Easy College Classes that will make you love learning

I could remember while i was in college, there were classes that I never missed, some of these easy college classes made my college life fun and amazing.

Most times my professor will come into the class with a smile knowing fully well that he is going to have a good time with us.

The amazing thing about these classes was that it was always the last class for the day

and was scheduled to last for an hour but due to the vibe and happiness from the class, we

could learn for over 2 hours till the professor decides that it’s enough for the day.

These easy college classes compelled me to always come to class every day.

Let me tell you more about these courses:

Easy College Classes

Acting Classes:

easy college classes

You need to be present during the acting classes; the way we paint ourselves to look wierd and act some funny roles in a play, the way we are asked to feel either emotional or happy or worried…all these makes it fun.

One thing about acting is that it’s one of the easy college classes that will help you in your social, emotional and social life.

I have a friend that loves acting so much, it’s as though he was born to act. The way he behaves, the way he speaks, his empathy,

self confidence etc has been built from his ability to express himself through acting.

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Sex Education Class:

I guess you should be surprised when you see sex Education class as one of the easy college classes but it is.

What is Sex Education?

According to Wikipedia, Sex Education is basically means instructing issues relating to the sexual life of an individual.

It’s taught in high schools and Colleges to help students in their sexual life.

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What does sex Education teach?

  • You get to understand more about your sexual life and things that might happen to you when you have sex.
  • Helps you understand your relationships better.
  • You get to respect people better.
  • It helps to prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancy

Leadership Classes:

easy college classes

The leadership class is a fun class you shouldn’t miss out in college. It’s a class that really helped me in college to build

the way i talk to people, the type of things I say, the way i lead myself and the way i lead people.

The leadership class comes with books from top leadership experts like John C Maxwel, Myles Munreo etc.

Leadership really helps you to be more effective, efficient, and more productive in whatever you do.

One thing I learnt about leadership from John C Maxwell is that a leader doesn’t just speak to pass a message, he speaks to connect and get the heart of the listeners.

This is one of the easy college classes that really pushed me forward in my lifestyle and the way i spoke.

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What if the Leadership Class is not available?

Yea, it’s normal not to have leadership classes in your school but you can groom

yourself by reading books, attending conferences, listening to audio books and grooming yourself well.

If you really find it difficult to read just like me before, you can follow the daily routine

of a college student guide, set up your day the right way and also enjoy the easy college classes just like me.

History Class:

Have you ever been in a history class? The old stories from the funny professor, the way he explained and demonstrated the war, his emotional face of how people were being killed etc.

That’s the fun of a history class, it’s usually the last class for the day so the professor teaches an extra hour because he knows that we are really engrossed in his story.

Why should I learn History?

History will help you understand the past and why some things happened, the present and a little anticipation for the future.

You get to understand human nature and why we do some certain things.

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History might look boring to you if you have a boring lecturer, but if yours is amazing like mine, it’s going to be one of the best and easy college classes.

Photography Classes:

easy college classes

The photography class is one class that you really need to stay in even if you are not a full student of the class.

Photography gives a sense of imagination, sometimes if relieves you of stress because it’s fun.

Have you seen when amateurs take pictures? the way they bend their neck with the camera, they twist their Leg just to get a balance to snap.

Sometimes they have to lie down on the floor so as to get a good view of the picture properly.

That’s the fun of the class in college. You will get to meet like minds like you that love the act and connect together.

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Easy College Classes


These easy college classes are worth it, and are there to help you learn new things and improve yourself.

Try out one of these classes…

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