5 Best Boarding Schools In Tasmania (FAQs) | 2022

Boarding Schools In Tasmania 

Boarding Schools In Tasmania: Australian boarding schools are ideal for both international and local students.

This school provides a worthwhile platform for students to realize their potential academically while providing guidance and support to aid their psychological, emotional, and spiritual development.

Students at Australian boarding schools get a blend of quality education and a caring and supportive living environment.

They learn to accept other nationalities and cultures while making friends from all over the world.

More so, Tasmania is home to a host of top-quality boarding schools in Australia. However, to get into these schools, specific criteria must be met.

This article will provide information on the best boarding schools in Tasmania, the criteria required to be admitted into these schools, and offer a few pointers on how students can succeed in boarding schools in Tasmania.

Where is Tasmania?

Tasmania, a state of Australia, is located on an island. Visitors can feel at ease in Tasmania and throughout Australia.

Tasmania is a great place to study because it offers international students access to the same high-quality education that has made Australia a popular study abroad destination.

Requirements for getting into Boarding Schools in Tasmania 

To study at any boarding school in Tasmania, a student must possess the following:

  • Application fee
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Copy of child’s last school report
  • Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) test results (for students with English as their second language, applying to Grade 5 and above)
  • Copy of visa grant notice (For international students)
  • Copy of passport (For international students)
  • Student medical reports

Best Boarding Schools in Tasmania

The state of Tasmania is home to many boarding schools. Here are the very best of them:

1. Launceston Church Grammar School

Launceston Church Grammar School is a co-educational anglican boarding and day school. The school is one of the best boarding schools in Tasmania.

The school aims to raise world leaders and learners, inspiring and challenging students while instilling the tools to reshape an ever-changing world with curiosity, courage, compassion, and creativity.

Launceston Church Grammar School is committed to building solid foundations upon which students can develop and grow to be the change the world needs.

The school offers students opportunities in different settings to learn and grow to be the best versions of themselves in stages, sporting fields, or classrooms.

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2. St. Michael’s Collegiate School

St Michael’s Collegiate School is an Anglican girls’ school in Hobart. The Collegiate gives unexampled learning opportunities from kindergarten to year 12.

The Collegiate is a diverse, inclusive, and innovative community governed by Christian doctrines, inspiring young women to be courageous, compassionate, and ethical.

The Collegiate builds good relationships with its students from the start of their journey, striving to grasp the relationship between each student’s future pathways, study and well-being and strengthening their mental health through effective career development.

Students are connected with industry professionals in their preferred areas of interest through school visits to workplaces and work experience programs.

As one of the best boarding schools in Tasmania, the Collegiate stays on trend with detailed and correct information about opportunities needed by its students.

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3. Fahan School

The Fahan School was founded in 1935, and it is a girls’ school that offers primary education from kindergarten to year 12.

The school aims to instill a love for development and learning moral principles that every Fahan girl can use to shape her future.

Fahan School inspires, enlightens, and fires up young hearts and minds. The school community is shaped by the profound ideas and beliefs that the school values.

A culture of truth and a quest for knowledge drives the school and its students. This drive is motivated by innovation, curiosity, and a strong desire for personal growth and success.

As one of the best boarding schools in Tasmania, every student at Fahan School is empowered by the care, sense of belonging, and connection they get at the school.

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4. The Hutchins School

The Hutchins School is an Anglican boarding and day school for boys from pre-kindergarten to year 12.

Hutchins instills in its staff and students an appreciation for the history of the school and what it means to be part of the school’s community.

The school has a vision of providing the best education to every student, aiming to achieve their personal best and serve their community as active and enlightened citizens.

Hutchins provides an assisted and growing community that works together to groom the character of boys.

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5. The Friends’ School

The Friends’ School is an individualistic and co-educational boarding and day school located in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania. The school is one of the best boarding schools in Tasmania.

The school seeks to help its students reinvent themselves as people who act with morality, think, are sensitive to the needs of others in their community, and hold a global perspective.

Every student’s individual needs are met at the school; students have a wide range of options to develop and explore their passions and challenge themselves academically.

The school has a solid dedication to helping and freedom of relationships and promotes creative thinking and independence.

Friends’ School offers an all-around and distinctive education in an encouraging and appealing environment that is favorable for all students, regardless of where they come from.

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Tips for Excelling in Boarding Schools in Tasmania 

Boarding schools can be challenging for students since they are away from home and have total comfort. Boarding schools offer a unique academic and all-around experience.

However, for students to succeed and be their best, here are a few tips that could help:

1. Be open-minded:

Students will experience new challenges when they arrive at boarding schools. These challenges are all part of the process.

Change makes people stuck in unfamiliar environments open up to new ways, new teaching patterns, and new people. The more open-minded students are, the better it is for the growth and love of the school.

2. Have good hygiene: 

Have and maintain good personal hygiene from the start.

Students are mainly used to their parents taking care of almost all cleaning habits at home, but in boarding schools, new levels of self-reliance and independence come into play, and students have to step up and take responsibility for themselves.

3. Make friends with roommates

Living with new people in a room can be a new experience, especially for students who used to have their rooms all to themselves at home.

In boarding school, students learn to build bonds with people, especially their roommates.

Students get to eat together, do fun activities together, and even proffer advice to one another. Thus, establishing a few friendships will improve their experiences. 

4. Be wise with time management: 

Students should find a way to balance their social, homework, and personal time.

Boarding schools offer many co-curricular and extracurricular activities that students can participate in, from events, clubs, theatre, and sports.

Students should make decisions on which they can afford to spend time. This will aid them in the long run from overcommitting and getting burned out.

5. Listen to teachers and dorm guardians:

Teachers and dorm guardians have been in the school for so long and have a lot of boarding school experience to offer, and they are always readily available to help students.

Students should realize that they are always on their side and listen to them to obtain the knowledge, care, and wisdom they have to share.

6. Learn to cope with homesickness: 

Students being homesick are common with their adjustment to their new life in boarding school.

Students can deal with homesickness by making friends, staying busy, and keeping in touch with their families.

Frequently Asked Questions on Boarding Schools In Tasmania

Why do parents send their child to boarding school?

A boarding school can be a safe haven for children whose families are going through difficult times, such as a breakup, divorce, or illness.

Is it worth sending your child to boarding school?

Children at boarding schools are subject to more constant monitoring than those at regular schools. It’s normal to worry about your child’s well-being if you’re a parent with a demanding full-time job and a hectic schedule. Many boarding schools offer the constant attention and supervision your children need.

Is boarding school like college?

Boarding schools must always know where their students are. Most colleges don’t have these kinds of rules. Most boarding schools have built-in academic and social support for their students.

What questions should I ask at boarding school?

Why do you want to go to a boarding school?
What’s the most important thing you can learn in school?
How is the school you go to now?
Tell me about your best and worst qualities.


Boarding Schools In Tasmania: The boarding school experience can be challenging but prepares students for academic and lifelong success.

Boarding schools in Tasmania offer some of the best boarding school experiences students can get in the beautiful country of Australia, striving to give students the best academic and all-around experience.

However, to be admitted into these schools, students must possess the criteria in this article. Moreover, students should not forget to take their academics seriously.

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