Graduation cords from high school and college are prized possessions for students. Many students with cords can attest to the time and effort it took to earn them.

There are numerous reasons to be proud of yourself for completing high school. The National Spanish Honor Society and high school scholars are included in the honor cords.

Cords are awarded to students who participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and academic excellence.

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