Sence or Sense – Which is Correct?


Sometimes, homophones tend to create confusion in some words because of their similarity in pronunciation and spelling. One of the words where this issue is seen is in “Sence and Sense”.

Literally, these words seem the same unless it is put in writing, that is why this mistake is noticed more among writers and readers.

As you read through this article, I will explain these two words and help you understand the difference between them.

Sence or Sense

Sence definition:

This can be seen as a misspelling of Sense. It is because of the way it sounds. Some writers also identify it as the old way of writing “Since”, which is got from changing the “e” to “i”.

On the other hand, there is a river called Sence, that flows in Leicestershire, England. Although it is not popular, research shows that it flows in the Anker, then orders into the River Tame which is in the axis of Central England.

The explanation above indicates the “Sence” exists, but it is often a misspelling of either “since” or “sense”.


  • I never knew of River Sence until I read that new book.
  • The sence organs that reside in the mouth is called what? (incorrect)
  • I have been living in the hostel sence my first year in college. (incorrect)

Sence vs. Sense

Meaning of Sense:

Sense is a biological perception in the body that fosters proper human functionality. Some of the sense organs in the body include eyes – an organ for seeing, Nose – a sense for smell, tongue – a sense for taste etc.


  • Common sense is not common to all.
  • The eye is one of the major sense organs that play a vital role in communication.
  • “He thinks he has sense, I will show him my true colours”, John said.

Sence or Sense

Final tips:

These words can often be misspelt, but you have to place at the back of your mind that, “sense” is a form of knowledge or a sense organ and is more often used than the other word.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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