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Let’s look at a few things before we get to the list of Culinary Schools in Pretoria.

Attending culinary school entails a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on practical experience. You will agree with me that classroom time is not every student’s favorite part of the day in the majority of circumstances.

However, it is the other part of a culinary school where you learn about things like food costing, menu planning, and scaling that is the most exciting aspect of going to culinary school.

If you are the type of person who despises classroom lectures, enrolling in one of the Culinary Schools in Pretoria will be a waste of your time and money.

This is because you learn the theory in class and then go to the kitchen to practice what you’ve learned. While saying that, I believe it is necessary to mention that you are attending culinary school to become an accomplished chef.

There are rarely any shortcuts to achieving one’s goals. As a result, you must be willing to stoop and learn during your months in the classroom and job training program.

Continue reading to learn about the List of Culinary Schools in Pretoria.

Where is Pretoria?

South Africa has three capital cities, with Pretoria being the largest. As such, it serves as both the country’s executive and de facto capital.

Bloemfontein and Cape Town serve as the other two capitals of South Africa. South Africa’s Gauteng Province is home to the city.

How long does it take to become a professional culinary chef in Pretoria (South Africa)?

It can take anywhere from a few months to four years, depending on the length of culinary school you choose.

Since a pastry degree is more narrowly focused than a generalist chef’s degree, it tends to be shorter than a generalist chef’s degree in terms of time spent in school.

Enrollment comes with a variety of options and considerations that can influence how long you spend in school.

More so, you’ll be able to see the entire world, work in major locations, and eventually start your own company. There are one-year diploma courses, six-month diploma courses, and day releases at the South African Chef’s Academy.

It takes a year to complete the One-year diploma program, which includes two months of work experience.

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How much does culinary school usually cost in South Africa?

South Africa is home to some of the best culinary schools in the world, which offer both theoretical and practical instruction, as well as on-the-job experience at some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants.

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The number of culinary chefs in South Africa has grown significantly over the years and is expected to continue to expand.

According to the length of the course and the certifications that are included, culinary school prices in South Africa can range from R15,000 to R150,000.

If you can’t get a bursary from your school, you’ll need to look into other options for funding, such as student loans.

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The Fundamentals of Things to be Learnt at Culinary Schools in Pretoria

We all know that most people attend culinary schools because they want to learn to cook different delicacies in the most delicious ways than usual.

Still, there’s more to attending culinary schools in Pretoria than knowing what ingredients to add and when to add them. The following are some of the basic things you will be taught while attending culinary schools in Pretoria.

  • A sense of security and cleanliness
  • Products made from meringue
  • Internship with work-based learning opportunities
  • Getting started in nutrition
  • Mediums for decoration
  • Food photography and decor
  • Putting out fires and first aid
  • Career prospects
  • Kitchen design and upkeep are two important considerations
  • Cost management
  • Applications for chocolate and sugar in crafts
  • Desserts that are both hot and cold
  • Products such as cakes, sponges, and biscuits

Pros of Attending a Culinary School:

Attending culinary schools has its upsides, and here are some of them:

Working in prestigious kitchens: 

After graduating from culinary school, you will have the option to work in prestigious kitchens in cities such as Madrid, London, Barcelona, Paris, and Tokyo, among others.

Once you have obtained that certificate, you will be on your road to realizing your culinary ambitions by working as a chef in one of the major culinary centers of the world.

Dive into entrepreneurship:

There is a huge likelihood that you will open your restaurant, café, catering business, or Bistro after earning your certificate from a culinary school.

Culinary schools assist you in developing your entrepreneurial spirit and allowing you to be your boss.

Traveling Throughout the World:

Following graduation from culinary school, you may be able to get employment on yachts and cruise ships as personal cooks or chef de partie, giving you the license to travel around the globe.

You could develop your food products:

You will also have the opportunity to make culinary products and label them with your logos. Other activities you could participate in towards the conclusion of your program include food blogging, menu creation, etc.

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3 Reasons to Attend Culinary Schools in Pretoria:

When it comes to higher education and training, Pretoria is well-known for having exceptional academic institutions. And just so you know, Pretoria has one of the best reputations when it comes to studying culinary arts.

There are numerous culinary schools in Pretoria, and most of them have earned a prestigious name and reputation in the culinary community.

The majority of the culinary schools in Pretoria will provide you with a high level of kitchen tutorials, and irrespective of which of the many culinary schools in Pretoria you choose to attend, you can expect to receive the very best culinary education. 

We’ll go over three reasons why culinary schools in Pretoria are different from any other culinary schools elsewhere.

You will be trained to be ready for real-world employment opportunities:

The culinary sector is enormous, and you will have no trouble finding a job that suits your interests and abilities.

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Pretoria culinary training will prepare you for various career options, including working in a Michelin-starred restaurant, becoming a private chef for celebrities, working in luxury accommodations such as hotels, or even being an online culinary influencer.

Choosing to study in Pretoria means that you will acquire much more than just a certificate; you will receive comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction to prepare you to go far in your career. Here are the reasons:

You have the freedom to study the way you want:

Even though some students are eager to dig into their studies and train in full-time programs, culinary schools in Pretoria offer everyone a variety of study options.

