5 Best Truck Driving Schools In Philadelphia (FAQs) | 2022

Truck Driving Schools In Philadelphia 

Truck Driving Schools In Philadelphia: Truck driving can be a rewarding experience, having good benefits and pay. Being a truck driver is an exceptional career choice.

Appropriate training is required to be very good at truck driving and to get the most out of the experience. A commercial driver’s licence (CDL) must be obtained to drive a truck.

A commercial driver’s licence is earned after graduating from a truck driving school. Truck drivers earn around $30,000 to $65,000 per year, making it a very rewarding career.

To get a higher-paying truck driving job, truck drivers must have appropriate training from a reputable truck driving school and have the qualifications to back it up.

Truck drivers also have the benefit of travelling and seeing new places.

Truck driving schools in Philadelphia offer students some of the best theoretical and practical truck driving programs that can be found in the state of Pennsylvania and the country at large.

Students attending these schools are assured of a great career in truck driving.

This article will offer information on:

  • Some of the best truck driving schools in the city of Philadelphia,
  • Requirements for getting into truck driving schools in Philadelphia;
  • How long it will take students to complete truck driving schools in Philadelphia, and offer tips on how to excel in truck driving school.

Requirements for getting into truck driving schools in Philadelphia 

  • Standard Pennsylvania driver’s license 
  • Be 18 years old
  • Medical examiner’s certificate of good health from the Department of Transportation 
  • Proof of identification 
  • Proof of residency 
  • Social security number
  • Criminal background check 

How long does it take to complete truck driving schools in Philadelphia?

Typically, it takes around one to two months to complete a truck driver training program in Philadelphia.

It can take an additional two weeks after the training program for students to get their commercial driver’s license in the mail.

Best truck driving schools in Philadelphia 

Philadelphia has some of the best driving schools in the state of Pennsylvania. Here arr some of the best the truck driving schools in the city:

1. Global CDL Driver Training School

The Global CDL driver training school is one of the best truck driving schools in Philadelphia. The school provides the required skills and education students will need in order to become Class A CDL drivers.

The school also aims to guide students to achieve successful careers in the truck driving industry.

Global CDL driver training school focuses preparing students for the actual world, providing them with the criteria needed to be commercial truck drivers, and familiarizing them with their new vocation using real experiences.

The training school offers financial aid to students who meet certain requirements. 

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2. Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training

Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training is one of the best truck driving schools in Philadelphia.

The school educates students in order for them to obtain their class A CDL license, drive any kind of commercial vehicle, and secure entry-level employment.

From the first week of the program, students will be familiarised with the classroom and environment and learn what they will need to excel in their written permit test as well as practical knowledge on how to be the best in their career.

Smith & Solomon’s commercial driver training program offers tanker endorsement, log book training, entry-level certification, doubles and triples endorsement, DOT rules and regulations, hazardous material endorsement, map reading, and trip planning.

The training program makes sure that only careful and responsible drivers graduate and get to drive on the road.

Graduates will always remember how to drive well because of what they learned in the program. The school helps program graduates get jobs in the transportation field.

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3. AAA School of Trucking

AAA School of Trucking is a family-run company with lots of experience, and it is officially licensed as both a CDL testing company and a school for training truck drivers.

The school is open to training and licensing students from any state in the country and offers individualized attention backed by its many years of experience.

The programs can be done at a student’s own pace, giving them the full and officially accepted amount of training they need.

More so, the school accepts entry-level students every Monday and does not keep students on a waitlist. The program typically takes a month to complete.

On the other hand, the driving instructors have screened professionals with decades of experience and licenced state CDL examiners.

The AAA School of Trucking assists students upon graduating in securing jobs as truck drivers are in constant demand in the industry.

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4. Start CDL Training

Start CDL Training is a locally-owned school offering students some of the best opportunities to become licenced truck drivers.

The program will be about 160 hours of training, which takes a month or more, with a flexible schedule that allows students to work at their current jobs while training to get their CDL.

The program starts in the classroom with online classes available for students who choose to opt for it before students move to the training yard and public roadways for practical lessons.

Students are guaranteed to get the required skills and education to pass the CDL exam.

Students learn how to drive trucks with both manual and automatic transmissions, so when they graduate, they will be able to drive any truck. When a student finishes school, he or she is sure to have a job.

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5. Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport offers a wide variety of active programs that pay drivers based on their performance and trucking jobs with flexible schedules that students can choose from, depending on what’s best for them.

Unlike other truck driving schools that require students to pay for their programs and license, Roehl Transport pays its students, making its CDL training program a tuition-free one that helps students acquire skills and improve their lives.

Students automatically become full-time employees when they start the CDL Training Program at Roehl.

For people who want to be truck drivers, Roehl Transport’s CDL training is one of the best you can enroll in.

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Tips for excelling in Truck Driving Schools

1. Be patient with the program

The training might get tough along the way, with a lot of information to take in and practical work to be done quickly.

Students are advised to hold on and not give up when it gets tough. Students should remain calm, work hard, be ready to learn, and stay rested for each day’s task. 

2. Ask questions 

Instructors at CDL schools encourage students to ask questions in order to get clarity on what is being taught. So go ahead and ask all the questions you need to ask and pay attention.

3. Be serious with the program 

Operating trucks requires a lot more concentration as they are very different from driving regular cars.

The knowledge and skills required for operating tricks can only be gotten through paying attention and being serious with the program.

4. Do extensive research 

When applying to truck driving schools, you must do your research about the school.

Ask a lot of questions from experienced truck drivers who can show you the ropes and give you some advice. Study the training schools and their curriculum to be sure that it matches all your needs.

5. Do not lie in your application 

Be honest in your application about things like your criminal record, work history, medical problems, and driving records.

Telling lies and hiding things will only do you bad as it will eventually come out and could lead to you getting thrown out of a truck driving school.

Frequently Asked Questions on Truck Driving Schools In Philadelphia 

Are Truck Drivers needed in Canada?

There has been a major shortage of truck drivers since 2021, and companies are scrambling to fill open positions. Trucking HR Canada estimates that between now and 2025, Canada will require the services of nearly 17,000 new truck drivers yearly.

What is the meaning of truck driving?

A truck driver is someone who makes a living by driving a truck. Most of the time, the driver drives to move goods from one place to another by road.

Are truck drivers lonely?

Loneliness is the leading cause of stress for truck drivers. Nearly one-third of drivers report that spending the day apart from their loved ones has a “major impact” on their mental health.

Is Truck Driving a good career?

You can forge your own path with a clean driving record and a commercial driver’s license. A truck driver is in high demand because of the present driver shortage in the United States. Driving a truck is a solid profession that can provide you with a secure and rewarding income for many years.


So many truck driving schools in Philadelphia offer top-quality CDL training programs, students should choose the one that fits their budget and schedule.

In order to get into these schools, students need to meet the criteria outlined in this article.

Truck driving is an exciting career with great pay, but in order to make the most out of the truck driving experience, you need to prioritize your health, work with a schedule that best fits you, and socialize with other truck drivers.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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