How to Keep Your Solar Panel Clean?

The idea of cleaning your residential Michigan solar panel system may be one of many things that come to mind. It might be the first time you’ve ever thought about it.

After installing solar energy, monitoring your production levels, and feeling great about the savings on your electric bill, cleaning may not have even crossed your mind.

Solar panels should be considered only occasionally-touched surfaces in your house, but they still need to be cleaned periodically to ensure they perform at their best. Cleaning them incorrectly can be harmful.

The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Most of the dirt on your panels comes from dust. However, the impact could be greater than you expect. CleanTechnica says dirty solar panels could produce 30% less energy than clean ones.

Those who live in Michigan understand the unpredictable nature of Midwest weather. Dirt may not accumulate as quickly, but it’s still a concern, especially if you have had your solar panels for a long time.

Occasionally cleaning your solar panels is also necessary for other reasons. Have you ever woken up during autumn to find your front yard hidden by orange and yellow leaves?

Have you ever come home from work to find your car covered in bird droppings? Your solar panels will also suffer the same fate.

In comparison to leaves, bird droppings can be a much bigger problem for your solar system. Besides preventing the sun from reaching certain parts of your panels, it can damage them for a long time.

When bird droppings sit on solar panels for too long without being cleaned, they may leave a permanent imprint.

Soap Isn’t Good For Your Solar Panels

You don’t have to clean your solar panels daily to avoid these problems.

At a minimum, we recommend cleaning your panels every six months to a year. Solar monitoring systems may even alert you when it’s time to clean your solar panels. 

But how do you go about cleaning your solar panels?

First and foremost, don’t use soap. The same goes for detergent. Or cleaning agents. Do not use these on your solar panels, no matter what you call them.

Even though these may prevent germs from spreading, your solar panels are not concerned about contracting them.

So why shouldn’t you use soap or other cleaning agents?

This has many causes. Soap leaves a film on surfaces. It’s invisible when we wash our hands, but it’s there. Soap can cause the same shading issues as the dust or dirt you just removed.

The film may make dust, dirt, and leaves stick to solar panels.

Certain harsh chemicals and other cleaning agents could damage your solar panels permanently.

Tips For Taking Care of Your Solar Panels

If you want to avoid damaging the temperature of your solar panels while cleaning them, do the work in the wee hours of the morning, after dark, or on a cloudy day.

Brushing off loose debris, using clean water, and scrubbing with a soft cloth or sponge are all effective methods for cleaning solar panels. But this may be easier for those who have ground-mounted solar systems. 

You may be able to reach your solar panels with a garden hose if you live in a single-story home with a roof solar system.

The majority of dirt and dust may be washed away with this method. If you can’t reach your panels with the hose, we don’t recommend climbing on your roof to clean them. The potential danger isn’t worth it.

Professionals should clean roof-mounted systems. The job is safer and more accurate. If you maintain your solar panels, they’ll last for years.

Currently, Michigan Solar and Roofing does not yet provide solar cleaning, but we plan to soon. Check our website and social media for updates.

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