Perfumery school (Meaning, Benefits, Skills, How-to, Best Schools)

Perfumery school

Perfumery schools are educational institutions that train people in the business of manufacturing perfumes which are mixtures of sweet-scented oil, preservatives, and solvents that give off an appealing scent.

These schools do not just equip people with the knowledge of how to make perfumes but also with marketing skills.

Graduates of perfumery school are called perfumers, and to produce and sell perfumes successfully, perfumers must possess several important characters and skills.

Thus, this article will discuss these skills, the benefits of becoming a perfumer, how to become a perfumer and finally, the best perfumery schools.

Perfumery School: Who is a Perfumer?

Perfumers are cosmetic scientists who have completed a program in a licensed perfumery school and possess the professional skills required to create perfumes.

They analyze the odours of the materials used to produce a perfume, read and organize perfume preparation materials, define the number of materials in use, regulate formulas and assess the scents of perfumes.

Also, perfumers are trained professionals equipped with perfume marketing abilities. 

Benefits of becoming a Perfumer

Taking up a career as a perfumer is one decision that offers lots of career positives such as;

Express your creativity:

Becoming a perfumer allows you to display your creative ability in producing exceptional perfumes from the combination of different flavours and fragrances. 

Make huge profits:

Perfumery is a high-paying career field. Hence, by applying your creativity to develop extraordinary perfume, you can make lots of money selling that invention.

Touch lives:

Putting a smile on people’s faces by producing perfumes that are quite satisfying allows you to touch lives positively.

Become an entrepreneur:

Perfumery degree studies equip you with perfume marketing skills. With this knowledge, you can build your perfume store and make lots of profits from it.

Become an investor:

Perfumery is a career option that yields dividends in the long run.

Even though you spend lots of money to attempt the perfect perfume formula, one outstanding perfume you finally develop can be the breakthrough product that will make you a household name in the perfume market.


Becoming a perfumer in the perfume industry will earn you respect in your city and society.

Perfumery School: Skills required for a successful career in Perfumery

Becoming a successful perfumer requires the possession of some exceptional skills and abilities, and they include;

A good nose:

Although this is more of physical skill, possessing amazing smelling abilities will help you quickly decipher amazing fragrances and scents.


Most perfume companies produce perfumes based on a secret formula known only to figureheads in the company.

Hence, if you get an opportunity to work in any perfume company, don’t cut corners. Instead, make additions and subtractions professionally.

Outstanding laboratory skill:

Perfumes are produced in standard laboratories. Thus, possessing standard laboratory management skills will set you above the rest.


Having a high team spirit will help you become a successful perfumer because it will be easy for people to work with you and draw motivation from your efforts.


Sometimes, your perfume combination may prove wrong as a self-employed perfumer, and you hit a terrible mixture.

When this happens, staying determined and working hard to overcome failure is another trait that will make you successful.

Perfumery School: How to become a perfumer

Becoming a perfumer takes time to achieve because it requires a series of learning processes and practical education. You can become a perfumer in the following steps;

Obtain a chemistry degree:

Obtaining a degree in chemistry is the first step towards becoming a successful perfumer.

The development of perfumes involves extensive chemical processes.

A degree in chemistry will equip you with an understanding of chemical substances and how they can be safely combined to prevent accidents. 

Choose a cosmetics field:

During your chemistry degree studies, you will be required to choose a specific area at some point.

When such an opportunity arises, choose cosmetology as your specific field.

It will equip you with the basic knowledge of perfume making, which will be helpful in a perfumery class.

Apply for internship positions in a perfume company:

Internships are amazing ways to obtain professional experience and guidance. Also, they expose you to practical knowledge of your chosen field.

Hence, use your summer holidays to do an internship in a perfume company that interests you.

If any company rejects your application, keep applying until you find a company willing to accept you, even if you have to work without pay.

Learn continuously:

Read enough materials on perfume making and production and spend time to learn the marketing aspect of perfumes.

Take advantage of your spare time to book an appointment with professionals and professors of perfume making and obtain invaluable advice that will help you immensely.

Moreover, the internet is a great place to get all the information you need.

Hence, take advantage of the internet to watch perfume-making videos and obtain information on the latest perfume-making technology.

Join a perfumery school:

Perfumery schools are educational institutions that nurture aspiring perfumers in the business of making and selling perfumes.

After obtaining a chemistry degree, seek admission into a perfumery school to empower you with professional perfume-making, perfume designing and marketing skills. 

Complete the school:

Be available for all the required classes in the perfumery school and approach each class with zeal.

Also, don’t miss practical sessions for any reason, as the secrets of perfume making are discussed in practical classes. 

Apprentice in a fragrance company:

Apprenticeship is a requirement for completing a perfumery school. When such an opportunity arises, seek to become an apprentice in a fragrance company.

You will get to learn the basics of fragrance development and some fragrance combinations that can be helpful to health. 

Apply for jobs in perfume companies:

One of the advantages of majoring in perfumery is the high job openings for holders of perfumery degrees.

Perfume degree holders can work as a cosmetologist and in perfume-producing companies.

Also, they can lecture students aspiring to pursue a career in perfumery or people that are pushing to obtain perfume-selling skills for their perfumery store.

As a perfumer, no matter your location, you will indeed find a job.

Best Perfumery Schools

The best perfumery schools are renowned educational centres with world-class facilities and seasoned tutors that combine to offer the best perfumery education globally.

These schools also have a rigorous curriculum that is rich and comprehensive.

The best perfumery schools aim to boost students’ knowledge by exposing them to the best perfumery learning experiences.

Hence, in no particular order, here are some of the best perfumery schools in the world;

The Fashion Institute of Technology:

The Fashion Institute of Technology is an institution that offers courses centring on arts and sciences, commerce, technology, and communication.

This school has top-class facilities and offer rich courses that provide memorable learning experiences.

Institute of Arts and Olfaction:

The Institute of Arts and Olfaction is a research-based school that provides an extensive perfumery curriculum.

Its curriculum focuses on the uses of scent and scent-making as well as other vital aspects of perfumery.


ISIPCA is a top perfumery school in the world that exposes students to world-class professional experiences.

This school has some of the most experienced staff bases that provide top-quality training to students.

ISIPCA is renowned for producing highly-talented graduates, and it remains an outstanding school for perfumery.

International Flavour and Fragrance Inc.:

International Flavour and Fragrance Inc. is an institution that exposes students to the cutting-edge technology used in perfume development.

This school solely thrives on innovation and remains a world-class centre for perfume research and development. 

Natural Perfumery Institute:

The Natural Perfumery Institute is one of the best perfumery schools in the world at the moment.

This school nurtures students on some of the most advanced perfume producing techniques in the world.

Natural Perfumery Institute offers a deep learning curriculum that will boost your perfume-making skills immensely. 


Perfumery schools are educational institutions that provide professional training to individuals seeking to pursue a career in perfumery.

Perfumery is a career option that is highly satisfying and profitable.

Moreover, to become a successful perfumer, you must possess some important traits and take advantage of the apprentice program to obtain valuable professional experience.

Perfumery is a fantastic career option, and this article will supply you with other important information about this career field.

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