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Everyone seeks a test that accurately examines their students’ growth, high-level reasoning, thinking ability essential to their academic performance and achievements on college entrance tests.

This is one of many reasons educators and those alike recommend that students take the InView Test.

The InView Test offers its applicants a clear view of cognitive skills, Grades 2 to 12, which include special populations such as English Language learners, students with disabilities, and gifted and talented students.

The InView Test: What does it refer to?

As administered by CTB McGraw Hill, the InView Test is a nationally regulated aptitude test that examines its applicant’s cognitive skills by reflecting a student’s hidden strengths and abilities and paving the way for further developments and new opportunities.

InView Test assists schools with a vital role in evaluating and identifying students for their placement in gifted and talented education programs and services. 

The test assesses how its taker can understand and use information in new and different means, thereby reflecting how a student analyzes and uses high-level thinking and reasoning skills.

At the same time, it also measures a student’s cognitive abilities necessary for successful academic performance. Moreover, the test is for students from grades 2 to 12. 

The InView Test examines students’ logical thinking and reasoning skills in the areas of quantitative reasoning, sequences, analogies and verbal reasoning.

The results of each of these sections of the InView Test offer a good overview of the students’ academic success.

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What content is covered in an InView Test? 

In the innovative assessment of cognitive abilities, inView consists of five subtests that reliably determine the skills and abilities vital to academic success.

The results of the InView Test can help to make effective program plans, diagnose possible learning difficulties, and select students to be placed in special programs.

Also, the inView test has been standardized to include students with disabilities and provide regulatory data appropriate to age and grade level.

When used along with TerraNova, InView offers predicted achievement scores, which are actual and predicted scores for both individual and groups of students.

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InView Test: Breakdown 

The InView Test determines the abilities and skills most closely related to academic achievements.

The InView Test comprises five sections that examine the following cognitive domains:

Quantitative reasoning:

This section examines the test taker’s thinking skills with numerical ideas and the application of numerical reasoning to provide solutions to problems.


Here, test takers will be presented with a different sequence of figures and shapes, where they have to use logical cognitive skills to analyze and understand.

Verbal Reasoning (Words):

This subtest determines the categorical reasoning skills, word strength to understand the relationship and meaning between the different words.


This subtest determines the abilities of test-takers and the relationship between several pairs of pictures.

Verbal Reasoning (Context):

This section examines the skills of the test taker to make logical inferences based on the data offered.

The InView Test offers students creative items that assess skills like understanding verbal and quantitative concepts, analyzing and including relationships between verbal and non-verbal stimuli.

Why take an InView Test? 

An InView Test helps you define and pay more attention to the needs of each student more effectively.

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The test provides detailed information on critical cognitive skills such as quantitative, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning.

The InView Test is also available in paper and pencil format with each machine and local scoring. 

  • Level one: Classes 2 to 3 
  • Level two: Classes 4 to 5 
  • Level three: Classes 6 to 7 
  • Level four: Classes 8 to 9 
  • Level five: Classes 10-11 ( for grade 11 if the test takes place in the fall) 
  • Level six: classes 11 to 12 (for grade 11 if the test takes place in the spring)

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You can do each of the following with an InView Test

  • Examine vital cognitive skills, Grades 2 to 12.
  • Detect possible problems of learning.
  • Admission examination awareness (for higher grades).
  • Lists out information on talented and gifted placement.
  • All students are provided with fairness, equity, and inclusiveness.
  • Place students in positions to succeed by supporting more targeted instructional decisions.
  • Meet the requirements of both Title 1 and IDEA reporting.
  • Better Information to Target Instruction

The test does more than examine students. It offers a pathway to an instructional guide.

The InView Test is an innovative cognitive ability test that can discover students’ strengths and weaknesses, unleash hidden skills, and pave the way for opportunities to learn new stuff.

When you know what your student is capable of doing and understand them better, you can educate them so they will understand you better. 

You will gain each of these by Taking an InView Test

  • A reliable and accurate measure of deductive and inductive reasoning processes — skills vital for success in your academics.
  • A valuable measure of quantitative reasoning.
  • In-depth knowledge of students’ abilities that are essential for their academic success
  • The ability to point out which students to include in the most appropriate learning programs.
  • Convert Test into Academic Achievement.
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How to achieve academic success through InView Test 

When paired with quality performance exams like TerraNova, InView provides early performance scores for children and groups, allowing parents to compare their child’s performance to other students in the same grade to see if they are attaining their full potential.

This information can help educators use the results to stimulate education and improve learning opportunities. 

InView’s Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) scores offer a very reliable measure of general academic aptitude, which is critical information for orientation, activity planning, and identification of special programs. 

Moreover, predicted success scores allow you to compare students’ performance with that of others in their grades. These scores are a vital tool.

One can use them to improve education, meet specific student strengths and requirements, and provide valuable information for parenting conferences. 


The InView Test is very competitive and, therefore, should be taken with utmost seriousness.

Serious preparation is necessary to make sure that your children are performing at their best possible level, facilitating the accurate assessment of the children’s performance.

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