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Schools That Track Demonstrated Interest: Demonstrated interest can play a big role in students being admitted or not.

Demonstrated interest aids colleges in hitting their enrollment target numbers and getting higher percentages of enrolled students from the many accepted students.

Moreover, demonstrated interest has become so important that some students who do not show demonstrated interest can be denied admission or added to a wait list instead of being accepted by some colleges and universities.

Early action or early decision candidates could be put off until the regular round of decisions.

Thus, to find out which schools’ track demonstrated interest read this article to the end. It will also teach you how students can show interest in helping them get into the colleges they want.

How to show Demonstrated Interest 

1. Apply via early decision or early action

The best way of showing demonstrated interest is by applying for early decisions, early action, or just using earlier in the regular admissions cycle.

This can hasten the admissions process for students. Early Action/Early Decision is the best move only if students are sure that the school is the right fit for them and that the tuition or financial aid awarded is good for them.

2. Open and read emails:

Students start receiving emails after they request information from colleges.

Colleges usually track if recipient students read emails, with the read recipient attached to every email.

With this information, colleges find out how long emails are opened and if the emails are deleted.

Opening the emails, reading them, and even replying shows these colleges that you care and are interested.

Moreover, the admissions office can send emails with school information or personal information.

3. Attend a local admissions event:

Admissions officers may host local events in high schools and nearby communities or even virtual events for students

Admissions office calendars on college websites usually show future community events, or contacting college officers can help students determine if there are community events in their area.

Thus, students should prioritize attending these events, as they can meet college reps personally and get their questions and concerns answered.

4. Connect with the school on social media:

Applicants to most schools are offered the opportunity to create online admission profiles, which they can submit and track their online applications, interact with colleges, and schedule campus tours through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media.

Follow these college accounts and communicate with them genuinely. Acts like this catch the attention of admissions officers when they review students’ applications.

5. Visit campuses virtually or in person: 

Admissions officers usually view campus visits as one of the best ways to demonstrate interest.

In-person visits may not be possible, but if they are, students are advised to make the trip and be on the admissions office’s radar.

Campus visits are the best way to determine if students and the school are a good fit. Whether in-person or virtually, the importance of campus visits cannot be overemphasized.

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Schools that consider demonstrated interest 

1. American University:

American University is a university connected to the Methodist church.

The American University is a student-focused research school with some of the best schools and colleges in the country, a state-of-the-art, globally reputable faculty, and a solid respect for creating lasting change in the world.

Students from American universities are renowned for their leadership, service, and ability to find solutions to local and international challenges and opportunities.

American University is one of the best universities in the country, so it values demonstrated interest very much, as the school constantly aims to have the highest percentage of admitted students yearly compared to the number of students who apply.

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2. Dickinson College:

Dickinson College was formed with the idea of giving a unique kind of liberal arts education.

Students at Dickinson are urged to be actively involved with the outside world and are groomed to question the status quo, think differently, and take charge.

Students at Dickinson are curious, decisive, risk-takers, and valuable.

Critical thinkers who see the interconnectivity in everything are successfully produced at Dickinson College.

Dickinson College gives students a lot of ways to show interest, like virtual tours, personalized campus tours, social media, applications, and ways to connect with alumni and admissions staff.

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3. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art:

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is dedicated to Peter Cooper’s passion for variety and his founding vision of encouraging free education for daring public dialogues and building a fair and thriving world.

This union for advancing science and art places great value on showing what they can do.

Prospective students can take virtual tours, interact with them on social media, and sign up for their mailing list.

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4. Hampshire College:

Hampshire College is a private school in Massachusetts. The college is more distinctive and organized differently from other colleges worldwide.

Hampshire College is one of the top schools that track demonstrated interest.

Students will have individual college experiences unlike anything they will get anywhere else.

Hampshire College students get to choose which faculty advisors they want to work with and design their personalized curriculum that addresses the challenges, big questions, and issues most important to them.

At Hampshire, grades are not used to measure students’ performance.

Instead, performance is measured through written and constructive reports from faculty staff based on reviews of student engagement in classes, projects, the community, students’ art and writing, and every academic activity involved.

The college stays in touch with its prospective and even current students. Prospective students are told to respond to emails from the college to show that they are interested.

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5. Ithaca College:

Ithaca College is a transformative learning environment that attracts innovative and curious students ready to be challenged, grow, and be a force for change.

Students at Ithaca College get individual attention in every educational program.

The staff and faculty at Ithaca College are committed to the growth and education of every student.

The Ithaca College faculty guides students while they develop as professionals who use their prowess and knowledge to make a difference in the world.

Ithaca College is open to visits from interested applicants and mailing list subscribers, as well as other means by which interested applicants can show demonstrated interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Schools That Track Demonstrated Interest 

What is a demonstrable interest?

Demonstrated interest includes any steps the applicant or counselor takes to show that he or she is really interested in attending the university to which he or she has applied.

Do Harvard, MIT, and Standford Like demonstrated interest?

Everyone is keen to attend these institutions and is well aware of this. These institutions are well aware of the fact that they are the preferred options for many prospective students.

Does any Ivy League school consider demonstrated interest?

All eight Ivy League schools recently made it clear that they don’t keep track of “demonstrated interest” when deciding who to admit.

Do colleges care about demonstrated interest?

Universities want to see if they can count on you to attend if they grant you admission. To some extent, admissions choices may be influenced by a candidate’s proven interest. Showing colleges that you have researched and are committed to attending is crucial in today’s competitive application landscape.


Demonstrated interest is rapidly becoming important in the educational process of colleges.

College applicants typically apply to multiple colleges to boost their chances of getting into college, so these colleges want to know applicants who, if given admission, would enroll; demonstrating interest helps them do that.

However, demonstrating interest alone does not guarantee admission; applicants need to meet other criteria required by the colleges to gain access.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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