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It’s very easy to misplace these words because of the similarity in spelling and pronunciation. In comparing, “Sophmore vs Sophomore”, you will notice just like I did, that the only difference between these words is the absence of “o” in one of the words.

One of these words is incorrect while the other is the correct word, thus in this article, I will explain these words to you and help you understand the difference between them.

What does Sophmore mean?

Sophmore is the incorrect/obsolete way of spelling the ideal word “Sophomore”. It comes as an omission of the “o” between “h” and “m”. More misspellings of this word include shophmore, southimore, shophomore, souphmore, etc.


  • I’m in my sophmore year. (incorrect)
  • How long will I spend in my sophmore year? (incorrect)
  • Does being in a sophmore put pressure on you. (incorrect)

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What does Sophomore mean?

A sophomore in the United States schooling system is generally the second year in College. It also means a 10th-grade student in high school indicating that it remains two years to graduate from high school.

Generally, sophomore indicates the second year of a business or endeavor. It could denote the second recording of a music group or a director.


  • I will start a business when I get to my sophomore year.
  • What’s so unique about a sophomore year.
  • Jamie Brown’s sophomore movie will blow your mind.


The words “Sophmore and Sophomore” are very similar in spelling thus, care has to be taken when writing them. Sophomore is the ideal spelling while Sophmore is the obsolete way of spelling the word.

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