How do you spell 80 (Eighty or Eightty)2 min read


There has been a lot of discrepancies on “How to spell 80“, whether its Eighty or Eightty. Some people say that its Eightty while a more extensive population says its Eighty. In this article, I will give you the correct answer.

How do you spell 80 (Eighty or Eightty)

The number “80”, is a number between 79 and 81. It is the number you get when you add (1 to 79) or subtract (1 from 81).

The correct spelling for the number 80 is Eighty, not Eightty . The best way to remember the spelling of 80 is to use the word “Eight,” and add “y” thus “Eighty”.

The funny thing about the spelling is this: Eight, Eighteen, Eighty are correct but Eightty is incorrect, that’s the nature of the English language.

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When can I use Eightty?

The word “Eightty” is not correct. You could see “eightty” as a result of the mistake of writing “Eighty”. You don’t have to use the word “Eightty” in your sentences because it is not correct. The best way to describe the number is to write it as Eighty, not Eightty.


Examples of how you spell 80 (Eighty or Eightty)

  • My brother is eighteen years old.
  • My grandmother is not up to eighty years.
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You don’t have to say “My grandmother is not up to eightty years.”, it’s wrong, its best written as “My grandmother is not up to eighty years.”.

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It doesn’t always work

Just like the answer to “How do you spell 80 (Eighty or Eightty)” is Eighty, in the context of fourty or forty, the answer is Forty. In the context of ninety or ninty, the answer is ninety.

Eighty or Eightty in Cheque

In writing a cheque for withdrawal of money, you use Eighty instead of Eightty in cheque.

Final tips (Eighty or Eightty):

In summary, “How do you spell 80” (Eighty or Eightty) is Eighty and not Eightty.


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