How To Get A Towed Car Back Without Paying (FAQs)

How To Get A Towed Car Back Without Paying: It can be very saddening to leave the venue of an occasion only to realize that your vehicle has been towed.

On the other hand, the good news is that you can get your towed car back without paying any money.

Most times, law enforcement or towing companies return a towed car without collecting any charge if your car was unjustly towed in the first place.

This article will discuss how to get a towed car back without paying.

Steps To Take To Get A Towed Car Back Without Paying

1. Contact the local parking authority to locate your car and obtain more details

Once you realize your car has been towed, contact the parking authority to find it.

Provide them with details like your license plate number, the model of your car, and its color to make it easier for them to find the car.

Demand explanations on why the car was towed and follow up on that.

You can also contact the management of the building where the car was towed for information on why the local authority was summoned to tow your car.

Also, don’t call 911 to find out about a car that has been towed; it could get you in trouble.

2. Examine whether your vehicle was towed correctly or incorrectly

If you realize your car was towed over allegations that you parked at the wrong place, check the vicinity for parking signs.

If they are not, you may proceed with an appeal. This is important if you want to tow back your car without paying.

Moreover, take pictures of the area where your car was towed as evidence to support your assertions when you meet with the police or the towing company.

You can also file a complaint with the management of the building where your car was towed and request an explanation for why your car was towed.

3. Check out the towing laws in the city

Check out the towing laws in the city or state where the incident occurred to know if your car was towed for unjust reasons.

If you can show evidence that your car was unjustly towed, the car will be returned to you free of charge.

However, once you get the car, you can sue the towing company in court for unjustly towing your vehicle.

In most cases, the court will ask them to compensate you greatly.

4. Follow the city’s process for tendering grievances against towing

Once you tender your grievances and they are authentic, the fees and charges that you are meant to pay to the towing company will be waived. 

5. Search for free legal services

If the case of illegal towing requires a hearing before you can get your car back, look for lawyers willing to offer their services for free, so you don’t have to spend any money to get a lawyer.

There are several ways to acquire free legal services in every state, and you can ask trusted government agencies how you can get one in the city where your car was towed.

How To Gather The Required Payment Needed To Get A Towed Car Back Without Paying

1. Ask the towing company for their payment plan

Once you have realized that your car was legally towed, ask for the stipulated payment and complete the payment immediately.

If you do not have enough money to pay the entire amount, ask the towing company to offer you a favorable plan that allows you to pay in installments.

2. Seek help

If you cannot handle settlement costs by yourself, contact NGOs, churches, or charities for financial assistance.

In most cases, if you provide good reasons why they should assist you, they can offer you part of the payment or give you an interest-free loan.

However, you must provide your employment letter to obtain a loan from this organization.

This will let the organization know if you have the financial capacity to repay them later.

3. Borrow from your friends

If you cannot get any financial support from an NGO, church, or any other private organization, ask your friends or loved ones to help you with money to settle the towing charges.

If you cannot find someone to borrow from, you can crowdfund the entire charge among your loved ones, neighbors, and colleagues.

4. Ask the bank for a loan

If your car has been legally towed, you can seek a loan from a bank to pay the charges immediately.

This is because every day you leave the car in the custody of the towing company, the amount of money you will pay will continue to increase.

However, ensure that you obtain a loan from a bank with favorable interest policies. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How To Get A Towed Car Back Without Paying

Why would you tow a car?

If the car blocks an intersection or lane, it’s a traffic hazard. If it’s parked in a publicly owned or regulated lot while the driver does something else, it’s also a traffic hazard.

How do I find my car if it was towed in Texas?

If your car has been towed, you can get in touch with the towing service by dialing the number listed on the sign. If your vehicle has a trunk, contact the towing service at the number provided on the warning sticker.

Does towing a car damage it?

You put more stress on your car’s engine and braking system when you tow. Accordingly, the engine of any car or trailer pulled by such a vehicle will eventually wear out under the stress. It’s important to remember that larger objects inevitably cause greater wear and tear.

Can you tow a car without keys?

You may get your car towed without the keys, which is a huge relief. Tow truck drivers are trained to handle difficult circumstances like these since they frequently tow cars that have been parked illegally without the keys.


It does not matter if you successfully get your towing charges waived; you will still need to possess a driver’s license and evidence that the car has been insured before you will be allowed to go with your car.

Moreover, once your car has been towed away, it is important that you follow up immediately to retrieve it, as the towing company will charge you for every single day they get to keep the car.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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