Types of Teachers: 70% are the number 4 type

Types of Teachers: 70% are the number 4 type3 min read

Teachers are the backbone of education, and as much while you go through college or High school, you will come in contact with different types of Teachers that will make you see education in their way.

Some teachers make you understand that education is not all about academics; it includes the entire well being of an individual. At the same time, some will tell you that for you to do well in life in general, you need to focus on getting good grades.

Types of Teachers

Who is a Teacher?

A teacher is a person who helps people learn, acquire knowledge, and also impacts competence and values to a student.

There are a lot of types of teachers that classifying them or categorizing them is very hard. Teachers can differ based on their teaching styles, their personalities, their approach, their facial expressions when teaching, and so on.

In this article, we are going to try our best to give the types of teachers you can find in a classroom or school.

Types of Teachers

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The Cool Teachers

These types of teachers are always buzzing with energy and are always happy. They understand the struggles of students hence are always available to talk to and help solve your problems.

They are also enthusiastic about their job and inspire students to work hard and be more creative. Cool teachers make learning fun, engaging, and exciting. They also, most times, end up as your best friend or favorite teacher.

The Authoritative Teachers

These types of teachers are always in charge. They don’t care about what you have to say or think you know. They believe their words, opinions, and points of view are absolute and correct. On the other hand, they are responsible and want to be a role model for everyone in the school. These teachers usually command respect from students.

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The Stressed Out Teachers

These teachers are always tired, worked-up, and disorganized. They always seem to not have had enough sleep, and fall asleep everywhere, at any time.

Their desks are always stacked with papers, and they always have tons of work to do. You can often find these teachers praying and wishing for the holidays even after a holiday.

The Meticulous Teachers

These types of teachers are organized and neat. They are particular about how things should be done and placed, and when they should be done.

Their cabinets and desks are always neatly arranged and organized. They love filing, labeling, and color-coding stuff. These traits make them efficient and composed of their job.

The Deeply Concerned Teachers

These teachers deeply care about their students, not just in academics, but in every aspect of their lives. They always want to help you sort out your problems, and don’t have problems giving hugs, words of encouragement, and advice.

They appreciate any gift or king gesture shown towards them. Deeply concerned teachers almost never forget the names or faces of their students.

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The Lazy Teachers

These teachers do not just want to work, and they do not put any effort into their job. They always look for excuses to avoid teaching, and when they do teach, their classes are not engaging.

These types of teachers also avoid giving tedious and brain-cracking exercises and projects so as not to stress themselves grading and assessing the students’ work. Students enjoy the periods when such teachers teach because it is easy and less stressful.

The Fashionable Teachers

These teachers are attractive and have a great sense of fashion. They always look good no matter the situation or occasion. Students always seem to want to attend their classes.

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Types of Teachers

Final tips:

The different types of teachers will make you see life in a different way. In high school, you will learn differently from these teachers and understand that you have to be cool at times, be serious and also learn to strict when it comes to learning in a school enviroenmtn and ife in genrally.

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