Unlike other chef schools that only provide full-time training, in Pretoria, culinary schools offer part-time and E-learning courses in addition to traditional classroom programs.

As a result, courses are accessible to everybody, regardless of how much time they devote to studying each week.

Select from a variety of world-class culinary programs:

It is possible to choose from various excellent courses, which range from a Foundation Program in Professional Cookery to a Professional Pastry Program.

You will be able to discover an appropriate qualification for your future job aspirations among these courses, which range in duration and topic.

Culinary schools in Pretoria also offer shorter cooking classes for home cooks, amateurs, and even professionals eager to improve their culinary abilities in a more intimate setting.

5 Best Culinary Schools in Pretoria:

Steyn’s Culinary School:

Steyn’s Culinary School ensures that students receive the greatest qualifications possible, ensuring that they are employed and perform effectively in the culinary business after graduation.

Maritha Steyns founded Steyns’ Culinary School back in 2003. At Steyns, Maritha has worked closely with educational institutions to guarantee that Steyn’s students receive the greatest training possible in order to succeed in the culinary business.

IOn the other hand, in Gauteng, there are numerous culinary schools, but only a few of them provide hands-on training to their students, and Steyn’s Culinary School is one of those schools.

Students are instructed on the simplest methods or necessary know-how in the most fundamental cooking abilities and sophisticated techniques.

It is one of the best Culinary Schools in Pretoria.

  • Location: 345 Glyn St, Hatfield, Pretoria.
  • Phone: +27 12 362 5340.

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SA School of Cookery:

SA School of Cookery does not feel that learning should be limited to demos alone. The school was established in 2004 and has provided practical training to cooks worldwide.

You will find most of the students at this culinary school in Pretoria always working in the kitchen, perfecting their techniques.

Their courses are the most intensive in South Africa, which speaks volumes about how well they prepare their students for a career in the Culinary Arts.

Despite this, they do not require students to bring any equipment or purchase any materials for practical sessions because they provide all they need.

This South African Cookery is well-known over the world. Students are dispatched to large establishments for their industrial training after concluding their training programs as part of the training program.

As one of the best culinary schools in Pretoria, it has some of the best and most experienced chefs.

  • Location: 290 Malherbe St, Capital Park, Pretoria.
  • Phone: +27 12 323 5500.

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Capsicum Culinary Studio:

Capsicum Culinary Studio is a place where you can learn from the best. Upon completion of your education, you will be qualified to apply to prominent international training and partner placement programs.

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If you’re lucky, you’ll meet some of the best in the business both locally and abroad. The Capsicum Culinary Studio Pretoria site is equipped with a fully equipped kitchen and a lecture room.

They also have access to Wi-Fi and a public transportation station that is close by.

This is one of Pretoria’s most prestigious culinary schools, where students are molded and empowered to become professional chefs shortly.

  • Location: 134 Aramis Avenue, Menlyn Square.
  • Phone: +27 86 111 2433.

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International Hotel School:

International Hotel School is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private Higher Education Institution for the purpose of granting students’ qualifications.

This culinary school is not only one of the best culinary schools in Pretoria, but it is also considered one of the best Culinary Schools in the entire country of South Africa.

Upon arrival, this institution will assist you in selecting the appropriate course and provide you with some financial assistance.

You will be awarded an internationally recognized Certification after your program.

  • Phone: +27 21 204 2194.
  • Location: 127 Cecil Road, Salt River, Cape Town.

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Kelkiewyn Catering and Cooking Classes:

Kelkiewyn’s cooking lessons are hands-on and conclude with a sit-down at the dining table to sample the class’s products, drink a glass of wine, and socialize.

It is one of the best culinary schools in Pretoria. It provides the ideal environment in which both experienced and inexperienced cooks can learn new techniques, develop their creativity, and widen their repertoire of dishes to serve.

It was established in 2004 and has since amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Location: 769 Volkstrust street Pretoria.
  • Phone: +27 12 991 3483

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Frequently Asked Questions on Culinary Schools in Pretoria:

How much does culinary school cost in South Africa?

Culinary school in SA costs about R15,000 and R150,000.

How long is a culinary school in South Africa?

You’ll be able to see the world, work in big places, and eventually create your own company. There are one-year diploma courses, six-month diploma courses, and day releases at the South African Chef’s Academy. There are two months of industrial experience training in the One-year diploma course.

Can a chef be rich?

Chefs can certainly become wealthy, but there are many other elements that go into getting wealthy as a chef, such as high pay and a good reputation. Celebrity chefdom, many restaurants, or a well-known resume are the most common routes to financial success for chefs. It’s extremely uncommon to get wealthy solely through one’s employment.

Who taught Gordon Ramsay?

Chef Marco Pierre White 


When searching from the different culinary schools in Pretoria and looking for an institution of distinction, there are many options to choose from.

We encourage you to immediately contact any of the culinary schools in Pretoria I’ve listed above to begin your journey to becoming a professional in the kitchen.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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