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Morrison University

Morrison University is a tertiary university that offers top-notch post-secondary education in accounting, business administration, and other disciplines. It is a top-class centre for learning.

Thus, this article will provide more information about Morrison University including its eligibility requirements for international students, its academic programs.

About Morrison University

Morrison University is a small four-year private institution in Reno, Nevada. Morrison University offers open admission to high school graduates and GED holders. 143 full-time students and 177 part-time students are enrolled. In-state tuition is about $6,324 plus $225 fees.

Morrison University is a great place to study business and other subjects. This school provides students with marketable skills by introducing them to a specialized learning curriculum.

Academic programs at Morrison University

The Morrison University offers degree programs under three different schools and they include;

School of Business:

The School of Business at Morrison University offers one of the best education for students aspiring to obtain business-related degrees.

Morrison University’s School of Business exposes students to modern business perspectives and cultivates skills in economics, accounting, management, marketing, and finance.

The degree programs available in the School of Business at the Morrison University include;

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting (BA):

The Bachelor of Arts in Accounting program offers you an opportunity to learn some of the deep principles of business.

This program will prepare you for a successful career in accounting by teaching you economics, marketing, management, and finance.

The curriculum also provides hands-on instruction and internship opportunities to help you enhance your professional abilities. It is one of the best degree programs at Morrison University. 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BS):

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is an online program that allows you to gain a thorough understanding of many business principles and concepts.

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of business principles, abilities, and critical thinking skills.

To apply for this program, students must be above 18, have a high school diploma, be fluent in English, complete an online application, and pay a $75 non-refundable application fee.

Master of Business Administration (MBA):

The Master of Business Administration offers extensive knowledge of business strategies, principles.

The concepts taught here are more advanced than those studied in the bachelor’s degree program.

A Master of Business Administration degree from Morrison University is one of the most renowned degrees in the globe. 

Doctorate Degrees in Morrison University School of Business

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D.):

The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration offers high-level research opportunities in the field of business administration.

This program is anchored by distinguished faculty members that nurture the professional teaching skills of a student.

Morrison University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration program provides students with high-quality practical and theoretical learning experiences. This program is highly recommended for those seeking an academic career. 

Doctor in Business Administration (DBA):

The Doctor in Business Administration degree program is designed for students that wish to obtain advanced knowledge of business administration while continuing their various careers. It equips students with rare abilities to make useful business decisions. 

School of Computing

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in computer science:

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in computer science at Morrison University is founded on research and development.

It offers lessons in several areas of computer science and provides a flexible program facilitated by a balanced learning curriculum.

The curriculum of this program improves the lecturing skills, research, and advanced development abilities of students. However, candidates seeking admission into this program must possess Master’s degrees in computer-science-related areas of study.

Also, they must have excellent academic records, good GRE scores, and possess a great TOEFL or IETLS score. Applicants must also submit two-page personal statements outlining their academic achievements and future career goals.  

Doctor of Computer Science (DCS):

Morrison University’s Doctor of Computer Science program prepares students to do groundbreaking computer science research and development.

This program exposes students to valuable knowledge needed to develop high-tech solutions to several challenges in the digital world.

Students must also pass an admission interview, submit authentic transcripts from all universities attended, and show their Advanced Placement scores.

Moreover, applicants must also submit their professional development programs certificate before they can be considered for admission.

Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education at Morrison University can help you become a teacher, a corporate trainer, a librarian, or a counselor. In the Graduate of School of Education at Morrison University, you can obtain the following degrees;

Master of Education (MEd):

Morrison University has a Master of Education degree program that offers the perfect combination of theoretical, practical, and research knowledge.

It develops the professional lecturing abilities of students. It also provides them with an opportunity to grow their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Educational Leadership and Management
  • Language and Literacy in Education
  • Science in Education
  • Mathematics in Education or Assessment.

Doctor of Education (EdD):

The Doctor of Education program at Morrison University offers you an opportunity to sharpen your abilities for increased impacts in your chosen professional path.

This program focuses on important problems in your field and connects your passion to the area of research.

Moreover, the Doctor of Education program at the Morrison University offers degrees in Community College Leadership, Early Childhood Education, Educational Administration, and Leadership, and several others.

However, to be eligible for this program, applicants must possess a masters’ degree from a recognized university, complete their online application and submit their transcripts. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Leadership and Policy (Ph.D.):

The Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Leadership and Policy at the Morrison University offers you an opportunity to assess law and policies as a leader.

It exposes students to the application of different skills required for creating educational policies needed to solve challenges.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Leadership and Policy degree at Morrison University is one of the most extensive doctoral programs in the school.

Tips for excelling in Morrison University

Morrison University offers extensive knowledge of degree programs offered in the school and although the school adopts a learning system that makes teaching very effective, you can apply the following tips to maximize your learning experiences;

Use a to-do list:

You cannot survive the rigorous nature of any academic program at Morrison University if you are not a good planner. Thus, use a to-do list to manage your day effectively.

Attend all your classes:

Don’t miss classes for any reason because class attendances form part of your total score and important points shared by your professors during classes.

Study in a group:

Study in a group with your colleagues that are passionate about learning to prevent you from procrastinating.

Build valuable relationships with your professors:

Consult your professors in their offices regularly for explanations of difficult concepts and establish good relationships with them as they can act as referees for scholarships and recommend you for internships.

Do practice tests:

Ahead of an exam or test, do several practice tests after studying to help you identify possible knowledge gaps and orientate you of the nature of the test.


The Morrison University is a top-class academic institution for obtaining first-class education in the field of accounting, business administration, and several other fields.

This school offers these programs at bachelor through doctoral levels.

Thus, if you are aspiring to pursue a career in accounting, business administration, or computer science, Morrison University is the perfect destination for you.

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